Presidents Cup (Sr. B)

The Presidents Cup is the National Senior level box lacrosse championship for the Canadian Lacrosse Association. The Championship is annual and awards a “Gold”, “Silver”, and “Bronze” placing.

The skill levels have been adjusted in recent years, Senior “B” teams from across Canada now compete for the Presidents Cup, as before it was all Senior teams. Senior “A” is now represented by “Major Lacrosse” like Ontario’s Major Series Lacrosse and leagues at that level compete for the Mann Cup.

President’s Cup Winners
2011 St. Regis Braves
2010 Onondaga Redhawks
2009 Owen Sound Woodsmen
2008 Owen Sound North Stars
2007 Edmonton Outlaws
2006  Wellington  Aces
2005  Kitchener  Kodiaks
2004  Ladner  Pioneers
2003  Kitchener  Kodiaks
2002  Edmonton  Outlaws
2001  North Shore  Indians
2000  Newtown  Golden Eagles
1999  Burnaby  Bandits
1998  Ladner  Pioneers
1997  Akwesasne  Thunder
1996  Oshweken  Wolves
1995  Akwesasne  Thunder
1994  Tuscarora  Thunderhawks
1993   North Shore Indians
1992  Fergus  Thistles
1991  Owen Sound  North Stars
1990  Fergus  Thistles
1989  Owen Sound  North Stars
1988  Fergus  Thistles
1987  Fergus  Thistles
1986  Fergus  Thistles
1985 North Shore Indians
1984  Orangeville  Northmen
1983  Calgary  Mountaineers
1982  Orangeville  Northmen
1981  Orangeville  Northmen
1980  Owen Sound  North Stars
1979  Owen Sound  North Stars
1978  Vernon  Green Inn Tigers
1977  Vernon  Lodge Tigers
1976  Vernon  Lodge Tigers
1975  Edmonton  Fullers
1974  Prince George  Oldstylers
1973  Windsor  Warlocks
1972  Brampton  Excelsiors
1971  Windsor  Warlocks
1970  Windsor  Clippers
1969  Nanaimo  Luckies
1968  Brantford  Supertests
1967  Brantford  Supertests
1965  Fergus  Thistles
1964  Ohsweken  Warriors


  1. Hey guys,

    Great job with the site.

    Any chances you will be convering the Presidents Cup in Six Nay.


  2. Hi
    I am looking for pictures or memories of when my dad, George Boutilier, played lacrosse back in the early 70’s. All I know is he played on the nova scotia senior b team, and went to BC and MB in two different tournaments (Presidents Cup). If there is anyone out there that has some old pics or knowledge of that it would be amazing to see or hear from you.
    Many thanks, enjoyed looking through this site,
    Leah Boutilier

    • Leah Boutilier

      Have some info about your Dad from the 1978 President’s Cup Program. If you would like further info, please e-mail me at I played on the Orangeville team in the tournament.

      Butch Keegan
      Collingwood, ON

      • Hi,
        Thanks for responding, what kind of info do you have?

  3. Leah

    I have a 1978 Souvenir Program that listed the various teams in the tournament. The Nova Scotia All Stars were listed but there were no pictures. Your Dad’s name along with a Mike Boutilier were listed with their height, weight and ages. The Orangeville team, of which I was captain, played the Nova Scotia team in our first game of the tournament and Orangeville won by a score of 10-9. The Vernon Tigers won the tournament and Orangeville managed a Bronze medal. I was going to send, via an e-mail, the picture of the program cover and a copy of the Nova Scotia All Stars players. It was a long time ago and my memory isn’t as good as it used to be. I don’t recall much about the game between the 2 teams other than what I have read from an old press release about the scores. Please advise me whether or not you would like this info.

    Butch Keegan

  4. Thats awesome…. I would definately love to see it. Thanks so much!

    • Leah

      Please forward your e-mail address so that I can forward this info.

      Butch Keegan

  5. Congrats to St. Regis for their undefeated 7-0 record and for winning it all!! Way to go boys!

  6. I am looking for pics of the ring from the 1994 Presidents Cup. I have real good friend that lost his and would like to get one made. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated as it would be a great birthday present for him, he is very proud of that and he loves his sports especially lax

    • i have the gold metal from the 94 presidents cup but have lost my ring in a move,,,if you get any info please send it to me also….i was the thunderhawks trainer ..thank you bob

  7. 1971 presidents cup champions was the windsor clippers not windsor warlocks would like to see correction

    • sorry 1970 was when the windsor clippers won the president cup

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