Minto Cup (Jr. A)

The Minto Cup is awarded annually to the champion junior men’s lacrosse team of Canada.

It was donated in 1901 by the Governor-General, Lord Minto, and from 1901 until 1909 awarded to the senior men’s champion of Canada. Starting in 1910, the Minto Cup was awarded to the professional championship of Canada – with the newly-inaugurated Mann Cup becoming the replacement for the senior men’s national championship.

The Minto Cup professional competition was dominated by the New Westminster Salmonbellies, who held the trophy for 21 of the 29 years in which it was contested (the competition was suspended during World War I). 1924 was the last year professionals played for the Minto Cup – after the Coast professional league folded in June 1924, it was then placed into storage and for a time lost and forgotten when the last trustee died. The trophy was located just prior to the 1938 junior competition, underneath a desk in his office. During the trophy’s period of inactivity, there were suggestions to make the Minto Cup an international championship trophy.

In 1934 the last trustee appointed to supervise the Cup died, and the Lord Minto of the day eventually transferred it to the Canadian Lacrosse Association, which decided to award it as the trophy for the national junior men’s champion, starting in 1937. Originally, the competition was between all-star provincial teams formed by adding players to the provincial champion. In 1960 this practice was abandoned and the trophy has since been competed for by the Junior A provincial champions of British Columbia of the BCLA,Ontario of the OLA and recently Alberta, of the RMLL the only provinces where organized lacrosse thrives.

Minto Cup Winners (Junior A)
2012 Orangeville Northmen
2011 Whitby Warriors
2010 Coquitlam Adanacs
2009 Orangeville Northmen
2008 Orangeville Northmen
2007 Six Nations Arrows
2006 Peterborough Lakers
2005 Burnaby Lakers
2004 Burnaby Lakers
2003 St. Catharines Athletics
2002 Burnaby Lakers
2001 St. Catharines Athletics
2000 Burnaby Lakers
1999 Whitby Warriors
1998 Burnaby Lakers
1997 Whitby Warriors
1996 Orangeville Northmen
1995 Orangeville Northmen
1994 New Westminster Salmonbellies
1993 Orangeville Northmen
1992 Six Nations Arrows
1991 St. Catharines Athletics
1990 St. Catharines Athletics
1989 Peterborough Maulers
1988 Esquimalt Legion
1987 Peterborough Maulers
1986 Peterborough Maulers
1985 Whitby Warriors
1984 Whitby Warriors
1983 Peterborough James Gang
1982 Peterborough James Gang
1981 Peterborough James Gang
1980 Whitby CBC Builders
1979 Burnaby Cablevision
1978 Burnaby Cablevision
1977 Burnaby Cablevision
1976 Victoria MacDonalds
1975 Peterborough Gray Munros
1974 Peterborough PCO’s
1973 Peterborough PCO’s
1972 Peterborough PCO’s
1971 Richmond Roadrunners
1970 Lakeshore Maple Leafs (Toronto)
1969 Oshawa Green Gaels
1968 Oshawa Green Gaels
1967 Oshawa Green Gaels
1966 Oshawa Green Gaels
1965 Oshawa Green Gaels
1964 Oshawa Green Gaels
1963 Oshawa Green Gaels
1962 Victoria Shamrocks
1961 Hastings Legionnaires
1960 New Westminster Salmonbellies
1959 Brampton ABC’s
1958 Brampton ABC’s
1957 Brampton ABC’s
1956 Vancouver No177 Legionnaires
1955 Long Branch Monarchs
1954 Vancouver PNE
1953 New Westminster Salmonacs
1952 Brampton Excelsiors
1951 Mimico Mountaineers
1950 St. Catharines Athletics
1949 Vancouver Norburn Eagletime
1948 Vancouver Burrards
1947 St. Catharines Athletics
1941 -1946, no competition
1940 Orillia Terriers
1939 Orillia Terriers
1938 Mimico Mountaineers
1937 Orillia Terriers


  1. Gary – who won in 1966 ??????????

  2. Well There be a new team from brantford and is the 6 Natoin Arrows the host?

  3. I am trying to find a player roster for the 1970 Minto Cup winners–the Lakeshore Maple Leafs. Any suggestion?

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