Mann Cup (Sr. A)

The Mann Cup is the trophy awarded to the senior men’s lacrosse champions of Canada. The championship series is played between the Western Lacrosse Association champion and the Major Series Lacrosse champion.[1] The trophy is one of the most valuable trophies in all of sports, made of solid gold and valued at $25,000.

It was donated in 1910 by Sir Donald Mann; prior to then, the Minto Cup was the senior amateur championship trophy. The Mann Cup was originally a challenge trophy, but in 1925 the champion New Westminster Salmonbellies turned the trophy over to the Canadian Lacrosse Association who instituted a national playoff system. The challenges and championships for the Mann Cup were played by the rules of traditional field lacrosse until 1932, when box lacrosse was adopted by the Canadian Lacrosse Association. The first indoor Mann Cup was played at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto in October 1932.

Mann Cup Winners
2012 Peterborough Lakers
2011 Brampton Excelsiors
2010 Peterborough Lakers
2009 Brampton Excelsiors
 2008 Brampton Excelsiors
2007 Peterborough Lakers
2006 Peterborough Lakers
2005 Victoria Shamrocks
2004 Peterborough Lakers
2003 Victoria Shamrocks
2002 Brampton Excelsiors
2001 Coquitlam Adanacs
2000 Brooklin Redmen
1999 Victoria Shamrocks
1998 Brampton Excelsiors
1997 Victoria Shamrocks
1996 Six Nations Chiefs
1995 Six Nations Chiefs
1994 Six Nations Chiefs
1993 Brampton Excelsiors
1992 Brampton Excelsiors
1991 New Westminster Salmonbellies
1990 Brooklin Redmen
1989 New Westminster Salmonbellies
1988 Brooklin Redmen
1987 Brooklin Redmen
1986 New Westminster Salmonbellies
1985 Brooklin Redmen
1984 Peterborough Lakers
1983 Victoria Payless
1982 Peterborough Lakers
1981 New Westminster Salmonbellies
1980 Brampton Excelsiors
1979 Victoria Shamrocks
1978 Peterborough Red Oaks
1977 Vancouver Burrards
1976 New Westminster Salmonbellies
1975 Vancouver Burrards
1974 New Westminster Salmonbellies
1973 Peterborough Lakers
1972 New Westminster Salmonbellies
1971 Brantford Warriors
1970 New Westminster­ Salmonbellies
1969 Brooklin Redmen
1968 Brooklin Redmen
1967 Vancouver Carlings
1966 Peterborough Pepsi Petes
1965 New Westminster Salmonbellies
1964 Vancouver Carlings
1963 Vancouver Carlings
1962 New Westminster­ O’Keefes
1961 Vancouver Burrards
1960 Port Credit Sailors
1959 New Westminster O’Keefes
1958 New Westminster Salmonbellies
1957 Victoria Shamrocks
1956 Nanaimo Timbermen
1955 Victoria Shamrocks
1954 Peterborough Timbermen
1953 Peterborough Timbermen
1952 Peterborough Timbermen
1951 Peterborough Timbermen
1950 Owen Sound Crescents
1949 Vancouver­ Burrards
1948 Hamilton Tigers
1947 New Westminster­ Adanacs
1946 St. Catharines Athletics
1945 Vancouver Burrards
1944 St. Catharines Athletics
1943 New Westminster Salmonbellies
1942 Mimico/Brampton Combines
1941 St. Catharines Athletics
1940 St. Catharines Athletics
1939 New Westminster­ Adanacs
1938 St. Catharines Athletics
1937 New Westminster Salmonbellies
1936 Orillia Terriers
1935 Orillia Terriers
1934 Orillia Terriers
1933 Hamilton Tigers
1932 Mimico Mountaineers
1931 Brampton Excelsiors
1930 Brampton Excelsiors
1929 Oshawa Generals
1928 Ottawa Emmets
1927 New Westminster Salmonbellies
1926 Weston Westonmen
1925 New Westminster Salmonbellies
1924 New Westminster Salmonbellies
1923 New Westminster Salmonbellies
1922 New Westminster Salmonbellies
1921 New Westminster Salmonbellies
1920 New Westminster Salmonbellies
1919 Vancouver Foundation Club
1918 Vancouver Coughlans
1917 New Westminster Salmonbellies
1916 New Westminster Salmonbellies
1915 New Westminster Salmonbellies
1914 Vancouver Athletic Club
1913 Vancouver Athletic Club
1912 Vancouver Athletic Club
1911 Vancouver Athletic Club
1910 Young Torontos
1909 New Westminster Salmonbellies
1908 New Westminster Salmonbellies
1907 Montreal Shamrocks
1906 Ottawa Capitals
1905 Montreal Shamrocks
1904 Montreal Shamrocks
1903 Montreal Shamrocks
1902 Montreal Shamrocks
1901 Ottawa Capitals


  1. To Whom it may concaern:
    Your listing of Mann Cup winners is incomplete.
    Year 1966 was won by Peterborough’s Pepsi Petes.
    Good website overall, keep up the good work.
    Thank you
    Peter O’Grady

  2. I’m pretty sure that the first Mann Cup awarded was the 1910 title won by the Young Torontos. (hey just noticed, it’s the hundredth anniversary). The 1901 to 1909 winners on your listing were actually the Minto Cup winners (Salmonbellies, Shamrocks & Capitals), which was actually contested for by senior/professional teams in those days. Cheers.

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