Founders Cup (Jr. B)

The Founders Cup is the championship trophy of Canada’s Junior “B” lacrosse leagues. The custodial duties of this trophy fall upon the Canadian Lacrosse Association. The National Champions are determined through a round robin format with a playdown for the final in a host city.

In 1972, the Founders Cup was awarded to the Junior “C” Champion instead of the Junior “B” Champion.


Founders Cup Winners

2012 Six Nations Rebels
2011 Six Nations Rebels
2010 Halton Hills Bulldogs
2009 Calgary Mountaineers
2008 Six Nations Rebels


Six Nations Rebels


Oakville Buzz


Elora Mohawks


Clarington Green Gaels


Barrie Tornado


Clarington Green Gaels


Wallaceburg Red Devils


Clarington Green Gaels


Edmonton Miners


Clarington Green Gaels


Six Nations Red Rebels


Spartan Warriors


Orillia Rogers Kings


Orillia Rogers Kings


Owen Sound Flying Dutchmen


Scarborough Saints


Huntsville Hawks


Orangeville Northmen


Orangeville Northmen


Kitchener-Waterloo Braves


Kitchener-Waterloo Braves


Mississauga Tomahawks


Scarborough Saints


Point Edward Pacers


Point Edward Pacers


Owen Sound Signmen


Niagara on the Lake Warriors


Enoch Tomahawks (Alberta)


Point Edward Pacers


Point Edward Pacers


Scarborough Saints


Elora Mohawks


Windsor Warlocks


Whitby Transporters


Niagara Warriors


Long Branch P.C.O.s



  1. Iwas wondering if you could send me a roaster, and photo of the 1981 Niagara on the lake worriors Founders cup jr B champions

  2. where is next years tournament?

  3. where is the 2008 Founders

  4. Well the Six Natoins Rebels be the host of the Founders cup

  5. Guelph is hosting this year’s Founders Cup

  6. i played in the 2001 founders just wondering where i can find sum pics or any summary of the tourny?

  7. I have a few questions about this tournament.
    First, why are there 3…count ’em THREE teams from Calgary and four from the ALA overall while the OLA has only two?
    Considering the OLA is hosting the event this year and historically has been the strongest league in the country by far, having just two reps seems not right….. especially since one of those two berths is held by a host team thatdidn’t even qualify for the OLA playoffs!
    Surely the OLA runnes-rup Halton Hills deserves to be here, too
    Secondly, why were the Guelph Regals chosen to be the host team?
    Coming of a 3-16-1 season in ’07, Guelph seemed a strange choice to host the following year.
    In fact, Guelph had never even advanced beyond the first round of the OLA playoffs in its 17 year history and has missed the playoffs entirely the past two seasons.
    Shouldn’t a host team ,especially one representing a league as strong as the OLA, be reasonably assured of being competitive?
    Out of 26 OLA teams, fielded this season, only 7 had a poorer record than Guelph
    I find this tournament’s format to be puzzling to say the least.

  8. Perry,

    With all due respect to the people of Guelph, who I am sure will be great hosts, I cannot disagree with anything you say!

  9. hello could some one please let me know what web site I can go on to see the results of the Junior B Founders cup being played in Guelf ontario.


  10. I wonder if there is any alternative to the Regal’s own Founder’s Cup site…..because this “” set-up just isn’t working.
    All I get when I tried to get yesterday’s scores or standings is;
    Invalid Page – Page not found
    I hope they fix it soon, but I’m not optimistic.

  11. Where can i find online info about the 2008 Founders cup…(i.e game results, team stats, etc.)

  12. First of all, I’m happy the scores, standings and other stats are finally up and running!
    Secondly, I guess I owe the Guelph Regals an apology..
    Because they missed the OLA playoffs and hadn’t played for nearly two months prior to the start of the tournament, I figured the Regals would have trouble holding their own as the competition progressed.
    Boy was I wrong!
    It’s no surprise to see Six Nations dominating, but to see Guelph at 3-0 and outscoring their opponents 37-6, .well that’s impressive…but a little bit discouraging at thee same time.
    The fact that a team that came from the bottom half of the OLA standings is dominating their opponents so thoroughly so far is a rather sad commentary on the state of the game outside of Ontario.With that in mind, I believe the tournament would be better with 8 teams instead of 12.
    I don’t see why there should be two teams from Quebec and four from ALberta…especially in light of some of the scores we”ve seen so far.

  13. whats the website called for the founders cup 2008 pictures

  14. where is the 2009 founders cup

    • I beleive South Edmonton is hosting this year’s tournament.

  15. Where can I find Information for the first Founder’s Cup ever?

  16. Is there any site that has the historical info about who attended the Founders from 2000 to present?

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