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I thought it would be neat to get a tally on as many cities as possible of the folks that visited here.  Please comment on this page to let us know where you are from, and I’ll try to begin a list by Province (State / Country if needed). Here’s what I have so far…..

Ontario BC Quebec
Acton Abbotsford Gatineau
Agincourt Agassiz Deschênes
Akwesasne Burnaby Montreal
Alexandria Chilliwack St-Germain-de-Grantham
Arthur    Montreal  
Ayr Cloverdale  
Baden Cobble Hill  
Barrie Coquitlam  
Beamsville Delta Saskatchewan
Birch Island Duncan  
Brantford Kamloops Regina
Cambridge Langley Spy Hill
Chatham Maple Ridge Saskatoon
Cornwall Nanaimo  
Don Mills Parksville  
Downsview Penticton Nova Scotia
Dunnville Port Moody  
Edgar Richmond Halifax
Elmira Rossland Mount Uniacke
Erin Stephen Mosherville
Erindale Steveston Stewiacke
Etobicoke Surrey  
Fenelon Falls Vancouver  
Fergus Port Coquitlam  
Fonthill North Shore New Brunswick
Grimsby   St. John
Guelph   Moncton
Hespeler  Alberta  Manitoba
Kanata  Calgary  Winnipeg
Kitchener  Edmonton St. James
Leaside  Okotoks  
Lobo Township    
Long Branch    
Niagra Falls    
Port Credit    
Port Elgin    
Port Perry    
Richmond Hill    
St. Catharines    
Thunder Bay    
Victoria Harbour    
  United States  
 Illinois Texas New York
Renault Dallas Port Jefferson
  San Antonio New York
  Round Rock Oswego
    Briarcliff Manor
New Jersey Maine Minnesota
Newark South Portland Annandale
Missouri Kansas Maryland
St. Louis Wichita Baltimore
Colorado Michigan Ohio
Denver Auburn Hills Columbus
  Royal Oak  
Florida Missouri Pennsylvania
Key West Crystal City King of Prussia
Cocoa   Wayne
New Hampshire North Carolina Massachusetts
Concord Hampstead Boston
California Georgia  
Delano Columbus  
San Diego    
England  Denmark Australia
Hatfield  Copenhagen Sydney
Stockport   Melbourne
St. Kitts Spain Japan
Frigate Bay Madrid Kusatsu, Shiga
Poznan, Wielkopolskie    


  1. Great site!

  2. Oops. I forgot to mention that I’m from New Westminster, BC, home of the Salmonbellies.

  3. Thanks for keeping us well informed, For us lax lovers who were unable to make it to the games, this site was just what we needed to get our fix. Niawen Kowa from Akwesasne (which is in Quebec, Ontario and New York State). 🙂

  4. Ditto the above – I’ve just discovered your site this past weekend and have to say thanks for all the hard work you have done to keep everyone informed. We are a lacrosse family as well and were only involved to a minor level in the Nationals and Novice Provincials and that alone kept us busy – I can only imagine how busy your schedule was. It’s also nice to read about lacrosse games from a positive approach instead of all the negativity that seems to float around the “blogs”. Thanks again and keep up the great job!
    Peterborough, Ontario

  5. I imagine you not only were taking pictures and video, conducting interviews, etc etc, but the fact is that I didn’t go to the Lacorsse Festival website to get information, I came here, so you were sitting with a laptop somewhere! Your info was on line the fastest! Thanks for doing that!
    PS – your top 10? Your number 1 brouhgt a tear to my eye! It was wonderful to watch these kids. Their memories of these games and the friendships made will last a lifetime! It was an honour to witness it.
    Thanks for all your efforts!

  6. Just seen your site for first time via Syracuse Forum & Inside lacrosse link.

    I’m from Stockport, England

    good website

    Happy Laxing

    UKLF 8)

  7. I am from Regina and my son was playing for the Saskatchewan Bantam team. I can’t wait to see him when he gets home. I will forever kick myself for not going with him to watch him compete!!! You helped so much as I was able to check everyday and keep up with what was going on in Whitby. I APPRECIATE IT SO MUCH!! I also know that my son will love to see this site when he gets home and see what you had to say. I had tears in my eyes when I read the top 10. God bless you and your family!! It is the volunteers and the coaches and their families that do so much for our children and I can’t thank you all enough! I would like to pass out a HUGE thank you to RAY and KIM MAHER for all of their hard work and dedication to our children and the sport of Lacrosse in Saskatchewan!

  8. Really enjoy your site. Thanks so much for including the game video.
    Just got back from Peewee nationals.
    It truly is the hotbed of lacrosse.
    Cheers from Port Coquitlam B.C.

  9. Hi,

    Just seen your site after UKLaxfan posted it on the UK lacrosse forum! Very nice, will pop back regularly now!

    Dan from Hatfield, England

  10. I was born and raised in Whitby, and that means hockey in the winter and Lacrosse in the summer. Gary Mark hooked me up to this website. It’s great to always have a piece of home. Peewee nationals brought back memories.

    Glenn Sachko
    Sydney ,Australia

  11. Great site Marksy, we are up in Brooklin

  12. Great site Had to work most of festival week. Your site let my family follow our nephew Kyle Jackson and his Bantam Team Ontario.Hopefully be there with my son next year with the Sarnia Tyke Pacers.

  13. Hi Gary…………..tremendous job keeping us lacrosse enthusiast from coast to coast up to date on the scores from the pee wee & bantam nationals. Your passion is contagious…keep up the great work!

    Dave from Saint John, New Brunswick (Fundy Lacrosse Association)

  14. Super Site? With lacrosse in Ontario spread around so much of the province it is great to keep up with the results in places you can’t travel to. I realize the hard work involved with a website like this and I thank you greatly for it.

    Gary Wallace
    Ayr, Ontario

  15. Greeting from the Emerald Isle,

    Just thought I’d take a moment to compliment the site and there is some good information and content. I liked the article on Jeff Garlin done a while back.


    Gibby – Ireland #13

  16. i just want to add another Ontario city to the list, Sudbury,

    good work on the site

  17. G’day from Melbourne Australia, great site!
    I’m originally from Manchester in the UK and have great memories of hosting a Whitby Warrior under 12 team back in 89…… where are those kids now?
    And then playing in Ontario in 91 with a touring field team, played Oshawa BK (that featured Stan Cockerton, John Grant Snr and others), Ottowa, Peterborough, St Catherines and Mimico to name a few!
    Great time in your country
    Steve Green

  18. great site…….I loved the old photo’s of the redmen/lakers from the 80’s. Both my kids played minor in whitby and I cherish the memories of when we startd the house league at willow park in the 80’s

    don lawson

    frigate bay
    st. kitts
    west indies

  19. Great site, I’ve had the honour of watching my son compete with TEAM BC in both the PeeWee Nationals in 2005 and the Bantam Nationals in 2007; we had many fans at home in BC checking your site daily this time for any information they could get, I, and they, really appreciate the info you provide on your site.

    So a big thank-you from Langley, British Columbia!

  20. Good Job Gary,

    I must say I like the new colours..



  21. Very good website tons of info not just from proffesional lacrosse but all leagues …tons of good pictures from past and present ….one of the better all around lacrosse websites ..keep up the good work..
    Ajax ,Ont.

  22. this is an awesome site.
    Email me and we can make arrangements for supplying you
    with a Six Nation’s Jersey.

    Tom Johnson
    2nd VP
    Six Nations Jr. B Rebels Lacrosse Association

  23. From North Vancouver BC, North Shore Indians

  24. Marksey: You’ve got a well thought out and well put together site. I think you’re links cover a lot the lax world. I’m on the medical staff of the Toronto Rock (NLL) and the Brooklin Redmen(MSL). I’ve worked with the Scarborough Saints(OLA Jr B) , the Ajax Pickering Rock(OLA Sr. B) as well as team Canada and the NLL All Star game. I actually started playing the game 7 years ago at age 50 in the DMLL in Durham region. So I really appreciate your work at getting a wide cross-section. See you in the Rock dressing room as go after your next interview. I was interested to see one of your comments comes from Poznan, Poland. That’s where my dad comes from!
    Doc P

  25. Hi Gary and Ron
    I just watched the week 8 show. Thanks for the heads up Ron…….and I appreciate you mentioning my painting site.

    Congratulations again, on your analytical, thoughtful analysis fo the NLL each week.
    You guys are filling a media void.

    My art webiste is:

    Cheers from Belmont Lake

  26. Well done here,good job Marksy,see you around the rinks,keep up the good work!

  27. Representing Orillia, ON! Thanks for a great site Marksy!

  28. Nice, i am happy to find the scores for all of the games from the qualifiers this weekend, you are fast with that.
    i am still wondering who won our midget game though, its not up there yet.
    But, i am that i foudn his website out to get updates on a lot of the stuff i am usually looking for. Thanks!

  29. Looking forward to this years Nationals(bantam). Hope you can keep us updated daily. Kelvin.

  30. Keep us updated.

  31. Thank you for all the work you must do to keep this site going.
    Your love of the game speaks volumes.

  32. Thank you for the site, it is great to be able to be able to be up to date during the festival from so far away (Saskatoon) “Go Saskatchewan”


  33. great looking site, the most information I’ve ever seen

  34. Great site. Found it by accident looking for info on the Nationals. We just got home with a gold medal in the PeeWee division. What a great tournament. Team BC Rocks.
    Campbell River, BC.

  35. Hi, just wanted to say nice job on the website,
    Kahnawake has a long history in lacrosse, and information can be found through 3 websites originating from Kahnawake.
    Kahnawake Lacrosse has teams that play in the OLA, ILA, QLA

    Sr. B –
    Sr. B-

    Check us out

  36. Howdy from Kandahar, Afghanistan.
    Go ‘Bellies!

  37. nice web site keep up the good job!! michelle from Pronce George BC,..Go Bellies!!

  38. oops suppose to be Prince George..sorry

  39. Hey Ronnie Boy I found it. Nice job on the site…very professional looking.

  40. courtice ontario.your website is very good except when it comes to printing it prints too many pages of junk.1946 lakeshores.larry probably did not remember me.

  41. Enjoyed viewing your Bible of Lacrosse. I’m sure that fans from around the world appreciate all your work and dedication to the sport that you love so much.

  42. gary.thank you for delivering my order and thanks for the cap.the product you sell is can look forward to another order next month. thanks again too bad i missed you. mel barnard

  43. Nice site 🙂

    Karlstad, Sweden

  44. Marksy, I just want to let you know that I am from Maplewood, Minnesota. I’m a 57 year old who still plays in the nets and loves this game, both outdoors and box/indoors! I am a huge fan of the Minnesota Swarm and just loved your coverage of the Mann Cup this year!! You and Wamper are the best!

    Steve Jensen

  45. I happened to be in Mississauga on business This past summer and was watching the Mann cup from my hotel room-The next evening was the fourth game – I told one of my co-workers about the game I seen and he informed me it was minutes away in Brahmpton- I was there at the powerade center the night the Excelsiers won the cup – What a great trip!!

    North Tonawanda, NY

  46. Hey Gary and Mark!! 😀 Keep up the great work boys! You’re both awesome together. You’re the wine and cheese of the show. But anyways…. you’re both a lot of fun and that’s why lacrosse fans all over always look forward to watching you.

  47. Thanks for the comment Frank, very much appreciated. It is nice to know people enjoy what we are doing. Hopefully one day this great game will get the attention and recognition it deserves. We will do our part to try anyway….

  48. Sorry… just a couple of more things I forgot to mention the last time..

    First off… I’m 39 from Brampton, Ontario. I noticed the long list of towns/cities so I just thought I’d add it.

    Also…. Mark, do you folks think that you’ll some day add a talk show so that fans can call in and voice their opinions? Perhaps you’ve already thought of that? If so, please let me know what you think of the idea. 🙂 Of course, it’s great to see the show is now into its 3rd year. Maybe down the road you’ll get to add the call-in feature where LITG fans can get involved.

  49. Frank you are letting the cat out of the bag so to speak. We are doing exactly that (an Internet broadcast starting soon). We are working right now on a location to host it and deciding whether to have an audience or not……still some decisions to be made.

    One of our concerns is how popular it would be and if people would participate. Do you think it would go over well?

  50. Marksy…. I keep coming up with questions. LOL About the CLM… I’d like to subscribe but I’d rather use a credit card rather than Paypal. Is there any way I can do that? Please let me know. Thanks.

  51. Hey Mark… thanks alot for mentioning my idea on the show! I think the majority of fans would love to call in via phone to ask questions, give comments, opinions etc. If you are able to, if I can perhaps help you get some sort of call-in phone number. I remember you saying how “difficult” it would be to get a phone number.

    But…. ANYWAYS….. I have another question about how I can get a pic of myself up on my account. I noticed you have one of yourself on yours. If I can do so, that would be nice too.

    Anyway…. have a good one and I shall talk to you later.

  52. Sorry…. I’m not gonna press on the phone thing. You’re right… it would be more ideal if you simply use email to communicate with fans.

  53. I loved the Mann Cup coverage, and I look forward to it next year.

    Towson, MD
    Mt. Washington Lacrosse Club

  54. The site is great

    It would be great to have all the OLA champs since the bring of the OLA

    Victoria Harbour, Ont

  55. Hey Gary… just wanted to say that you’re an excellent commentator! I think you should make lax commentating a full time career… that would be great to see! 😀

    But.. ANYWAYS… I’m “NativeLaxFan” …. during the Sarnia/Kahnawake game you asked who I was … that was me who was one of the many chattees. 🙂 Talk to you again later. Have a good one.

  56. In case you still don’t remember me, I’m the one who suggested that cool idea where fans can call or email in during shows to give any questions, comments or concerns about the game. Speaking of which, will that be an eventual reality or is it something that’ll be too costly to do?? Please let me know if you know what’s going on with that. Thanks again.

  57. Hey Marksy… I have a question regarding a comment that Ron made about Curtis Palidwor being a “loner”. What was that all about and why did he say that? I’m interested in what he meant by that. Thanks.

  58. This is the first time I checked out this website just wanted to let you all know this is a great and an informative site…I was born and raised in Elora played my minor there went on to play for the Guelph Oaks then the K-W Braves and after that the Kodiaks, I am now have been involved with Guelph minor and Guelph Jr “B” club for the last 15 years..Each year I say to my wife thats it but each year I go back..Why? Its in the blood

  59. Hi Gary
    I love this website. I go on here once a week since my son started in your camp 2010. You are very knowledgable on the sport. Keep up the great work!!

  60. Hey! 🙂 Just wanted to ask you when the coast is clear enough for me to order those items we talked about a while ago. Are those items still on back order?? Please let me know when I can order the items. Thanks.

  61. Hey Gary: A little envious of you. I wish I could come to Whitby and watch this weekend. There’s nothing better than watching kids play. I’m coaching the Orillia Novice team so maybe I’ll see you August 6-8. Keep up the good work my friend.
    Ross Tabor

    Writing from Orillia

  62. Lots of viewers up here in Arthur, Marksy! Great spot to get updates and information. Well done!

  63. Fantastic site!

  64. Love to see anything about lacrosse, keep up the good work. Coquitlam BC

  65. Thanks for your articles on the Canadians in the NCAA. I am from Ponoka, Alberta and my son attends AIC in Springfield, Mass.

  66. Hi, I have been organizing my pictures, clipping and other memorabilia for a local alumni night in Armstrong BC. That got me interested so I did some searches and found this website. I am a player from Burnaby and Jack Crosby was my first coach, probably 1966. I played minor up to junior A with Burnaby and was a member of the 1978 and 1979 Burnaby Cablevision Jr A Minto Cup Champion teams. I played with the 1980 Salmonbellies with Al Lethwaite as the coach and Rod Bannister playing goal. The highlight of the year was coming back from 0 – 3 in the first round of the playoffs against Coquitlam and winning the next 4 straight. Wildest playoff series I was ever in. We went to the Mann Cup back east (Brampton?) that year but did not win. I drifted away from the game and moved to Calgary in 1985.

    Moved to the Okanagan in 2010 and played the 2011 and 2012 seasons with the senior Armstrong Shamrocks in the Thompson Okanagan Lacrosse League and continue to play with the Okanagan Masters Lacrosse team. Anyway, a great group of players, coaches and fans in this area.

    The alumni night is on saturday, June 14,2014. If you are in the area drop in to the Nor Val Arena in Armstrong, game time I think is 7:30pm.

    I organized some memorabilia then digitized it. The printed material is in a binder that will be on display at the Alumni night along with memorabilia other people bring for display.

    A lot of great memories flooded back while working on this project.

    If any ex team mates are looking for a picture, newspaper (Columbian, Sun or Province) article or anything else let me know. If I have it I will send it to you.

    Thanks for reading the comment.


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