Whitby Rush Simply Golden!

story and photos courtesy of Andrew Howard

This past weekend, while many lacrosse fans were watching the Peewee, Bantam, and Midget Provincial Championships another Provincial Champion was being crowned on Cornwall Island. On the beautiful Akwesasne Reserve the Senior Women’s Box Division was battling to decide supremacy for 2011. The Grand River Attack, Toronto Stars, Peterborough Lady Lakers, Whitby Rush, and host Akwesasne Warriors all came together for the first ladies Provincial Championship played outside of the Durham Region.

The Grand River Attack came in as the favourite having won the last 3 Provincials in a row and also having won 2 of the 3 tournaments this year. That run was to be no more as the 5 teams that make up the Senior Women’s Division all brought their play up to make for a very interesting final weekend of lacrosse.

The Peterborough Lady Lakers finished in 5th place but were able to solidify their place as a team on the rise with a hard fought early victory over the Toronto Stars. This team has improved all year and have shown incredible resilience by coming back from being down to make many games very interesting.

The Akwesasne Warriors finished 3rd in the round robin but lost in the Bronze Medal game in what was a spirited affair between them and the Grand River Attack. The Warriors had an excellent tournament and were only in the Bronze game due to a tie breaker between them and Silver Medalist Toronto Stars. During round robin play Akwesasne battled to 2 huge wins over both Peterborough and Grand River.

The Grand River Attack finished 4th in the Round Robin and 3rd in the tournament. They were able to tie eventual winners, the Whitby Rush and then in the final round robin game get a win over Peterborough to put them into the Bronze Medal game. Grand River is always a dangerous team to play against and we will see what adjustments they make going into next year.

The Toronto Stars finished the tournament in 2nd and were only able to qualify to be in the Gold Medal game after a victory over the host Akwesasne team that put them just ahead of the Warriors to be able to play in the Gold Medal game. This set up the final game to be the same as in a previous tournament where Toronto beat the Whitby Rush by a 2-0 final score.

The Whitby Rush were not going to be denied this year coming into the Round robin and they played well all weekend. After the round robin the Rush had amassed 3 wins and 1 tie and were showing no signs of slowing down. The final game was a close one with the score being 2-2 after 2 periods of play. Scoring for the Rush were Aimee Tanaka and June Hogan. In the final period Whitby was able to get one past the Toronto keeper by Jenn Bowers on the power play and that was all that was needed as the pressure defence from the Rush was too much for the Toronto Stars, and the Whitby Rush were victorious with a 3 to 2 win. It was an excellent year all around and a great way to finish off the year. The Rush can’t wait until next year when they get to defend their title.


Yeah, You Just Wish You Could Play Like A Girl!

In 2006 Ontario Lacrosse introduced a “Pilot Project” of girls playing indoor box lacrosse. For years and years, the boys and young men dominated the numbers playing our National sport with only a select few girls here and there scattered amongst hundreds of teams. As the numnbers began to increase it became apparent to some that maybe, just maybe a league for “girls only” could one day become a reality. Well it became a reality last year.

In 2007 it became an even greater reality with increased numbers, increased teams and a new found following of parents, grandparents, and the girls themselves.

Today I was able to catch the Provincial Finals for the Peewee, Bantam, Midget and Intermediates and have to say, that I was amazed at the fierce competitiveness of these young girls and young ladies. Of the four Championship games played, three of them went into Overtime to decide the best team in Ontario for their particular division.

I watched most of all four games, sacraficing seeing what I came to see (some of the boys Peewee / Bantam Nationals) because, to be completely honest, I couldn’t leave! Understandably, the skill level is not (yet) that of the boys game, but let’s put it into perspective. Many of the girls are new to the game, or were just last year.  Of those that have played, many I’m sure have just come from field lacrosse, a totally different game with a tennis racket for a stick (no disrespect intended but I’ll never figure out how they catch with that thing). But what I saw on the floor tonight was a passion for the game. That passion looked the same in a 12 year old girls eye as it was in a 19 year old young lady’s eye. These kids came to play, and they really did.

I guess in closing I really want to congratulate all of the teams that competed this week, and I’m certain that the girls game is still only just beginning. I see a potential there for girls lacrosse that could very well rival the numbers that we currently see in the boys game.

And boys, I do have to say, the next time you tell someone that they “shoot like a girl”, stop and think before you speak, because after watching some games today, you may have just complimented someone!

Team Latimer Wins Inaugural LITG Fun Day Challenge

Saturday July 7 / 2007 marked the 1st annual Lacrosse – Inside The Game Fun Day Challenge at Peel Park in Whitby.  It was an effort for adults to get out and have a fun filled day of lacrosse, while at the same time raising funds for our site. In a nutshell, I believe we accomplished both.  The weather (although predicted to be very hot) co-operated quite nicely, and there were even periods of cool breeze that simply made the day great.

We were pleased to have six co-ed teams (men and women) participate throughout the day in what was a competitive but very respectful day of lacrosse. Teams were broken into two groups of three teams each. After playing the other two teams in their divisions, there was then a quarter final cross over game, semi final game and ultimately a Championship game.

In addition to lacrosse, there was a raffle table filled with prizes, T-Shirt sales, and a barbecue serving hamburgers and sausages.

In the end, Team Latimer (pictured above) won the Championship final in in an exciting Overtime, defeating Team No Frills (pictured below).  More importantly, everyone I spoke with said that they thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and we did raise money to go toward giveaways on our site.  These will include T-Shirts, wristbands and more to the kids.

The success of this tournament was really dependant on a number of  volunteers chipping in and helping us out. With that I’d like to thank the following for donating prizes to our prize raffle table:

Michelle Good – TSN
Mark Watson
Tania Paulozza – Labatt’s
Bud Azzopardi – Pure North Water Quality
Bob Pryor – Bardon Supplies
Rob Roche – Ajax Pickering Rock Lacrosse Club

Also, we had many people step up on Saturday to help out and volunteer their time and efforts in one way or another to ensure the day was a success. I need to send a big thank you out to:

Gail Landry
Tammy Bouwmeester
Bud Azzopardi
Jason Richards
Troy Henry
Eric Perroni
Christina Douglas
Jacob Mark
Cameron Mark
Dakota Kettrick
Kyle Harper
Chris George
Lisa Smiley

This was our first in what we hope to become a semi-annual tournament. Thanks to all of the players and goalies that came out to play and support the day. It was competitive, but I beleive fun for all involved. 

Our next tournament is already being discussed and we are looking at trying for sometime this coming September. More details will follow.

We do still have T-Shirts remaining, if you’d like to purchase one (or more), please see the LITG Stuff section for more details.

Marksy (and B)

“Cradle the ball” Lacrosse Drill

A Lacrosse Drill from James Jurcic.


Cradling is an essential skill for young (or new) players to learn right away.

=> What you need…

Players should have their sticks and of course, full equipment to do this drill. Players can spend some time practicing this at home, because it does require some dexterity to do well.

=> How this drill works…

Each player should have their stick and carrying a ball from one side of the field (or box) to the other. Cradling is necessary to control the ball while the player is running down the floor and dodging other players on the field.

=> Coaches should notice the following:

Grip – The top hand should be in a position that allows it to control the bounce inside the pocket.

The bottom hand will direct the stick when the player is running and if they are trying to make a pass or take a shot.

When standing still, the top hand should be underneath the stick, and the bottom hand should be on top.

The wrist and arm action – These should work in conjunction with one another.

The idea is to create the least amount of bounce in the pocket of the player’s stick.

The forearm on the top hand should work like a hinge, and not moving all over the place. The wrist should not curl or flex too much.

Stick position – The stick position for the beginner should be horizontal when they are stationary.

It is a standard pose for any player, except for when they may be experiencing pressure.

When a defender must shield their stick from a defender, the stick moves to a vertical position, almost parallel with the player’s body.

That’s it for today!

Thanks James.

BTW: James has over 15 battle-tested ball control drills:


Durham Womens Lacrosse League – Registration!

Masters and Contact – No Experience Necessary!

Date: Wed. March 7th
Where: Iroquois Park – Lobby
Time: 7 – 9 pm.


Date: Sat. March 10th
Where: Iroquois Park – Lobby
Time: 10am – 2 pm.

More details on the dwll.

Don’t Miss OUT!


Lacrosse For A Cure

For the last couple of seasons of lacrosse, Tammy Bouwmeester and a few of the ladies of the Durham Women’s Lacrosse League have run a Fun Day tournament.  Proceeds of the tournament have been donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.  Tammy has indicated to me that this season the tournament will be run again and a portion of the proceeds this season will also be donated to our Help Us Help Kids project.  This seasons tournament details are listed below:

  • $20 per person/ $200 per team entry
  • 2 girls on floor at all time, not including goalie
  • prizes for winning teams
  • guaranteed four games
  • proceeds to Help us Help Kids and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation
  • Saturday, June 9th, 2007 at Peel Park in Whitby

Those wishing to enter or lookinjg for more information can contact Tammy at tammy.bouwmeester@gmail.com

I have played in this tournament (and plan to again this season) and will say that is very much a fun day and a great cause!


Masters Lacrosse Answers Our Call For Help…

In our area of the woods (Durham Region), we have our share of Masters Leagues of lacrosse; from Men’s to Womens, to Co-Ed.   A couple of weeks ago we issued a challenge (or request if you will) to some of the local leagues to help us help young kids play the game of lacrosse.  That challenge was to support us by way of a monetary donation, which we would in turn, pass on to a Minor Lacrosse Organization to sponsor a child to play. Our intent was to keep the donation local to the area we are in, and if possible, expand to other areas as we are able.

Well I’m extremely pleased to inform everyone that two of the local leagues have answered our call to help, each offering a full sponsorship for a player.

The Durham Women’s Lacrosse League (dwll.wordpress.com), and the Toronto Lightning Lacrosse League (www.torontolightning.com) have both answered our call to help.   These two donations will be forwarded to Whitby Minor Lacrosse and Clarington Minor Lacrosse to use for a players registration fee.

100% of the donated amounts will be going toward sponsoring the two children to play.

These two Masters Leagues now enter our Wall of Fame for supporting youth lacrosse.

If your association, league or company would like to sponsor a child in a lacrosse center near you, or if you would like to donate for prizes, please contact us for more information.

A big thank you to the DWLL, and the TLL….. 

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