1st Annual Rick “Tuggy” Passfield Memorial Field Lacrosse Tournament

The summer of 2007 will mark the 1st Annual Rick “Tuggy” Passfield Memorial Field Lacrosse Tournament. The anticipated dates are August 24th-26th 2007, and will be held in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. We are inviting U-16 aged teams from across Canada and throughout the U.S.A. All proceeds from the tournament will benefit HCM Research (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy), the heart condition in which Rick passed away from in 2005, at the age of 21. Rick played lacrosse here in the local community, and also helped with the development of younger players within the Durham Region.

Tournament fees have not yet been established, but we expect to release applications, fees, and final details by the end of March. Accommodations can be easily accessed for out of town teams at the Durham Residence Center located in Oshawa. We have been told teams will get the OLA discount rate for rooms. Our intentions are to provide transportation to teams flying into Toronto, and run a shuttle service to and from the residence to the fields.

Both “A” and “B” divisions will be divided to accommodate teams of a higher or lower caliber skill level. The tournament schedule will depend on the amount of response we receive by applications. We estimate to have 20+ teams, having 10+ teams in both the “A” and “B” divisions. We wish to include a Tournament All-Star Game with at least one representative from each team competing. All-Star players will be determined by a voting system of opposing coaches during the Round-Robin play. It is our intention to have a Canada vs. U.S.A match-up of the respective players voted.

Further details will be available in March and will be sent to those who respond to this invitation. Please pass along the information to any prospective teams which may be interested in attending. We foresee a huge interest level, and hope to host your team/organization. Spots will be limited so please respond ASAP. Thanks for your time.

Joel Johnson
Tournament Organizer
(905) 718-8901

Note: Joel is also looking for volunteers and Sponsors to assist with the tournament, so please spread the word. I personally knew Rick and his family. He always had the time to spend to help out the kids, and others across many associations. Let’s help out this cause in his memory……Marksy

Update: There is a meeting scheduled for volunteers on Wed. Feb 21 2007, 7:00 pm at Johnny’s Original Eatery (Corner of Thornton and Hwy 2 in Oshawa)


What Makes Lacrosse Such A Great Game?

As I sit and reflect on the past few weeks and the entries that have been put into the Blog, I’ve really come to a realization that I sort of always knew; lacrosse people are the greatest!

Take for example the interviews I’ve done to date with the stars of the NLL. At my first request, each interviewee I’ve approached has graciously agreed and answered my questions (no matter how unpolished my interviewing skills might be).

These guys fly out week after week to various cities in Canada and the U.S. but they don’t make the wages of an NHL, NBA, or Major League Baseball player. They play their weekend game(s), and fly back home to work at their “real job” like other real people during the week; making them in fact…real people.. Many players and coaches are forced to take time off of work or use vacation to play the game they love.

I was fortunate enough to play this game at a fairly high level in the mid to late 80’s and will say that the guys back then were a great group in most every center. I’m so pleased to see that 20 some years later, the players in the game still have that human side to them, and most every player I know always takes time for the kids, as well as many adults.

Beyond that, I looked at the OLA web site today at the link of all the Associations (not all were there but most). I quickly visited a number of sites and was amazed at the number of volunteers that step up in each center to help out in the game of lacrosse. It is truly amazing to see this game and where it is today compared to 30 some years ago (when I started).

No doubt the NLL has a lot to do with that. I believe the biggest reason is the people that are involved in the game at the grass roots level. Next, I believe, is the fact that the U.S. for the most part loves the game like we Canadians do, and therefore it is getting great exposure. Unlike hockey (which is still struggling in a lot of U.S. cities), lacrosse is a game that many U.S. states have and love, just in a different version (field lacrosse). Combining field and box players has made for great excitement.

I really hope that our “true” National Sport continues to grow. With accommodating players / coaches, and the countless hours put in by volunteers out there, there really is no limit to how big our game can become…..

A Senseless Crime Against a 13 Year Old Lacrosse Player

It is with disgust that I read a column about what happened to Drew Lee, a young 13 year old boy that plays lacrosse in Hamilton’s Minor Lacrosse system.

Drew was walking home from a concert and was attacked and beaten. All that has been passed on at this time is that Drew has suffered “life altering injuries”.

All of our thoughts and prayers go out to Drew and his family at this time.

Masters Blog Reaches Denmark

Well the Masters Blog has been up for less than a week and we have already had a kind comment from a blogger in Denmark.

Hans has stated that he is trying to get lacrosse going in Denmark and our Masters game sounds interesting.

Hans if you read this, please email me as I’d like to add you here to post your progress in your efforts to get lacrosse going. My email address is located in the links section of every page.


A Wealth of Experience in Whitby Minor Lacrosse

I was looking at the representative coaches listed on the Whitby Minor Lacrosse Association web site and wondered if there is another association anywhere with the wealth of knowledge teaching the kids in Whitby.

I counted no less than 8 coaches this year alone with Junior Lacrosse Playing experience (there could actually be more, I’m just not sure). Three have Major Series Experience, and amongst all of them a bucket full of Provincial and National Championships at every level. Two current coaches in the list have recently coached Team Ontario entries.

We are very fortunate in WMLA that we have the numbers of coaches that have this type of experience, and are willing to give back to the kids the way they do. Their efforts should be applauded.

Taking it a step further we have over 80 house league teams, each with their own coach as well. This year I was fortunate enough to see the House League Championship Weekend finals and ran into a number of coaches that I used to play lacrosse with as a kid. It is great to see especially at the younger levels as they no doubt are our rep coaches of the future.

On top of all this, we have a volunteer base, that is never enough, but very impressive nonetheless. The ladies and gents that do so much work behind the scenes at every level, both house league and rep really need to be appreciated.

If you ever want to see the amount of work a lacrosse volunteer does, go and help out. It is a lot of work, but so very rewarding!

Welcome to the Ladies Box Lacrosse Blog

I decided to include this amongst all of the blogs I have created on lacrosse as I coach in the non-contact Womens League here in Whitby.

I am hoping that some of the ladies on this league will come here, check it out, and post their thoughts, complaints, and all the other wonderful things that they all love to say about anything and everything.

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