Brampton One Win Away From Heading West

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The so called rebuilding year in Brampton might soon be taking a dramatic turn.  After defeating the Peterborough Lakers 13-11 on Sunday night in Peterborough, the Excelsiors are one win away from making plans for a trip to Langley,  British Columbia.

This MSL final series has been an incredible swing of momentum through each and every game and tonight was no different.  The Lakers would open up a 3-1 lead after one period of play, only to have the Excelsiors come back in the second to outscore them by an 8-3 margin.  The Excelsiors took advantage of a very fast start scoring 5 goals in the first 7 minutes of the second period.  This chased Laker starter Angus Goodleaf from the net in favour of Paddy Campbell.   Brampton would lead 9-6 after two periods.

The third period started very similar to the second, with Brampton again scoring three times in under six minutes.  With a 12-6 lead the game looked all but over.  The Lakers would however, make it interesting, going on a four goal run of their own in the third period.  However, it was a little too little, a little too late, as the Excelsiors hung on for the win.

Leading the way for Brampton was John McClure with 4 goals.  Dan Dawson had 1 goal and 5 assists, while Zack Greer had 2 and 2.  Tyler Burton, Branden Doran, Kyle Neufeld, Carter Bender, Kevin Ross, and Mike Hominuck all had singles.  Anthony Cosmo went the distance and made 50 saves.  For Peterborough, John Grant and Tracey Kelusky each scored twice, while singles went to Turner Evans, Kyle Sorensen, Mark Steenhuis, Shawn Evans, Cory Vitarelli, Brad Self, and Sean Thompson.  Goodleaf made 25 saves, and Campbell 9.

Game 6 in this series will go on Tuesday night at 8pm right back at the Memorial Center in Peterborough.  Due to a booking problem with the Powerade Center, the arena was not available.  Game time in Peterborough is 8pm.  If a seventh game is necessary, it will go Wednesday night at Brampton’s Powerade Center with the game starting at 8pm.

Other Game Notes:

– more players not in the lineup due to the MLL Finals.  Missing were Geoff Snider for Peterborough, along with Sandy Chapman, Joe Walters, Jarrett Davis and Kyle Rubisch all of Brampton.
– the winner of this series will travel to Langley to play the Thunder in the Mann Cup final. For the 1st time since 1977, the BC representative in the Mann Cup will not be from New Westmister, Victoria, or Coquitlam.


Short Handed Excelsiors Grab One On The Road

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The task was simple really. Go into Peterborough, to a very visitor un-friendly atmosphere, without Dan Dawson, without Zack Greer, and win game three in these MSL playoff finals. If I were a betting man, I would have lost a bundle tonight. But the Brampton Excelsiors did just that by winning game three 12-10 against the Lakers, thus taking home floor advantage in this series.

Things looked bleak for Brampton right from the start as Shawn Evans and Tracey Kelusky gave Peterborough a 2-0 lead before many had even gotten to their seats. But in a game that saw no less than six lead changes, Brampton battled back to score three in a row, to take a 3-2 lead befoe the halfway mark of the first period. Mike Kirk, and brothers Joe and Frank Resetarits would give the Excelsiors the lead. But prior to the end of the first Shawn Evans and John Tavares would both score Power Play goals to put Peterborough back on top 4-3. Tavares’ goal was an absolute beauty. John Grant would toss a cross floor pass to Kelusky on the right crease. Kelusky had goalie Anthony Cosmo at his mercy, diving across to make the save. Kelusky very patiently went cross crease with the ball to Tavares, who had the yawning cage staring at him, and Tavares would not miss.

Special teams for the Lakers would be great on the night as Evans would score short handed in the second and Grant would notch a Power Play marker to give the Lakers their largest lead of the night at 6-3. But as Peterborough did in the first period, Brampton would score twice on the Power Play to draw back to within one at 6-5, as Mike Hominuck and Kevin Ross would do the honors. Cory Vitarelli and Shawn Evans again would score, with Frank Resetarits getting one in between for Brampton and after two periods the Lakers led 8-6.

Brampton came out of the gate in the third period and under four minutes in had tied it, before taking the lead themselves. Kyle Rubisch would intercept a pass in the defensive zone and run the floor beating Angus Goodleaf on a low bouncer, Mike Hominuck would score for me what was the goal of the night, and Kevin Ross would give Brampton a 9-8 lead. Hominuck would cut across the middle to take a shot on goal. A Laker defender hit him just as he was about to shoot, pushing him further away from the net running across the floor.  Hominuck took an extra step or two, and almost out of position on his wrong side, he whipped a back hander past Goodleaf.

The Laker faithful were very quiet. But as this game proved, that only lasted 3 minutes as Brad Self would score twice in a row, his second an absolute cannon to the top left corner of the net, and the Lakers were back out in front, now 10-9. Brampton’s Hominuck was not done as only a minute later he would walk through the Laker defence and throw three fakes on Goodleaf to draw him to the top of his crease. Hominuck then deposited the ball into an open net. Joe Resetarits would fire one from the dots only 37 seconds later to once agan give Brampton the lead at 11-10.

Peterborough tried with Goodleaf on the bench to get the tying goal once again, but Sandy Champman would capitalize on the enpty net and secure the road win for Brampton. Things got a little nasty near games end with Shawn Evans and Chris Corbeil tangling, as well as Scott Evans and Kyle Rubisch.

Other Game Notes:

– Christy Evans, 4 year old niece of Shawn and Scott sang Oh Canada for the crowd tonight to a roaring applause.
– Dawson, Greer and Mark Steenhuis were all at a Reebok photo shoot tonight and did not dress. Kyle Clancy was also scratched for Peterborough.
– Lakers were 4-6 on the PP, Brampton 2-7
– Lakers had 57 shots, Brampton 50

Game 4 is tomorrow night in Brampton at the Powerade Center. Game time is 8pm, and LITG / G2STream will be there once again doing the live web cast. You can purchase the game by visiting  Game five of the WLA finals is also slated for tomorrow night and will start at 7:45 Pacific time.  That game can be purchased at .

Not The Same Old Excelsiors

No it’s not the same old, same old when it comes to the 2011 Brampton Excelsiors.  Indeed, gone are Josh Sanderson, Brodie Merrill, Blaine Manning.  That is a lot of offence missing from any lineup. But they still have one of the best in Dan Dawson, and they’ve tried to replace some scoring with the likes of Frank and Joe Resetarits, Zach Greer, and Joe Walters.  But there is a lot more to this team in 2011 than offence and missing star players. 

We are now into the 3rd round of the 2011 MSL playoffs and many are just starting to talk about the Excelsiors, and how well their defense is playing.  Most people know Sandy Chapman, Jon Harasym and Bill Greer; all formidable NLL stars.  But many others are wondering about names like Kyle Rubisch, Chris Corbeil, Tyler Burton, Dylan Evans, Mike Kirk, Kyle Neufeld, and Brendan Doran.  Most of them not real household names in the world of lacrosse.  Yet!

There is no doubt that having an all world goalie the likes of Anthony Cosmo certainly helps, but those defenders above have been exceptional in these playoffs in helping Cosmo keep their team in many games.  Looking at the playoff statistics so far, the Excelsiors have played a total of 11 games.  They played 3 against Ajax in round one, 6 in round two against Brooklin, and so far have played twice in round three against Peterborough.  Not including Overtime, which has occurred in 4 of their 11 games, Brampton has not allowed more than 7 goals in any game.  That includes both games they have won and lost.  And even if you do factor in Overtime, the most they have allowed in any game so far is 9, which occurred in game 1 of this current series against the Lakers (a double Overtime Laker victory). 

There is an age old saying that Offense wins games and Defense wins Championships.  This defense is certainly poised to at least make a run at securing a spot in this years’ Mann Cup Championship in British Columbia.  The series between the Excelsiors and Lakers continues tomorrow night as game three takes place from the Memorial Center in Peterborough, Ontario. We will see of this defence can continue to play at such a high level. 

LITG and G2Stream will again be there calling all the action live on our Internet broadcast.  To purchase and view the game, check out or click the links below:

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MSL Final Peterborough vs. Brampton – Game 2 Web Cast

Brampton   Peterborough




The Peterborough Lakers vs. the Brampton Excelsiors, game 2 action live from the Powerade Center in Brampton, Ontario

 Game 1 saw an incredible contest that went back and forth.  Tracey Kelusky was the hero of the night scoring in Double Overtime to get the win for the Lakers.

The Excelsiors will now try to use home floor to their advantage.

LITG and G2Stream will be there and will be webcasting once again. The links are below to purchase and to watch any or all of the next three games (two separate links).   You can also purchase from  All games are only $6.95.

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Let’s hope this is a great series…..


Lakers – Excelsiors Interactive Chat – Game 1

During the webcast tonight and specifically in the Intermissions we will be allowing all fans to chat, send in comments, and ask the broadcast team any questions they desire. To view the live chat, please click the link below. Note: that duing the webcast, we will obviously be pre-occupied, but will make ourselves available during the Intermissions.

Also, please keep it clean. No problem rooting for your teams but be respectful of others. We will come on the air at approximately 7:45pm EST and the chat can begin.

Lastly, please note that we will not be blogging the game as it will be webcast live. This utility is only for fans to interact with us in between periods. Your submitted questions will be answered over the webcast.

Thanks, enjoy the game and the chat room.

Click Here

Entire MSL Final Series To Be Webcast – Starts Thursday Night

Brampton   Peterborough

Yes it is the Peterborough Lakers vs. the Brampton Excelsiors for the ninth straight season. However, these are the best two teams remaining after a gruelling 2nd round of the playoffs. And history has shown that these two have played some great series’ in the past. The Excelsiors and the Lakers went 7 games last year. What will happen this season?

LITG and G2Stream will be at each game and will be webcasting all games from the Memorial Ctr. as well as the Powerade Ctr. The full schedule is now up at The links are there to purchase and to watch any or all of the first four games (two separate links). All games are only $6.95.

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We typically get a few emails each game from folks that cannot log in. Remember, the login and password, are the login (your email address) and password that you have created in the first step of the process.

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To actually watch the game you have just purchased, go here –

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Let’s hope this is a great series…..


Lakers Win Big At Home, Now Face Excelsiors

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The Peterborough Lakers used home floor advantage and over 3,800 fans at the Memorial Center on Monday night to take Game 7 of the MSL Semi-Final series over the Six Nations Chiefs. The Lakers cruised to a 10-3 win and will now face the Brampton Excelsiors in the Final.

Things started out well for the Chiefs in the first period as they used their inside speed and perfectly executed pick and roll moves to open up a 2-1 lead after one. Big players elevate their game when everything is on the line, and Colin Doyle masterfully set up Roger Vyse on two separate occasions, with Vyse scoring both Six Nations goals. In both cases, Doyle attracted the double team from the Laker defenders, and Vyse went to the net. Doyle as he does so well, found Vyse, and Vyse made no mistake in close.

There was another player on the floor this night who would also elevate his game. In the second period John Grant took over, scoring three of his four goals on the night in the middle frame. Grant’s first would bring the Laker faithful to their feet and the team fed off of the momentum, ripping off five goals in the period, while Six Nations was held scoreless. After two period the Lakers would hold a 6-2 lead.

Six Nations would require a fast start to the third period if they had any chance of getting back into the game. It appeareed that they might do just that when Garrett Billings scored only two and a half minutes into the third. But Brock Sorensen would transition Geoff Snider onto a breakaway only 90 seconds later and the place went berzerk. Sorensen made a great play to tip the ball away from two different Chiefs players, and then made the pass to Snider who had already left the defensive end. Shawn Evans would score his second on the night, Grant got another on a Power Play, and then Steve Toll put it on ice with an empty netter.

Frustrations set in right at the end of the game as Billy Dee Smith and Kyle Sorensen got into it. During that melee, Gavin Prout and Ryan Cousins exchanged words and were about to take off their buckets when two Laker players grabbed Prout and escorted him back to the Laker bench.

Although both teams won in the other barn, home floor was certainly an advantage in this series. This is evidenced by the last two games in particular. The Lakers will now face off against the Brampton Excelsiors for the Eastern Final. Schedule details are still being worked out and should be announced soon. One thing we know; the Lakers will have home floor advantage again in this series, and will look to use it again.

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