2012 Major Series Lacrosse Schedule

Just received today, below is the 2012 schedule for Major Series Lacrosse. For all updates and information, check out www.majorserieslacrosse.com.

Date Time Home Visitors
29/05/2012 8:00 KW Ajax
30/05/2012 8:00 Brooklin Brampton
31/05/2012 8:00 Peterborough Ajax
02/06/2012 7:00 Six Nations Peterborough
05/06/2012 8:00 Brampton KW
06/06/2012 8:00 Brooklin Ajax
07/06/2012 8:00 Brampton Six Nations
08/06/2012 8:00 Ajax Peterborough
09/06/2012 1:00 Six Nations Ajax
12/06/2012 8:00 KW Peterborough
14/06/2012 8:00 Brampton Ajax
14/06/2012 8:00 Peterborough Brooklin
15/06/2012 8:00 Ajax Brampton
16/06/2012 8:00 Six Nations KW
19/06/2012 8:00 KW Six Nations
20/06/2012 8:00 Brooklin Peterborough
21/06/2012 8:00 Peterborough Brampton
22/06/2012 8:00 Ajax Brooklin
23/06/2012 1:00 Six Nations Brampton
26/06/2012 8:00 KW Six Nations
27/06/2012 8:00 Brooklin Ajax
28/06/2012 8:00 Peterborough Brooklin
30/06/2012 1:00 Six Nations Brampton
04/07/2012 8:00 Brooklin Peterborough
05/07/2012 8:00 Brampton Six Nations
05/07/2012 8:00 Peterborough Ajax
06/07/2012 8:00 Ajax Brooklin
08/07/2012 7:00 Six Nations KW
10/07/2012 8:00 KW Brampton
11/07/2012 8:00 Brooklin Six Nations
12/07/2012 8:00 Peterborough KW
13/07/2012 8:00 Ajax Peterborough
15/07/2012 7:00 Six Nations Brooklin
15/07/2012 1:30 KW Brampton
17/07/2012 8:00 KW Brooklin
19/07/2012 8:00 Peterborough Six Nations
19/07/2012 8:00 Brampton Brooklin
20/07/2012 8:00 Ajax KW
21/07/2012 7:00 Ajax Six Nations
22/07/2012 7:00 Brampton KW
25/07/2012 8:00 Brooklin KW
26/07/2012 8:00 Brampton Peterborough

2012 WLA Draft Set For Monday Night

Last weekend it was Major Series Lacrosse, tomorrow night (Feb 6) the Western Lacrosse Association will hold their annual draft at the Burnaby Firefighters Club in Burnaby, British Columbia.  The draft will begin at 7:00pm Pacific Time (10:oopm EST).

Once again the draft will be webcast live by www.GRUMPmedia.com.  Jake Elliott and Teddy Jenner will be there to discuss all of the picks as they occur. To follow the draft live, check out www.theboxrocks.com for the links.

Round 1 WLA Team Player Jr. Team
1 Coquitlam Travis Cornwall Coquitlam
2 Burnaby Jackson Decker Burnaby
3 Burnaby Casey Jackson Coquitlam
4 Maple Ridge David Joyce Coquitlam
5 Langley Mark Matthews Coquitlam
6 Victoria Karsen Leung Victoria
7 Nanaimo Cody Bremner Nanaimo
Round 2 WLA Team Player Jr. Team
1 Coquitlam Travis Irving New West
2 Langley Tor Reinholdt Coquitlam
3 Burnaby Justin Salt New West
4 Maple Ridge Daniel Amesbury New West
5 Burnaby Colton Hayes Langley
6 Nanaimo Kyle Hofer Nanaimo
7 Nanaimo Ryan Keith Delta
Round 3 WLA Team Player Jr. Team
1 Coquitlam Ryan Johnson Coquitlam
2 Nanaimo Tyler Matheson Victoria
3 Victoria Michael Krgovich Coquitlam
4 Langley Matthew MacGrotty New West
5 Victoria Mitch McLaren Saanich
6 Langley Leif Mydske New West
7 New Westminster Mike Berekoff Delta
Round 4 WLA Team Player Jr. Team
1 Coquitlam Daniel McQuade New West
2 Nanaimo Ryan Sage Nanaimo
3 Burnaby TJ Cowx New West
4 Maple Ridge Brandon Bertoia Coquitlam
5 Victoria Asahel Beaudet Nanaimo
6 Victoria Steve Higgs Delta
7 New Westminster Mark Negrin New West
Round 5 WLA Team Player Jr. Team
1 Coquitlam Jordan Catton New West
2 Nanaimo Brandon McLean Delta
3 New Westminster Jeff Sproule New West
4 Maple Ridge Blake Duncan Delta
5 Langley Patrick O’Meara Coquitlam
6 New Westminster Kyle Robinson New West
7 New Westminster Brandon Mulligan New West
Round 6 WLA Team Player Jr. Team
1 Coquitlam Jaxson Lee Burnaby
2 Nanaimo Luke Acton Victoria
3 Burnaby MacKenzie Davis Burnaby
4 Maple Ridge Colton Porter Langley
5 Langley Steve Fryer Coquitlam
6 Victoria Ben Stebbins Victoria
7 New Westminster Scott MacDonald Port Moody
Round 7 WLA Team Player Jr. Team
1 Coquitlam Clay Miller Coquitlam
2 Nanaimo Joey Fendick Nanaimo
3 Burnaby Jeremy Serraglio Burnaby
4 Maple Ridge Blake Mattinson Burnaby
5 Langley Jamal Allen Delta
6 Victoria Jake Ryan Nanaimo
7 New Westminster Eric Tuura New West
Round 8 WLA Team Player Jr. Team
1 Coquitlam Patrick Spencer New West
2 Nanaimo Curtis McKinnon Victoria
3 Burnaby Colton Dow Burnaby
4 Maple Ridge Tom Seeman Port Moody
5 Langley Myan Adams Coquitlam
6 Victoria Liam Kelly Saanich
7 New Westminster Pass  
Round 9 WLA Team Player Jr. Team
1 Coquitlam Pass  
2 Nanaimo Mitch Meilleur Victoria
3 Burnaby Andrew Copeland Kamloops
4 Maple Ridge Scott Constable Port Moody
5 Langley Chancy Johnson Coquitlam
6 Victoria Austin Powell Victoria
7 New Westminster Pass  
Round 10 WLA Team Player Jr. Team
1 Coquitlam Pass  
2 Nanaimo Adam Hickey Victoria
3 Burnaby Mitch Frank Burnaby
4 Maple Ridge Jonathon Rakic Surrey
5 Langley Graeme Stewart Delta
6 Victoria Pass  
7 New Westminster Pass  
Round 11 WLA Team Player Jr. Team
1 Coquitlam Pass  
2 Nanaimo Pass  
3 Burnaby Alex Farrell Delta
4 Maple Ridge Devon Wilson Burnaby
5 Langley Pass  
6 Victoria Pass  
7 New Westminster Pass  
Round 12 WLA Team Player Jr. Team
1 Coquitlam Pass  
2 Nanaimo Pass  
3 Burnaby Ryan Spelling Burnaby
4 Maple Ridge Pass  
5 Langley Pass  
6 Victoria Pass  

Jackson Goes First Overall In MSL Draft

photo courtesy of Metroland News

The 2011 Minto Cup Champion Whitby Warriors had six graduating players drafted Saturday in the 2012 Major Series Lacrosse draft.  Mark Matthews and John Lafontaine were protected by the Brooklin Redmen prior to the draft (per league rules only 2 Junior affiliated graduating players are permitted to be protected).  Shayne Jackson went 1st overall, and was drafted by the Ajax Rock. With three of the next four picks in the first round, Brooklin drafted Nick Diachenko, Adrian Sorichetti, and goaltender Zack Higgins.  The Redmen also later drafted Steve Fryer, capturing both goaltenders from last season’s thrilling Minto Cup final. Orangeville’s Craig England went 3rd overall to the Rock as well.  Brampton’s Kyle Davis and Bulrington’s Josh Ruys rouned out the 1st round selections going to Ajax and Brooklin respectively.

The first round consisted of seven picks, Brooklin having a pick from the now defunct St. Regis team in a prior trade.  Some wheeling and dealing on draft day, along with trades in previous years allowed Brooklin and Ajax to own the first round. Four of the first seven picks were owned by the Redmen, with the Rock holding the other three.

LITG was there to capture all of the selections and trades and that list can be found here in an earlier post.

League Realingment

Other news for the meeting was a new setup for the league; consisting of two divisions.  There will now be an East and West division.  The East will consist of Peterborough, Ajax, and Brooklin, while the West will hold KW, Brampton, and Six Nations.  The teams will play a 14 game regular season.  A double home and home wil lbe played within the division, with a single home and home being played against teams in the other division.

All Star Game

The league will also play an All-Star Game in 2012.  Fittingly, the great fans in Peterborough will be entertained this coming Summer, seeing the best the MSL has to offer.  The 2011 Lakers will take the floor against the best of the rest of the league.  The game time and date is to be determined.  More info will be forthcoming.

Check out LITG or www.majorserieslacrosse.com for more news.

2012 MSL Draft

Update: Peterborough trades (G) Tye Belanger,  2012 1st round pick and 2014 first round pick to Ajax for MSL rights to Andrew Suitor. 

Brampton trades 2012 3rd, 4th, and 5th round picks to KW for KW’s 2013 2nd round pick.

Brooklin trades MSL rights to Glen Bryan to KW for KW’s 2012 1st round pick and 3rdd round pick in 2014.

Ajax trades their 2nd 2012 4th round pick to Six Nations for a player to be named later or future considerations.

Brooklin trades their 2012 5th round pick to Brampton for Brampton’s 2013 5th round pick.

The 2012 Major Series Lacrosse draft is being held this Saturday January 28 in Whitby, Ontario.  The meeting is slated for 1pm and the draft should be starting around 2pm.  Check here on LITG for live updates from the draft. 

Below is the tentative draft order (could change due to last minute trades). Note in round 1 there are 7 picks, due to a trade between Brooklin and St. Regis (no longer in the league). That trade needs to be honored.   Also included is the list of protected Junior graduates for each team (maximum of two).

Tentative Draft Order Player Selected Protected Juniors
Round 1    
Ajax Shayne Jackson – Whitby Ajax
Brooklin from KW Nick Diachenko – Whitby Aaron Brown
Ajax Craig England – Orangeville  
Brooklin Adrian Sorichetti – Whitby  
Brooklin Zack Higgins – Whitby Brooklin
Ajax from Peterborough Kyle Davis – Brampton John Lafontaine
Brooklin (from St.Regis) Josh Ruys – Burlington  Mark Matthews
Round 2    
Ajax Tyler Tanguay – St. Kitts Brampton
KW Greg Harnett – Orangeville  Cameron Flint
KW Brandon Ivey – Orangeville Michael Burke
Brooklin Steve Fryer – Brampton  
Brampton Kyle Andrews – Brampton  
KW Joseph Laforet – Brampton KW
    Shawn Udema
Round 3    
Ajax Tyler Walsh – St. Kitts  
Ajax Martin Whitaker – Mississauga Peterborough
Ajax Connor Daily – Burlington Tye Belanger
KW from Brampton Brett Hickey – Windsor Pete Rennie
Brooklin Ryan Haynes – Brampton  
Ajax Cade Zulak – Markham  
    Six Nations
Round 4   Ryan Dilks
Ajax Brandon Muise – Green Gaels Jamie Purves
Six Nations from Ajax Adam McGourty – Brampton  
KW Joey Cupido – Six Nations  
KW from Brampton Shayne Kator – Six Nations   
Brooklin Miles Thompson – Akwesasne   
Peterborough Travis Cornwall – Coquitlam  
Round 5    
Ajax Cameron Watts – St. Kitts  
KW Matt Hummell – Brampton   
KW Justin Leigh – Barrie  
KW from Brampton Richard McGarr – Elora  
Brampton from Brooklin Travis Irving – New West  
Peterborough Erick Bissle – Peterborough  

2011 Mann Cup Poll

So it has been a little slow in the East since the completion of the Brampton – Peterborough series.  Seeing as the Mann Cup starts on Wednesday, let’s hear everyone’s thoughts on the winner and number of games.  Also, tell us who you think will be this year’s MVP.  The possible answers will be randomized so find the one you want.  Both polls below will run until next Monday, September 12.

Next, vote for who you believe will be the Mann Cup MVP.  If your player is not listed, feel free to comment him in under “Other”.

Brampton Heading West

photos (coming) courtesy of Vintage Lax

The Brampton Excelsiors have booked themselves a date in the 2011 Mann Cup in Langley, British Columbia. Tonight the Excelsiors eliminated the 1st place Peterborough Lakers by a 9-7 final, taking the series in six games. Three of the Brampton wins came at the Memorial Center in Peterborough.

Zack Greer had a big night for the visitors, scoring two of his three goals on the night in the first period. His last goal in the third period was the eventual game winner. Mike Hominuck who played a great six game stretch in his own right was the playmaker tonight, tallying five assists.

The teams played a close game through the first period, tied at 3-3 after one. In the second the Lakers looked to take a 5-4 lead into the dressing room. However, Anthony Cosmo would hit Dan Dawson off the bench with only 46 seconds remaining in the period, and then Joe Resetarits, would put Brampton up by one, scoring with only 13 seconds left in the second frame. Resetarits rung one off the post and in behind Angus Goodleaf.

In the third, the two teams played almost half of the period before Geoff Snider would walk down the center of the floor and put a low shot past Cosmo to tie the game. But Brampton as they have done throughout the series would battle back and score three straight to take control of the game once again.

Tracey Kelusky would score a late goal to bring the Lakers to within one, but that was as close as they would get.

Peterborough outshot Brampton 55-40 on the night. Neither team scored on the Power Play with Brampton getting two opportunities, the Lakers getting three. The Lakers did have an extended five on three Power Play late in the first period, with three Excelsior players in the box, but could do nothing to capitalize on it.

The Excelsiors will now travel to Langley, to face the Thunder in the Mann Cup. Games start on Wednesday September 7th, and will be web cast from B.C. Check out www.theboxrocks.com or www.majorserieslacrosse.com for web cast details.

MSL Finals Poll

Okay so the Lakers now have their backs against the wall.  Here is your chance to sound like a genius and tell us all how this series will end.  Put your vote in below:

Don’t forget, LITG and G2 Stream will be there for game 6 (and game 7 if it is necessary), to bring you all the live action.  Game time for Tuesday August 30th game is 8pm EST.   Click on the two links below to purchase and then view the game.  Each game is only $6.95.

To purchase – https://secure.grumpmedia.com/CLIENTS/LITG/PPV_REG.ASP

To view – http://www.g2stream.com/clients/litg/viewer/index.aspx

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