Looking For A Few Good……….Reporters!

Well here I sit, the day after the “official” end of the 2008 Summer Lacrosse Season and wonder what to do with myself. Over the month of August, along with the first nine days of September, I filled my addiction and was absolutely out of my mind with all of the lacrosse I was able to witness. What a spoiled brat I was….

But for LITG, the fun has only just begun. I want to officially announce our best Contest to date. With the approaching 2009 National Lacrosse League Season, I will be seeking NLL correspondents to assist Lacrosse – Inside The Game in reporting on all of the weekly games. What I mean is, we need a lacrossed crazed fan, that is willing to go to all home games, and report back, in an unbiased manner all the of the happenings, all of the big plays, all of the big hits, on a weekly basis.

You see the problem for me, is that I do not have the resources or the physical ability, and really never will, to attend every game, every week, in every city across Canada and the United States. And that is where you come in.

I am in the process of trying to attain Media Passes for every city in the NLL. Of course, this will take a while and I am really hoping that all teams will allow LITG to be at their games. To date, I have had two responses (cities that you will have to wait to hear, but that will happen in the next couple paragraphs…..keep reading).

So here is the deal; I want you to do up your own video, with you doing a mocked up report for your team, and I want you to post it on Youtube www.youtube.com or Live Video www.livevideo.com or somewhere else that I can see it.

Here is what we want in your video:

  • Video must be at least 5 but not more than 10 minutes in length
  • Show that you know lacrosse in your commentary / interview
  • Be professional, but be fun
  • Male and Female reporters are all welcome to enter
  • Entrants must be 18 or older
  • Creativity will be considered when judging
  • We are more interested in your lacrosse knowledge, people skills and professionalism than most anything else

Here is what we want from you through the season:

  • Be able to attend every home game of your team
  • Demonstrate that you are a knowledgeable lacrosse enthusiast, and that you have the ability to capture that in a written / video form
  • Act in a Profesisonal manner 100% of the time
  • Prepare a post game report on the game possibly with a few pictures
  • Ideally, do a 3-5 minute post game video interview with a player from either team (meaning you will need a camcorder)

Here is what we will do for you:

  • Get you the required Media privileges to gain entrance to each home game for your team
  • Deck you out in some official LITG Gear to wear at the game so folks know who you are
  • Give you an opportunity to become a well known name in the NLL community of players, coaches, etc.
  • Give you a number of contacts and support you each step of the way

At this time, LITG is not in a position to pay these positions. However, we do expect that to change and if / when it does, those who have put forth the effort and remained with us will be rewarded.

I want you to email me gmark@lacrosseinsidethegame.com with a link to your video. I will look at all of the entries along with a select few others. I will then narrow down to anywhere from 3-5 entries, and will ask for more information (i.e. a resume type bit of information), and will announce a winner. We may or may not post them, and ask for viewer input (still to be determined).

Each winner will then be granted a 2009 Media Pass to the city in question and will report back for LITG at every weekly home game.

As stated we are in the process of getting Media Privileges and will announce each city as they become available. Our first two cities / teams are……

Portland Lumberjax Chicago Shamrox
Portland Lumberjax Chicago Shamrox

So, any of you in the Portland and Chicago areas, get your camcorders out, work on your broadcasting skills, make a tape up and fire me off an email.

Because this is our first requests for tapes the deadline will be a little extended.  Everyone else that might be interested in other cities, please be proactive as the next requests will not get as much time. 

The deadline for the Portland and Chicago entries is September 30 / 2008, which is just 20 days away. Get going!


And The Winner Is….

First, I want to thank all of the entries, and specifically those that made the final six. As I mentioned, I would have been pleased with any one of the final six names. I will say that I have a few thoughts going on right now of ways to possibly use some of the other final six names on other ideas. More to come on that.

After some debate and discussions with some close associates to the site, I’ve come to a decision. From this day forward, our new Mascot will now officially be known as……

I slightly modified the entry by adding the last name of Power. I love the idea of this name being synonymous with lacrosse, as there is one way to play this game; with Max Power! Ok, well there are more ways to play than one, but that is the one I feel is best.

Congratulations to Bob Pryor who submitted the name Max. Bob will now receive an LITG T-Shirt with Max on it (although we had to wait for the decision on a name, so it might take a week or two Bob).

The Final 6

Well it was one heck of a contest and I am very appreciative to all out there that took the time to submit an entry. I also thank everyone for their vote of their favorite name for our new Mascot. In all, across the three groups of entries we had a total of 841 votes submitted.

The three groups (total of 15) were the fifteen entries that I selected from forty five entries that I initially received. This really surprised me to get that number of entries, and at that point I figured this looks like it will be a serious contest.

Based on the votes, and selecting the top two from each group, the final six, in no particular order are as follows:

Sharp Shooter (by Dave Muir)
Lou C. (by Michelle Bretherick)
Max (by Bob Pryor)
Catgut (by both Dave Abramchuk and Meaghan Mercer)
Larry (by Dave Abramchuck, Colson Boyle, and David Finnessy)
Crosscheck (by Sheryl Moran, Jake Wynne, and Derek Murell)

Now it is up to me and few advisors. We will debate this for a few days as these are all very interesting names. I will say that I will be pleased with whatever one we choose from this list.

Vote On The Final 15 (Name Our Mascot)

I had an overwhelming response to our “Name The Mascot” contest. So I made the executive decision on how to handle it from here on.

I’ve put up a Poll in our Poll section (click Lax Polls at the top of this page) that contains 15 names. There are three groups of 5 names. In each group you can select one name only (and you can also only vote once). The top two finishers in each group will make up a “Final Six”. From there, I will (with the help of a few advisors), make the decision on what the name will be for our Mascot.

I’d like to thank those that participated. There are some very creative minds out there, and I am astounded at the response this contest received.


Name Our New Mascot Contest

Yes, LITG has a new character and we need to give him a name! As a kid, I have really fond memories of the old Hockey Night In Canada cartoon character known as Peter Puck.

Well seeing as lacrosse is the best game in the World (yes it is….it is so), I decided we needed to get our own well known character out there in the same fashion as Peter was.

So here is the challenge to everyone out there; simply provide the winning name for our new Mascot and if your entry is the one we choose, you will win an LITG shirt, with our new guy on it (they are not even made yet).

The contest will run until June 30th / 2008, that’s roughly 3 weeks, so get your entry in by then, and enter as many names as you like.

If we do have more than one entry with the same Name, we will draw our winner randomly. Therefore it is probably best to email me at gmark@lacrosseinsidethegame.com, rather than post it here as a comment (because someone unscrupulous might steal your name).

Good luck to all!

Guess Our 200,000 Visitor Contest

Update: Entries will only be accepted until April 30th….(for those that thought they could cheat 🙂 )

Wow, it’s been mad around here since launching the site just over a year ago. And it is crazy the amount of visits we get here daily. To show my appreciation for all of the visits to our site, I’ve decided to hold a contest.

If you can be the person that can tell me closest to the date, and time that our 200,000 visitor (by the hit counter in the top right corner of the page) will come to the site, you will win an LITG prize pack.

Simply email me at gmark@lacrosseinsidethegame.com, and I will count your vote. The person that comes closest, before or after the actual date and time will win a prize. If there is a tie, you will both win prizes.

A small hint: it should (by the way things have been going), happen in the next 45-60 days from today….


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