In late 2006, Lacrosse – Inside The Game was born, after a discussion I had with a good friend named Bernice Allinson. We talked about how neat it would be to have a site where lacrosse fans could share in an experience like no other. We discussed how forums are fun, but there is nowhere out there that fans can get a real feel for what goes on “Inside The Game”. 

Hence, the name. We strive here to be unique. We also strive to cover as many aspects of lacrosse as we can; Minor, Junior, Major, Masters, Box, Field, Collegiate, just lacrosse. We also target to get behind the scenes and talk to the Pros, talk to kids, talk to anyone that wants to talk lacrosse.

We take great pride here in raising funds, (through sponsorships in 2007, and through our own efforts since 2008 ) to support kids to play our great game. In the summer months, we choose a player each week and award them our “Minor Star of the Week”, with a picture and an article about them. They also receive a prize.

We make it a goal to report scores on as many games as possible throughout the summer, at all different levels of lacrosse. While it may be a challenge to report “ALL” scores, it is our goal.

One of our biggest events we cover is the Ontario Lacrosse Festival, which is an annual event held (so far) in my home town of Whitby, Ontario. I feel so fortunate to be able to attend this event every year, and in August 2007 we experienced our largest one day number of site visits at 4,734.  That one day total was then eclipsed when we hit 7,708 views on Saturday, September 6, 2008 (during the Mann Cup finals in Brampton, Ontario).

During the NLL season we focus weekly on all games, with our 2008 launch of the “This Week In Lacrosse”, video segment. We hope to continue this over the summer and plan to be at many locations speaking with as many lacrosse folks as possible.

In 2008 we also added a “Poll” section to our site where folks can give us their opinions on current happenings in lacrosse.

Lastly, in late 2008 we have launched our own branded clothing line, with the LITG and Max Power designs. Be sure to check out the LITG Gear area, and visit our store for some great deals!

There are so many more things in store, way too many to name at this point. So check back and see what’s new often as we will constantly be adding new features to the site.

Keep your stick in the air!




  1. Hey Gary and Bernice!

    This is an excellent site that really fills an information niche. Nya:wen for your efforts!

    Could you also add High School Boys Lacrosse & High School Girls Lacosse sections too please? There is very little reporting going on for some excellent springtime lax in our high schools where field lacrosse seems to be growing at a quick pace. Many kids get their first exposure to lacrosse in high school and love the sport from the get-go.

    If you have the section I can report on what I hear from the varsity fields as I coach in a local high school. I can also get others to post scores and links.

    If you can do this, that would be cool. Thanks!

  2. I was just treated to one of the best reads about lacrose that I have evr huly beleive that you have a wineer here .ad .The iterrview with Derek Keenan was wonderfu ,I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of your site ,I truly beieve that you have a winner here.

  3. Thanks Ron!

    Gary and I really appreciate your feedback! We’re working hard to bring more of the same!


  4. this is from american born fan of the nll going back to the ’70’s. i have seen quite a few sports blogs, let alone lacrosse blogs, and this one of the best. blogs should be all about content and you have both – quantity & quality. trust me, i’ll be coming back here on a regular basis.
    i notice that in your interviews you ask about 5×5 v o/d. if style won games, 5×5 would thump o/d but at the nll level, coaches want the best 5 on the floor at any given time. the mill, precursor to the nll, was much more american and nearly everybody played full-floor. what is missing in the o/d style of today is the open floor hitting. when you had players running end-to-end in the middle of the floor, you had some tremendous legal even by today’s rules hits that became fewer when box became a half-floor game.
    a return to full-floor maybe in the offering as some of the best new blood over the years have not been forwards or defenders but transition – steenhuis, merrill, snider. if those teams w/ those players win, then 5×5 will regain its place.
    this is a great blog, keep it up as much as you can.

  5. Hi Doug,

    First, thanks for the comments about the site, they are appreciated.

    I couldn’t agree more about your points with the 5 on 5. I think the game today really gets its excitement (which also means fan base, popularity, and ultimately $$$), from the O/D style. I think the style of today’s game is what is going to make it survive and prosper. It is somewhat interesting that the transition players lately in games I’ve seen have almost thrown a wrench into the O/D style; by running the floor on a possession change the Merrills and Steenhuis’ are creating odd man situations that have not been there in the past. Teams are going to have to adapt to that, and that is where I posted a week or so ago wondering if we starting to revert back to the old style game…

    I am going to continue to ask the question in the interviews as it is interesting to hear (so far anyway), the numbers of people involved that prefer the old style, but understand what needs to be done to help the game thrive.

    Welcome to the site…..

  6. great site, i read it all the time. can you add my address to your archives?

    best regards, buffalo bandits

  7. Sure. I think our readers will find your site of interest –we have lots of Bandit fans! Can you add our address to your blogroll too?



  8. Hi Gary and Bernice,

    Nice to see another site that celebrates all levels of lacrosse. You might be interested in visiting, which focuses on the central New York lacrosse scene, from Rochester to Utica, and Carthage 😉 to Binghamton. I know many of us from this area really enjoyed attending the World Games in London last year (well, except for the outcome), and I know many teams from your area come to Ithaca for the Turkeyshoot every year.

    Wishing you continued success!


  9. Cool Blog, I found the link from the Arizona Sting Message board. This is a great blog. I have some lacrosse pictures on a flickr page from arizona sting games, I will post more and you can use them on your site.

    Daniel Prokosch

    Phoenix, Arizona

  10. I have been very pleased witht he coverage and video footage that you have provided. We have been to nationals 3 times and didn’t make the trip this year. I am desperately trying to find out how Saskatchewan did in their games on the “B” side of the draw and this information seems to be missing. Can you please update for those of us in Saskatchewan!


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