What Are your Favorite Jerseys?

I have always been a big fan of interactive posts where the viewers have a say.  I was reading a pretty interesting article a while back on IL Indoor (yeah I check the site out) by Marty O’Neill talking about jerseys.  So I figured I’d see what everyone out there thought about the jerseys in the game today.  And to make it fair to all, I am listing every team in every division of every league  of Junior or Senior lacrosse here in Ontario Lacrosse.  Please try not to vote for your favorite team, but what you truly believe to be the nicest jersey. forgive my laziness, asI only took the time to post team logos for the MSL teams.

There are 6 leagues listed here: MSL, Sr. B, CLax, Junior A, B, and C. 

Let’s see what ya got!


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