2012 MSL Draft

Update: Peterborough trades (G) Tye Belanger,  2012 1st round pick and 2014 first round pick to Ajax for MSL rights to Andrew Suitor. 

Brampton trades 2012 3rd, 4th, and 5th round picks to KW for KW’s 2013 2nd round pick.

Brooklin trades MSL rights to Glen Bryan to KW for KW’s 2012 1st round pick and 3rdd round pick in 2014.

Ajax trades their 2nd 2012 4th round pick to Six Nations for a player to be named later or future considerations.

Brooklin trades their 2012 5th round pick to Brampton for Brampton’s 2013 5th round pick.

The 2012 Major Series Lacrosse draft is being held this Saturday January 28 in Whitby, Ontario.  The meeting is slated for 1pm and the draft should be starting around 2pm.  Check here on LITG for live updates from the draft. 

Below is the tentative draft order (could change due to last minute trades). Note in round 1 there are 7 picks, due to a trade between Brooklin and St. Regis (no longer in the league). That trade needs to be honored.   Also included is the list of protected Junior graduates for each team (maximum of two).

Tentative Draft Order Player Selected Protected Juniors
Round 1    
Ajax Shayne Jackson – Whitby Ajax
Brooklin from KW Nick Diachenko – Whitby Aaron Brown
Ajax Craig England – Orangeville  
Brooklin Adrian Sorichetti – Whitby  
Brooklin Zack Higgins – Whitby Brooklin
Ajax from Peterborough Kyle Davis – Brampton John Lafontaine
Brooklin (from St.Regis) Josh Ruys – Burlington  Mark Matthews
Round 2    
Ajax Tyler Tanguay – St. Kitts Brampton
KW Greg Harnett – Orangeville  Cameron Flint
KW Brandon Ivey – Orangeville Michael Burke
Brooklin Steve Fryer – Brampton  
Brampton Kyle Andrews – Brampton  
KW Joseph Laforet – Brampton KW
    Shawn Udema
Round 3    
Ajax Tyler Walsh – St. Kitts  
Ajax Martin Whitaker – Mississauga Peterborough
Ajax Connor Daily – Burlington Tye Belanger
KW from Brampton Brett Hickey – Windsor Pete Rennie
Brooklin Ryan Haynes – Brampton  
Ajax Cade Zulak – Markham  
    Six Nations
Round 4   Ryan Dilks
Ajax Brandon Muise – Green Gaels Jamie Purves
Six Nations from Ajax Adam McGourty – Brampton  
KW Joey Cupido – Six Nations  
KW from Brampton Shayne Kator – Six Nations   
Brooklin Miles Thompson – Akwesasne   
Peterborough Travis Cornwall – Coquitlam  
Round 5    
Ajax Cameron Watts – St. Kitts  
KW Matt Hummell – Brampton   
KW Justin Leigh – Barrie  
KW from Brampton Richard McGarr – Elora  
Brampton from Brooklin Travis Irving – New West  
Peterborough Erick Bissle – Peterborough  


  1. OK this looks very good for the Redmen with 2 of the best graduating Jr to come down the pipe in a long time . i hope these guys stay and play with the Redmen as they are both proven winners and two guys that always wow the crowd , the redmen will be packing them in this summmer .

  2. Marksy,

    Is there a list of the eligible players? If so could you post it. Pointstreak does not have many birthdates filled in so you can’t even figure it out from there.

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