Are You Good Enough To Be Invited?

I am always one to give a big shout out for an opportunity for any of our young Canadian athletes. The challenge in the last 5 or so years is that there are so many opportunities to choose from, nobody knows what is good and what is simply false hope. And they all cost money. There are no freebies anymore.

So when a new opportunity comes along, I, along with many others (I think by human nature) usually get skeptical. And with good reason. To ease this though, one must do a little of their own investigation. With the Internet, we have at our fingertips, the ability to at a minimum, get more and more information and find out what others are saying about any Camp.

The National Invitiational 175 is a new camp being offered in upstate New York. This Camp is by invite only and they are quickly getting some very positive coverage. Among others, Inside Lacrosse has done an article on them (right here) commenting on the “impressive array of camp organizers”.

Lacrosse Recruits also included them in their Camp Guide ( and had this to say:

It has the potential to become the next addition to the list of marquee recruiting showcases/camps like Jake Reed’s Nike Blue Chip or Showtime. You can see the power of the assembled group of Directors by taking a look at the list of the colleges that have already committed to attend. Big time college programs.”

It is a free registration process for the athlete, and their coach can also fill out a two minute survey on the player.

If selected, there is then a fee of $695 to attend the Camp. Before attacking the fee, first have a look at the site, and review the list of Organizers running this Camp, and then the list of Schools / Coaches attending. Then think of all of the other programs and offerings currently available to our kids and compare the cost of those. I’m not saying any one of these are better than any others. But what is the best bang for your buck?

If you are an aspiring Canadian field lacrosse player looking to get into a U.S. college / university, this might be a great opportunity to be seen.

As with everything, make sure you do your due dilignece as only you can be responsible for your success or failure. But from my seat, it looks like this one is getting some pretty immediate response and support.

Deadine to get in your free application is October 21st!


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