Lakers – Excelsiors Interactive Chat – Game 1

During the webcast tonight and specifically in the Intermissions we will be allowing all fans to chat, send in comments, and ask the broadcast team any questions they desire. To view the live chat, please click the link below. Note: that duing the webcast, we will obviously be pre-occupied, but will make ourselves available during the Intermissions.

Also, please keep it clean. No problem rooting for your teams but be respectful of others. We will come on the air at approximately 7:45pm EST and the chat can begin.

Lastly, please note that we will not be blogging the game as it will be webcast live. This utility is only for fans to interact with us in between periods. Your submitted questions will be answered over the webcast.

Thanks, enjoy the game and the chat room.

Click Here


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  1. Well Done Gary. This should really add to the experience.

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