Peterborough Lakers vs Six Nations Chiefs Game 7 Live Webcast

Six Nations   Peterborough
Major Series Lacrosse

LITG, along the G2Stream network will be providing live playoff action from the Memorial Center on Monday Augut 15, 2011.

Game 7 of the MSL semi-final series will take place in Peterborough, Ontario. The Lakers vs. the Chiefs, with the winner to face Brampton in the MSL Final.  Anyone not able to come down to the game, will be able to watch it in its entirety on the Internet.

Game time is 8pm EST (you can log on at roughly 7:45pm EST), and the cost to view the game will be $6.95.

To purchase the game, simply click the link below:

Important – Please Read

Secure payment can be made by credit card. If you have never purchased a game from us, simply click the “New Purchases” link at the bottom left (of the screen in the link above) to fill in your details and create your password). Your email address and the password you create gets you in to the site to view the game.

If you have used our service before, you can put your email and password in the Members – Returning viewers section on the right and purchase the game.

If you experience any technical issues logging in, simply email and someone will be on hand to assist you.



  1. An ardent lacrosse fan, I tried this system for the first time in order to watch game 7 of the Lakers vs. Chiefs. The system confirmed my payment. I clicked on the game and immediately got a notice that the website could not be found.
    I e-mailed the support system, as suggested, but got no reply. No game for me. And I’m out $6.95.
    Will I be trying this system again? What do you think! — Colin Read

    • Colin,

      Tech support did respond. If you chedked your email it loked like you were no logging in to watch the live game, you were on the wrong screen.

      We also offered you a full refund – which you failed to mention. Support can not satisfy ALL issues. We have a large amount of viewers tonight and we had 7 email requests in total. From those I was able to assist all but 2 – including yourself.

      I wish I could all viewers, however some things are out of our control. I just wish that when you tell people about your experience you tell the whole story.


  2. I also paid for this game and the login and password does not work.

  3. I have actually had great experience with this webcast. Used it approximately 6-8 times. I did have trouble twice but ??Mike walked me through it within a couple of minutes. Bob Blanchard.

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