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Five years ago, Lacrosse Inside The Game (LITG) was born.  A Co-Ed lacrosse league for men and women was a big part of LITG and it has taken off right from day one..

LITG will be expanding and offering a full line of sports starting in the Fall of 2011, including Volleyball, Floor Hockey, Dodgeball, and of course Lacrosse.  The locations for some of the sports are still to be determined, but I have been guaranteed that we will have places to play.  And I can also guarantee it will be in Whitby or Oshawa.  So please pass on the pdf I am sending you to anyone you know that might be interested in any of these sports.

An LITG rewards program is being started and it applies to everyone.  Just make sure that anyone that signs up notes on their form that you recruited them and you get the benefit.

LITG Sports – Fall 2011

All of the LITG sports being offered this Fall can be found here – as well as all of the information, rules, signup info, etc.  There will be in person registrations, but they will be later in the Summer (June, July sometime).  Those will be announced when they have been determined.

Have a look at  this attached pdf file and please pass on the info to anyone you think might want to play.


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  1. Way to go Gary nicely done.

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