Palmer Scores A Beauty

You hear about fantastic goals in lacrosse all the time, but there is nothing like viewing one for yourself. And when one of our Canadian boys does it, it makes even more sense to let everyone see it.

Before everyone gets all uptight and starts telling me there are all kinds of great goals being scored by Canadians down in the U.S. just relax. It is a slow lacrosse Monday, and I found it so I decided to post it. If you’ve got some beauties, send me the links and I’l l post yours too (I’ll even give you credit for finding it).

Zach Palmer, from Oshawa, Ontario and current Whitby Warriors Junior “A” player is in his sophomore year at Johns Hopkins University. Palmer scored a beauty of a back hander, this past Saturday (April 16th/11) while playing against Maryland. Have a look and see for youself.


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