Canada Rising

Ranking Canada’s Up and Coming High School Lacrosse Stars
By J.P. Donville

It is no longer a secret. Canadian lacrosse players and the Canadian style of lacrosse are well known and well regarded parts of the US collegiate lacrosse scene. Over the past decade the number of Canadians playing in the NCAA has gone from a trickle (just over 20 players in 2000) to a torrent (more than 200 Canadians are expected to play in the NCAA in 2011).

So where are these lacrosse players coming from? The most recent Canadian Field Lacrosse Championships, which were held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in early September highlighted the fact that these players are coming from all over the country. Sure, Ontario as expected won both the U16 and U19 National Championships. However, British Columbia lost both gold medal games by a goal and Saskatchewan and Alberta put in strong performances throughout the tournament and served notice that Canada’s excellence in lacrosse extends well beyond the “Greater Toronto Area” and the lower mainland of British Columbia.

Given Canada’s box lacrosse history, it should not have been surprising to see players at “The Nationals” who possessed superb stick skills. However, what has become abundantly clear to those who have followed the development of the game over the past decade is that Canadian lacrosse players are no longer simply box lacrosse players who learn to play field lacrosse oncethey arrive in the US. Canada is now producing large numbers of experienced field lacrosse players who are capable of using the specific strategies and tactics of the field lacrosse game to their advantage rather than simply resorting to “box lacrosse on grass”.

Besides being a showcase for our national game, the recently held Canadian Field Lacrosse Championships were also important for another reason. With the World U19 Championships now just two years away, this year’s “Nationals” represented a first look at players who hope to represent Team Canada and Team Iroquois in Finland in 2012. Canada has won gold at themen’s worlds twice (1978 and 2006) but has never won a single game over the US at the U19 age group. As important, in the current age group (players born in 1993 and later) Team Iroquois has dominated Team Ontario and Team BC on a consistent basis. Thus, in 2011 Iroquois has a legitimate chance to win at least a silver medal and perhaps even knock off theUS for gold. Team Canada on the other hand will put forward a team consisting of players that have been playing field lacrosse for many years and will combine the best talent from all of the provinces. The 2012 FIL U19 World Championship will therefore feature at least three teams that legitimately believe that they can win the gold medal, with many of the players that are expected to star on two of those teams described below.

About the rankings

Anyone who has read Michael Lewis’ superb book Moneyball will know that there is a greatdeal of inefficiency and uncertainty when it comes to ranking high school athletes. This is because of the great inconsistencies that exist from league to league and geographic region to geographic region.

In Canada we are relatively lucky because we hold national championships in both box and field lacrosse on an annual basis and this allows us to watch the best players in Canada play head‐to head in annual competitions. That said, while the recent Canadian Field Lacrosse Championships were one such showcase our national championship does not have an exclusive lock on the Canadian talent pool. Team Iroquois, which did not field a team for this championship might have easily won it given the depth of talent in grades 10, 11 and 12 in Six
Nations and Akwesasne. Other players missed the national championships because they were tied up with other overlapping commitments including the Minto Cup which ran through most of August.

As such, this survey has gone to great lengths to speak with the key lacrosse coaches at the various provincial lacrosse associations to ensure that the “Canada Rising” rankings reflect the breadth and depth of Canadian field lacrosse talent, regardless of whether such talent showed up at the 2010 national box and field championships or not. In the preparation of this report, input was sought from leading coaches involved with the provincial U16 and U19 field lacrosse teams throughout Canada as well as top Canadian and US prep schools (Hill Academy, Claremont, St Michaels, Salmon River, Vimy Ridge, Blue Ridge) and coaches running elite travel teams in Canada (Burnaby Mountain Selects, Elev8, Edge, Kanienkehaka Krunch). The support of these coaches has been greatly appreciated while the author of this article accepts all responsibility for any errors of accuracy or omission.
Canada’s Rising Seniors – the class of 2011 Regardless of birth year, Canada’s rising seniors are defined as those student‐athletes who intend to enter university for the 2011‐2012 school year. This group includes players who have already committed to such Division I programs as Denver, Georgetown, Ohio State, Cornell, Princeton, North Carolina, Maryland, Lehigh, Albany, Drexel and Bryant.

1. Wesley Berg – Attack – Coquitlam – Committed to Denver – It’s been a big year forWesley Berg with standout performances in the Minto Cup and at the Canadian U19 Field Lacrosse Championships. Berg is big, has great hands and is smart both around the net and in the classroom (89% average). Team BC Coach Neil Dinsdale believes that Berg is the best offensive high school player in Canada and others share Dinsdale’s conviction.

2. Warren Hill – Goalie – Six Nations/Hill Academy – Uncommitted ‐ Warren Hill is the best high school goalie in the class of 2011. Hill is a superb shot stopper and has the stick skills to throw sharp outlet passes. Hill almost certainly will be the starting goalie for Team Iroquois at the upcoming World U19 Championships.

3. Reilly O’Connor – Attack – Oshawa/Hill Academy – Committed to Georgetown –O’Connor is tall, quick and has a couple of great signature moves at the net. O’Connor also possesses great judgment around the net and knows when to pass and when to shoot.

4. Reegan Comeault – Attack – Maple Ridge – Committed to Ohio State – While small in stature, Comeault scores in big numbers and has a very quick release. Comeault was a top scorer for Team BC at the U19 Nationals this past September including two goals and an assist in the championship game. Burnaby Mountain Coach Brent Hoskins believes Comeault’s extraordinary field vision makes him a superb play maker.

5. Patrick Corbett – Midfield – Burlington/Hill Academy – Uncommitted – Corbett gets rave reviews from his coaches at the Hill Academy who rate him as one of the best middies to ever pass through their school. Corbett wins face‐offs, scores frequently and has a strong defensive game. Corbett also possesses superb fitness and endurance.

6. Dan Taylor – Attack – Calgary – Committed to Lehigh – Taylor’s 4 goal performance against Team Ontario at the Nationals highlighted the fact that he can score against defenses even when he is being double‐teamed. Taylor is big, strong and has both an excellent inside game and deadly outside shot.

7. Mitch Chapman – Defense – Oshawa/Brewster Academy – Committed to Bryant – Chapman can play either close defense or LSM and has terrific agility for a big man. Chapman likes to play a physical game but can join the transition offence and make smart plays on both sides of center.

8. Mike MacDonald – Attack – Halton Hills/Trinity Pawling – Committed to Princeton – Team Ontario coach Daryl Haines raves about MacDonald’s skills and character. MacDonald is the quintessential Canadian box lacrosse player who has now played enough high level field lacrosse that he should be able to compete for a starting spot at Princeton as a freshman.

9. Corey Shires – Attack – Nanaimo/Claremont – Uncommitted – A superb box lacrosse player and the leading scorer in the BCILL with 118 points in 24 games this past season
for Nanaimo, Shires has the potential to become a top field lacrosse player once he gets more reps in. Shires was relatively quiet from a scoring perspective at the 2010 Field Lacrosse Nationals but one should not underestimate his scoring ability.

10. Sean Young – Defense – Oakville/Tabor Academy – Committed to Towson – Brice Queener, who coaches at the Hill Academy, rates Young as the top defenseman in the class. Young is strong, has a great work ethic in both the gym and classroom and loves physical play. Young has “captain” material written all over him.

11. Jesse King – Midfield – Victoria/Claremont – Committed to Ohio State – King is another pure goal scorer from the land of Gait, Marechuk and Duch. It is also interesting to note that Ohio State has grabbed both Commeault and King from the 2011 class. Imagine these two goal scorers playing alongside Logan Schuss! Let the fireworks begin!

12. Hank Delisle – Midfield – Akwesasne/Hill Academy – Uncommitted – Delisle is small instature but possesses some of the nicest stick skills in the class of 2011. Delisle can play attack or midfielder and scores in bunches. Everybody who plays at the Hill Academy talks favorably about Delisle!

13. Stefan Diachenko – Attack – Clarington – Uncommitted – Diachenko is arguably the best dodger from X in the class of 2011 and he doesn’t seem to mind the pounding that
he takes when he goes one‐on‐one with large defenders. He has a nice touch around the net as well.

14. Chad Tutton – Attack – Oshawa/Hill Academy – Committed to North Carolina – Tutton reminds some coaches of a young Jay Card in more ways than one. Tutton can score and
will be an interesting piece in the North Carolina offence which has not had a Canadian in their line-up in recent memory.

15. Kyle Trolley – Midfield – Peterborough/Culver Academy – Committed to Lehigh – When coaches think of Kyle Trolley three words come to mind and they are speed, speed and speed. Ok, so the kid is fast. He also has a great shot and can play defense.

16. Mason Pynn – Midfield – Victoria/Claremont – Uncommitted – Pynn is a strong two way midfielder with good hands, as evidenced by his 22 goals this past summer for the
Victoria Shamrocks (Int A). Team BC Coach Neil Dinsdale believes that Pynn is one of the best all around field players in BC.

17. Justin Goodwin – Defense – New Westminster – Uncommitted – While Justin Goodwin is not physically imposing, his Team BC coaches rate him very highly. Goodwin is smart,
anticipates the play and is rarely if ever beaten one on one.

18. Patrick Root – Defense – Hamilton/St Andrews – Committed to Drexel ‐ Hamilton lacrosse is to long poles what Penn State is to linebackers and Root is head coach Clancy
Almas’ latest grad. Root is fast, anticipates the play well and can be physical if required. Root has superb stick skills and is fantastic on ground balls.

19. Brian Cole – Midfield – Oakville/Hill Academy – Committed to Maryland – Brian Cole is big, fast and can hit. Cole is also a superb dodger and has a great outside shot. Cole also has a legendary mean streak and enjoys making the big, open field check.

20. Tyler Garrison – Midfield – Coquitlam/Charles Best – Uncommitted – Rumored to be heading to Division II Dominican, Garrison has excellent box lacrosse stick skills and a great feel for the field game.

21. Luke Gillespie – Defense – Maple Ridge – Uncommitted – Gillespie gets strong reviews from Team BC coaches. Gillespie is a smart close‐defenseman who can play LSM as
evidenced by his 28 goals and 19 assists for the Intermediate A Salmonbellies this past summer.

22. Luke Laskiewicz – Midfield – Oshawa/Westminster Prep – Uncommitted – Laskiewicz had a strong performance at the U19 Nationals, including a hat‐trick in the championship game. Laskiewicz is extremely fast and has a strong outside shot off the dodge.

23. Davin Lindsay – Attack – Oshawa – Committed to Bryant – Lindsay is tall, fast and loves to dodge from the wing. He has great box lacrosse stick skills and stylistically reminds some of his coaches of fellow Oshawa attack man Zach Greer. No wonder he’s going to Bryant.

24. Jon Rohn – Midfield – Saskatoon – Uncommitted – Rohn was an important part of Team Saskatchewan’s upset win over Alberta in the bronze medal game at the U19
Nationals. Rohn has a good overall game and was arguably the fastest midfielder in the entire tournament.

25. Steve Ferdinandi – Attack – New Westminster – Uncommitted – Ferdinandi had a strong box season with the Salmonbellies, scoring 27 goals in 24 games. His field game is
equally evolved and Ferdinandi can play either attack or midfield.

Canada’s Rising Seniors ‐ The Next 25

26. Jaime Dowell – Defense – Halton Hills/St Michaels – Committed to St Lawrence
27. Will Chiasson – Goalie – Victoria/Claremont – Uncommitted
28. Dylan Politt – Midfield – Abbotsford ‐ Uncommitted
29. Kody Te Kenawa – Defense – Coquitlam/Blue Ridge – Committed to Albany
30. Riley McGillis – Goalie – Peterborough/Kent – Uncommitted
31. Will Glover – Midfield – Oakville/Abbey Park – Uncommitted
32. Tyler Buchan – Attack – Burnaby – Uncommitted
33. Erik Turner – Midfield – St Albert – Committed to Cornell
34. Matt Worlidge – Attack – Burlington – Committed to Robert Morris
35. Dylan Gatt – Attack – Welland/Notre Dame – Uncommitted
36. Mac Tomkinson – Defense – Barrie – Uncommitted
37. Sam Clare – Midfield – Ladner – Uncommitted
38. Drew Millikan – Midfield – New Westminster – Uncommitted
39. Alex Degagne – Attack – Ottawa/St Michaels – Committed to Rutgers
40. Ben Saklofsky – Midfield – Kamloops – Uncommitted
41. Aiden Yonge – Midfield – Burnaby – Uncommitted
42. Jack Donnelly – Defense – Mimico/Hill Academy – Uncommitted
43. Justin DaSilva – Defense – Coquitlam – Uncommitted
44. Joey Ravary – Attack – Oshawa/Fr Leo Austin – Uncommitted
45. Anthony Malcolm – Attack – New Westminster – Uncommitted
46. Reese Robinson – Attack – New Westminster – Uncommitted
47. Brendan MacDougall – Midfield – Six Nations – Uncommitted
48. Sam Goodwin – Defense – Victoria/Claremont – Uncommitted
49. Trevor Cyr – Midfield – Clarington – Uncommitted
50. Cory Ashmore – Midfield – Barrie – Uncommitted

Canada’s Rising Juniors – the class of 2012

Regardless of birth year, Canada’s rising juniors are defined as those student athletes who intend to enter university for the 2012‐2013 school year. This group includes a number of highly skilled players at each position but with extreme depth at the defense position.

1. Johnny Powless – Midfield – Six Nations – Uncommitted – Powless is an incredibly gifted field and box lacrosse player. Powless can score, defend, lead and do all the other little things that win championships. Powless scored 78 points this past season as a 17 year old rookie for Junior A Six Nations and will undoubtedly be an important part of the Team Iroquois U19 Team that could quite conceivably win the next World

2. Seth Oakes – Attack – Akwesasne/Salmon River – Uncommitted – Seth Oakes was runner up to Johnny Powless for rookie of the year in the Ontario Junior A league and is
regarded as a superb goal scorer and a fantastic compliment to Powless’ phenomenal off‐ball movement. Oakes scored 87 points in 19 games in Junior A for Akwesasne as a
16 year old!

3. Derek Searle – Defense – Hamilton – Committed to Cornell ‐ Searle is tough, has great hands and fantastic anticipation. This allows him to strip ball carriers of the ball and be an important contributor to the offence in transition. Team Ontario coach Daryl Haines describes Searle as one of the best leaders he has ever coached.

4. Challen Rogers – Midfield – Coquitlam – Uncommitted – Rogers is a physically large scoring machine with stereotypical Canadian stick skills. Rogers was the MVP of the BC
Midget league in 2010 and among Team BC’s leading scorers at the box nationals where he was the only BC player to make the Tournament All Star Team. At 6’2”, Team BC
Coach Neil Dinsdale believes that Rogers is the most physically dominant goal scorer in the country.

5. Michael Messenger – Midfield – Langley – Uncommitted – Is a quiet leader with a very strong overall game. Messenger was particularly sharp in the U19 Canadian Finals,
scoring 2 goals and 2 assists in BC’s near comeback against Team Ontario.

6. Holden Cattoni – Midfield – Calgary – Committed to Johns Hopkins – Cattoni was the leading scorer at the 2010 Midget Box Nationals. Cattoni has superb box skills and as his field game develops he has the potential to become a 30+ a year goal scorer at JHU.

7. Kyle Jackson – Midfield – Sarnia/Hill Academy – Uncommitted – Jackson is a superb dodger and play maker and is virtually ambidextrous. Jackson also possesses breakaway
speed in the midfield which makes him a terrific player in both offensive and defensive transition.

8. T.J. Sanders – Attack – Orillia/Millbrook – Uncommitted – Sanders is a tall, fast attack man who scores in bunches and has no fear when it comes to dodging from X or hanging around in front of the cage. Sanders is also ferocious on the ride.

9. Max Fredrickson – Attack – Victoria/Claremont ‐ Uncommitted – Fredrickson’s coaches rave about his leadership qualities but one shouldn’t overlook the kids scoring ability either. Fredrickson is very strong with his off hand and has a great touch around the net as evidenced by his four goals in the U16 Canadian Final.

10. Brennan Donville – Goalie – Oakville/St Michaels – Committed to Cornell ‐ Over the past five months, Donville has back stopped his high school team to an Ontario Provincial Championship, his club team Edge to two major tournament wins (Gait Cup in Gettysburg and the NSCLA Championship in Baltimore) and Team Ontario to a Gold Medal at the U19 Nationals.

11. Cole Shafer – Attack – Coquitlam/Charles Best – Uncommitted ‐ Shafer was voted Team BC MVP at the 2010 Box Nationals. Shafer has a great outside shot and an extremely quick release around the net and he undoubtedly will become one of the leading scorers on whatever team he lands on.

12. Aaron Moroney – Defense – Oshawa/Millbrook – Uncommitted ‐ Moroney is strong, fast and has terrific hands and therefore can play a significant role both as a close
defensemen and in transition. Very fast and agile for a big man, Moroney has been a mainstay on Team Ontario Box and Field teams for many years.

13. Luc Magnan – Defense – Winnipeg/Hill Academy – Committed to Robert Morris ‐ Magnan’s performance for Team Manitoba at the 2010 Field Nationals confirmed that
this kid can play lacrosse. Magnan is big, mean and is getting a lot of one‐on‐one time with his coach (Brodie Merrill). Looks like Robert Morris has signed a gem!

14. Jordan Cunningham – Midfield – Victoria/Claremont – Uncommitted – Cunningham is a superb box lacrosse player who has not played a lot of field lacrosse. That said,
Cunningham has both the skills and the time to develop his field game before he arrives in university.

15. Ryan Fournier – Midfield – Ottawa – Uncommitted – Fournier is a superb athlete who can outrun just about anyone, has great stick skills and excellent vision. Fournier is also an unselfish player who contributes more to the offence than his stats suggest. Team Ontario coach Daryl Haines thinks Fournier could become a future Team Canada star given his exceptional athleticism.

16. Ky Tarbell – Attack – Akwesasne/Salmon River – Uncommitted – Tarbell’s coaches love this kid because although he is small, he is incredibly tough. Karbell typically leads his team in both scoring and big hits. Tarbell is a gamer!

17. Nathan Stewart – Defense – New Westminster – Uncommitted – Stewart might be the best long pole to come out of BC in years. Stewart reminds some people of Kyle Rubisch
given his propensity for picking up ground balls and causing turnovers. Like Rubisch, Stewart is a star in both box lacrosse and field and is a considered to be a great leader in the dressing room.

18. Korin Sunday – Defense – Akwesasne – Uncommitted – Sunday is already 6’3” andweighs 235 lbs, likes to hit and is fast. Sunday leads a trio of Iroquois long poles that will be the mainstay of the Iroquois U19 team in 2012.

19. Kanattiio Adams – Defense – Akwesasne – Committed to Cornell – Adams possesses blazing speed, incredible dexterity with his stick and a sense of creativity in his game
that makes watching this kid run with the ball worth the price of admission. Team Ontario coach Daryl Haines raves about Adam’s stick skills which are second to none
amongst 2012 defenders.

20. Nathan White – Attack – Peterborough – Uncommitted – White loves to attack from X and few Canadian attack men can cut like he can or release the ball as fast. White has
great moves and a low center of gravity and loves to go iso against highly regarded long poles.

21. Stu Martin – Defense – Six Nations – Uncommitted – Martin has less flash to his game than fellow Iroquois defensemen Sunday and Adams but he is definitely a superb
defensemen. Martin can hit with the best of his class but typically uses his brain over his brawn.

22. Dan Williams – Defense – Hamilton – Uncommitted – Williams is another talented defensemen to come out of the Hamilton Bengals “Long Pole Factory”. Team Ontario
coaches rate him very highly because of his smarts and anticipation around the net. Williams is also highly regarded as a team leader.

23. Tyler Albrecht – Midfield – Oakville/St Michaels – Committed to Cornell – Albrecht is a strong two way midfielder who can score off the dodge and is excellent on defense. Albrecht has great foot speed, acceleration and a nasty outside shot.

24. Mike Morris – Attack – Oakville/Salisbury – Committed to Johns Hopkins – Morris has got a great shot, great moves to the net and a bit of a temper. Morris will be a nice compliment to Zach Palmer in a couple of year’s time.

25. Paul Rakoczy – Defense – Burlington – Uncommitted – Rakoczy is a big, fast and intelligent long pole who can go one‐on‐one with the best Canadian attacks. Rakoczy is
also rumored to have the highest SAT score in the class of 2012.

Canada’s Rising Juniors ‐ The Next 25

26. Brody Pepper – Midfield – Victoria/Claremont – Uncommitted
27. Robin Lowenburger – Defense – Coquitlam/Charles Best – Uncommitted
28. Chris (Bud) Lowans – Attack – Orangeville/Culver Academy – Uncommitted
29. James Rahe – Midfield – Langley – Uncommitted
30. Quinn Powless – Midfield ‐ Six Nations/Salmon River – Uncommitted
31. Blaine Boomer – Midfield – Kamloops – Uncommitted
32. Eric Fannell – Attack – St Catherines – Uncommitted –
33. Ty Fleury – Defense – Edmonton/Hill Academy ‐ Uncommitted
34. Jake Withers – Midfield – Peterborough – Uncommitted
35. Mike Fournier – Goalie – Orangeville – Uncommitted
36. Griffen LeClaire – Attack – White Rock/Hill Academy – Uncommitted
37. Reed LeClaire – Attack – White Rock/Hill Academy – Uncommitted
38. Kyle Whitlow – Midfield – Orillia/Hill Academy – Uncommitted
39. Austin Thorarinson – LSM – Saskatoon – Uncommitted
40. Eric Kimmerly – Defense – Oshawa – Uncommitted
41. Derek McLeod – Defense ‐ PacRim – uncommitted
42. Brendan Miller – Attack – Orangeville/Hill Academy – Uncommitted
43. Rhys Burnell – Midfield – Abbotsford – Uncommitted
44. Tyler Barrett – Goalie – New Westminster – Uncommitted
45. Ray Banister – Midfield – Okotoks/Hill Academy – Uncommitted
46. Zach Herreweyers – Attack – London – Uncommitted
47. Ty Kirkby – Attack – Burnaby – Uncommitted
48. Sean Tyrell – Attack – Calgary – Uncommitted
49. Ryan Zwolinski – Defense – Toronto Beaches/St Michaels
50. Brandon Murphy – Defense – Saskatoon ‐ Uncommitted

Canada’s Rising Sophomores – the class of 2013

Regardless of birth year, Canada’s rising sophomores are defined as those student‐athletes who intend to enter university for the 2013‐2014 school year. This group includes a number of highly skilled players at each position but is extremely deep at the midfield position. The rising sophomore group only includes the first 25 players for 2013.

1. Joe French – Attack – Mimico/St Michaels – Uncommitted – French had an amazing summer winning a Provincial High School Championship, a Gold medal and Tournament
MVP at the Canadian Field Nationals and a host of other accolades at US tournaments. French has the power of a full back (which he plays in the fall) and the hands of a high scoring box lacrosse player.

2. Jake Bomberry – Midfield – Six Nations – Uncommitted – Bomberry’s father, uncle and grandfather are all legends of the game and Jake is the next in line. Bomberry has amazing hands, an unbelievably accurate and powerful outside shot, and phenomenal vision. He was voted MVP at the 2010 Midget Canadian Box Lacrosse Championships.

3. Josh Johnson – Attack – Six Nations – Uncommitted – Josh Johnson was an important part of the Iroquois Team that won Gold at the 2010 Box Lacrosse Nationals. Johnson
was one of five players voted to the Tournament All‐Star Team and led his team in goal scoring with 14 goals.

4. Jordan Green – Midfield – Victoria/Claremont – Uncommitted ‐ Green is a terrific all around player who has superb stick skills and can finish. Although currently classified as a midfielder, Green can play virtually any position on the field and dominate. Green is very highly regarded by Team BC coaches.

5. Riley Glemnitz – Midfield – Maple Ridge – Uncommitted – Glemnitz is already 6’1” and only a sophomore. Besides his size he also has good stick skills, can take face‐offs and effectively uses his size to drive at the cage.

6. Zach Currier – Midfield – Peterborough/Culver Academy – Uncommitted – Currier was Team Ontario U16’s top face‐off man. Team Ontario U16 coach Daryl Haines loves the way Currier plays, describing him as a smart player with great hands. Haines also finds that Currier’s lefthanded face‐off technique seems to confuse opposing FOGO’s.

7. Jordan Getz – Midfield ‐ Calgary ‐ Uncommitted – Getz has been a mainstay on Team Alberta for years and was an important part of the Alberta box team that won silver at
the 2010 Box Nationals. Getz also put up a strong showing at the 2010 Field Nationals and if he can get more reps in at the field game, has the potential to be among the
highest impact players to come out of Alberta in many years.

8. Chris George – Defense – Akwesasne – Uncommitted – The book on Chris George is that players who carry the ball don’t like to go near him. George has great defensive
skills and an unrelenting desire to take the ball away from his opponents.

9. Hayden Johnstone – Goalie – Toronto Beaches/Westminster – Uncommitted – Johnstone is a smooth, unflappable goalie with great shot stopping skills. Johnstone is
extremely calm under pressure and played very well at the U16 Nationals for Team Ontario.

10. Nic Nesbitt – Goalie – Burlington/Salisbury – Uncommitted – Nesbitt shared the goalie position on Team Ontario U16 with Johnstone and the Team Ontario coaches rate both
goalies equally. Nesbitt however has a much more rambunctious style than Johnstone and reminds some coaches of Brett Queener. Nesbitt can stop the ball as well any goalie
but he doesn’t mind running up the field and scoring his own goals as well.

11. Reece Cailess – Midfield – Langley – Uncommitted – Cailess, a product of both the Langley club system and the Burnaby Mountain Selects travel team is a superb
midfielder with a very polished overall game. Cailess can do it all but Team BC coaches think he is at his best at LSM.

12. Austin Shanks – Attack – Clarington/Brewster – Uncommitted – Austin Shanks has one of the best sticks in Ontario lacrosse. Shanks can score and pass with the best of them and his improving fitness has allowed his dodging game to take off over the past year. Shanks was voted to the Tournament All Star Team at the 2010 Midget Box Lacrosse

13. Davis Reykdal – Attack – Red Deer – Uncommitted – Reykdal came to the 2010 Field Nationals with little fanfare but turned a lot of heads with his strong play at attack.
Reykdal is also a strong box player and has the athleticism to play either midfield or attack.

14. Dean Ferris – Midfield – Elora/Culver Academy – Uncommitted – Having spent a year in the US at Culver Academy, Ferris now has a style of play that brings out the very best from both the Canadian and US lacrosse traditions. Ferris has mastered the US style of dodging but still goes after ground balls like a Canadian.

15. Kyran Clarke – Attack – Port Coquitlam/Terry Fox – Uncommitted – Kyran Clarke’s playing style reminds BMS Coach Brent Hoskins of Reegan Comeault. While Clarke is
small in stature he is among the best finishers in his age group.

16. Dalston Day – Attack – Akwesasne – Uncommitted – A superb goal scorer, Day has an amazing ability to quietly slip his defender and get into the prime scoring areas. Day is a superb off‐ball player who is always moving and frequently scoring.

17. Gianni Bianchin – Midfield – Burlington – Uncommitted – Bianchin is an extremely smooth dodger with a fantastic outside shot. Bianchin is also great on ground balls and
has superb speed in transition.

18. Brad Hoffman – Defense – Delta – Uncommitted – Hoffman is a strong athlete and gets high marks from his Team BC coaches for his intelligence. They consider Hoffman to be an exceptionally smart player who has a good mastery of the technical aspects of the long pole position.

19. Jackson Hulbert – Midfield – Oakville – Uncommitted – Hulbert is big, strong and has a great shot. He also has excellent judgment in transition. Hulbert is also a fierce competitor and typically is one of the better players on team Ontario in his major years.

20. Nathan Mackenzie – Defense – Guelph – Uncommitted – Nate has quick feet and superb lateral movement which allows him to adjust quickly to various slide packages.
Mackenzie is big and typically used in close‐defense.

21. Connor Stroup – Goalie – Coquitlam – Uncommitted – Stroup is the best goalie in BC in this age group and highly regarded by the Team BC coaches. Stroup is described as a great communicator, a solid shot stopper and a good passer.

22. Brett Kujala – Attack – Ridge Meadows – Uncommitted – Kujala is a smart player with good hands who knows how to put the ball in the net. Kujala is of average size but has no problem playing close to the net when the going gets rough.

23. Cam Milligan – Attack – Peterborough – Uncommitted – Milligan is described by Team Ontario coaches as both a good feeder and a good finisher. The bottom‐line is that
Milligan is an unselfish player around the net who knows when to call his own number and when to dish.

24. Ryan Johnstone – Attack – Orangeville/Hill Academy – Uncommitted ‐ Brodie Merrill describes Johnstone as one of the best kept secrets at the Hill Academy. Johnstone is
athletic, can score and has a grittiness that comes out in big games.

25. Brodie Jorgenson – Midfield – Saskatoon – Uncommitted – Jorgenson was a standout for the Team Saskatchewan U16 Team that defeated Alberta 17 to 10 in the Bronze
Medal game at Nationals. Jorgenson scored two goals in the game and played well throughout the tournament. Jorgenson is a very good dodger and has an excellent shot.



  1. Don’t forget the girls. There are some amazingly talented girls, especially from this area, who are on scholarships to the states too.

  2. […] this report on up and coming Canadian talent Joe French is listed as the number 1 prospect of all Canadian […]

  3. You missed a few. Dance, Crawford, Hanzelka, Sellars, Ferreira, Miles, Laidlaw, etc…

    • a big name that isn’t on here is turner evans, easily the number 1 all around lacrosse players in his year

    • there are more teams in canada other than halton hills..

  4. What about Dylan Webster, 3 time NEC Rookie of the week already at Quinnipiac and former ontario junior B goal scoring champ in 2009?

  5. One thing I cannot stand is shameless self promotion. C’mon Webby (Jr.), be better than that. You are a talented player, keep playing the game hard, and you’ll get your props in due time!

  6. […] JP Donville ranking referenced also breaks down his skills a bit more: Jackson is a superb dodger and play maker and is virtually ambidextrous. Jackson also […]

  7. Chris Robertson, Hamilton Bengals, Robertson has great hands and speed. Can beat Cornell commit Derek Searle 8/10 times. I coached him in the past and watched him put up 18 goals in 11 games with Hamilton U19 as a 16 year old. You guys better check him out, he has multiple D1 schools talking him up.

  8. Hello Marksy, Great job on the list, However in the far east 3 players to watch out for are JP Kealey, South Carleton H.S.( committed to Robert Morris) , Aaron Forster, John McCrae H,S, both from Nepean, and Jake Fox ,St.Matts H.S. (commited to John Hopkins) from Gloucester. These boys have worked hard to reach the next level and should do well. Always a pleasure reading your work, Marksy.

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