Mann Heats Up As Lakers Take Game Three

story by Gary Mark, photos by Tim Prothero

September 13, 2010
Peterborough, Ontario

The Peterborough Lakers on the strength of a three goal night by John Grant Jr. took a one game lead in their best of seven Mann Cup Final. Grant scored one goal in each period tonight as the Lakers won by a final score of 10-7 over the New Westminster Salmonbellies.

The Lakers busted out of the gate in period one and put up a 4-0 lead after the first period; two of their four goals coming on the Power Play. They continued their dominance in the second period outscoring the Bellies 2-1, en route to a 6-1 lead after two periods.

But New West came out in the third period and scored five straight goals to tie the game at 6-6, two each from brothers Ilija and Alex Gajic. At that point in what might be considered the move of the game, Peterborough Head Coach Jamie Batley pulled starting goalie Mike Thompson in favour of Angus Goodleaf. Of course, everyone in the building knew that Goodleaf coming into the game was only to give what would amount to a timeout to the Lakers (as the goalie was granted a warmup). But what Batley did not expect was that New West, off the ensuing faceoff would parade down the floor and pepper Goodleaf with two shots from close range, before the Lakers could get possession and get out of their end. Of course, Goodleaf did return to the bench as the Lakers took the ball down the floor. Tied at 6-6, Goodleaf in effect saved his team from going down by a goal.

The Lakers would score on that exact next possession down the floor, when Grant scored his third of the night. Coming to the center of the floor, just outside the dotted line, Grant buried his shoulder, and drove to the net. Falling forward, he rifled a shot to the lower left corner of the net and behind Matt Roik. That would spur on the Lakers as they would get another from Cory Vitarelli, and then an empty netter by Darryl Gibson, scoring on a long shot from behind his own net. Jordan Hall would bring the Bellies to within two goals again, before Mark Steenhuis would score the last goal of the night, but start some last minute excitement.

Steenhuis received a back handed pass from Shawn Evans, and would drive to the net from down low. Diving across the crease, he deposited the ball behind Roik to the far side of the net. As Steenhuis landed in the crease, Roik reached over and let him know that he was not welcome there. The end result was a cracked helmet on Steenhuis. This started 1:27 of time that took about 15 minutes to play. Realizing the game was now all but over, Peterborough’s Jeff Gilbert, and New Westminster’s Peter McFetridge had a tussle just around center floor. Once that was over, Rory Smith and Shayne Bennett looked to dance with anyone willing from the Laker bench. But there were no takers as referee Mark Gardonio repeatedly escorted Smith away from the bench.

This win now puts the Lakers up two games to one, with game four going tomorrow night. It is apparent that these two teams do not like each other, and for any of us that thought things would settle down and we would get back to just lacrosse; we were wrong. Game four starts at 7:45 EST, and our web cast will begin at roughly 7:15 EST.



  1. what a game!!!!

    Thompson was unreal the first two periods.

    This Mann Cup series is awesome!!!

  2. Great game, great wedcast too! It’s pretty obvious who the commentators are routing for. The comment at the end of the game was just silly. Something like the Peterborough fans need to settle down because it’s only a game. Of course the fans are going to be booing the other team when all they want to do is fight for the last 19 seconds because the game is out of reach. When you have two NW players standing in front of the PTBO bench calling anybody out to fight, the fans are going to get pumped up. Geez.

  3. Don’t worry about it James. Everybody hates us, and that’s the way we like it. Rory Smith could went into our bench, stick swinging and they’d find a way to make it Peterborough’s fault. We’ve been dealing with the jealousy for years.

    • James and John, give your heads a shake. Toll drops his gloves to fight and then backs into the players bench! That is a cowards move and if it is strategy, then it has no place in lacrosse. It’s a man’s game so step up to the plate. You have a very talented team, just wish they would play the game tough and leave the theatrics at home.

      • That was a weird move roy, it almost looked like he was pulled into the bench. You’re right we need more fights and brawls. PTBO doesn’t seem to be as good at that part of the game as NW. I’m suggesting to the Lakers coaching staff that they train their players to KICK ASS, especially when they are loosing at the end of the game. Better yet, perhaps they should watch this video and learn how real men play the game. Now that’s what the fans want, especially our kids who need these REAL CANADIAN MEN as role models. Marksy, your comments almost justify some of the violence on the floor. On PTBO’s last goal, when Steenhuis dove through the crease and was smashed in the head by the goalie, breaking his helmet. You said it was his (goalies) way of saying he’s not welcome in here. How about saying what a stupid thing to do and he should get a penalty (both teams are guilty of this). Man, this is a hockey mentality carryover. This game is so much better. Let’s stop the bravado and play the frick”n game.

      • Actually, no, quite to the contrary James. I do not condone any of what is currently going on. The reality is if I was to say in my writeups, all of the stupidity that is going on on the floor right now, there would be pages “chastizing both teams”, and about 2 paragraphs of the game of lacrosse. However, I am trying to tell a story of what happened, being respectful to many “non smart” actions (I know that is grammatically incorrect to say), by a number of players playing in this series.

        Believe me, for those at every game to date, simply watching both teams and not cheering for either, a book could be written.

        At the same time, many folks need to understand the gruelling nature of this beast that these two teams are fighting for. It is not for the faint of heart by any means. I do not condone what a number of players are doing, saying, or how they are acting. But I also relaize that they are doing, saying, and acting this way, trying to win the most coveted prize in Canadian lacrosse!

        So I will do my best to tell the story without offending or centering out anyone. Because if I had to start, I’d have very few to interview or speak to on either side!

  4. Hi all,

    Well it is good to see the passion in the fans here commenting on LITG about this year’s Mann Cup. As for the comments las t ight, while I cannot deny them, I can apologize for them.

    I have always strived to keep LITG an unbiased reporting tool on our great game, and last night that did not happen. I will not throw anyone under the bus, but will only say that even announcers can sometimes get worked up and emotions can get in the way of just calling the game.

    This has been a great series from so many different angles, I only hope tonight that the series continues to amaze and impress us all.

    • Marksy, not a big deal, generally the broadcast is good. Hey, I’m watching this from Niagara, not PTBO, and those comments just stuck out to me. You’re right, this has been a good series and I know, even for announcers, it’s hard to control the emotions of the moment.

      PS: I didn’t see the first two broadcasts but at intermission last night it was all Bellies (except the ref stuff). It might be nice to get some Ontario folks on.


    • Marksy, I do not feel you need apologize for your comments at all. They added colour and humour. You were not biased in the least! James is an Ontario homer and will be watching and listening with rose coloured glasses on. He went on a rant when all I said was “it’s a man’s game so set up to the plate.” As I said, play the game tough and leave the theatrics at home.

      PS Toll, whether he was pulled back or ordered not to fight, first yapped, then dropped his gloves…….finish what you start or don’t begin.

  5. Well we try each night to interview someone from each side (Lakers and New West). But it is not possible every game.

    In game 1 we had Dan Richardson (Bellies GM) and Bobby Allan (Lakers great). In Game 2 we had Tim Barrie (Lakers great), and local Lakers writer Stephen Stamp.

    Last night it was Carly Rigby (the Bellies PR Director) and Bill Fox (RIC of this years Mann Cup).

    So we are doing our best to switch it up nightly.

    • Obviously we are both passionate about the game…keep up the good work! I’ll be watching tonight, any chance up bumping up your bandwidth so I can get it in HD!

  6. Oh boy, if I could I would. But we are fortunate to have what we have. There was nothing in there before game 1, and local Cogeco got us all hooked up. From what most have said it has been pretty decent.

  7. decent game.bellies woke up to by goodleaf changrf the momentum.your comments on garo i disagree.did you not see game 6 mann cup against quoquitlam he was terrible and on most night not much better.he lost contro on last night’s and ron did afine game.

  8. I caught the Friday nigth game, but is there any way to watch these games on the web other than live? 7:45pm In Ontario is unfortuantely 9:15 am in Adelaide, Australia and work won’t pay me to watch lacrosse.

    Or even better, will these games be released on DVD?

  9. I find it funny, Roy, that you complain about theatrics, when your boys spend most of the game trying to hurt other players. If you think that is good lacrosse, then MMA might be more your speed. Continuing with that stuff will lead to NW going home with participation ribbons and deserving no more.

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