LITG To Web Cast Eastern Final Game 7 – Peterborough vs. Brampton

Wow, what a crazy day it has been. We (LITG and G2Stream) have worked our tails off and come to an agreement that will allow lacrosse fans across the world the ability to watch the sold out Game 7 Eastern Final between the Peterborough Lakers and Brampton Excelsiors. Game 7 will be available on a Pay Per View basis.  The game details are below:

Game 7 – Peterborough Lakers vs. Brampton Excelsiors

Live from the Memorial Ctr, Peterborough, Ontario
Game time: 7pm EST
Cost $6.95

To purchase the Game, please click this link, or click the image in the far top right corner of the site.

If you have already purchased the game Click Here to watch.

***Be sure to complete the Paypal process. After hitting process purchase, you must complete the Paypal process, whether it is using a Paypal account or Credit Card. Otherwise, you will not get an email confirmation.

If you have not received a confirmation of payment, you have not completed the order process.


Please note, email technical support will be available during the game.  For any support issues, please email the address at the purchase page.



  1. pay pal sucksd

  2. brutal…making us pay to watch it. when cogeco does it for free. and wouldnt let them just audio it….

    • Great job Marksy

      Audio was very, very good. Video was what was to be expected via the net and depending on what kind of feed you had. Regarding Cogeco does it for free, that is untrue as, if you are a Cogeco Cable Customer, you are billed monthly for services.
      What a great value for any Lacrosse Fan who lives outside of the Cogeco area.
      Many people do not realize the cost of, and/or, the work that goes into putting a web-stream together.
      The possitive feed back is far more important then the handful of negative feedback.
      Looking forward to the future games.



  3. can,t even get on site after paying. pay pal does suck

  4. what is the score/final???

    • It was 11 – 9 for Peterborough in the end.
      Great Game. Ref’s let them play. Tied after 1. Brampton up by 1 after 2. Peterborough squeezed it out late in the 3rd.

    • Almost 4000 people packed the arena.
      50/50 went for almost $4000 – they apparently sold out of tickets.

  5. As long time Bellies fans we really appreciate having the opportunity to watch the Mann cup games live. One big beef is the person manning the camera is not keeping his/her eye on the play. Many times the ball and/or players are out of camera range or the camera is panned in so close around the goal that we can’t see the whole play. VERY frustrating. This needs to improve.

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