Victoria Shamrocks vs Coquitlam Adanacs Game 1

story and photos courtesy of Kasey Eriksen

Once again, the Victoria Shamrocks, and the Coquitlam Adanacs, are facing off, in the league semi finals. There was a huge crowd of spectators in the stands, as Game One got underway, in Victoria’s, Bear Mountain Arena.
The very first goal of the night is scored by Dane Dobbie, as he gets one past Nick Patterson, putting the Adanacs on the board within the very first minute of play. Daryl Veltman plots another, at 1:24, giving the Adanacs a 2-0 lead, right off the start.

The Shamrocks, finally answer back, at 7:33, when Matt Lyons gets one past Brandon Atherton, giving Victoria their first of the night. Both teams are battling for that ball, but it seems things are just working out a little better for Coquitlam.

Daryl Veltman gets his second of the night, at 13:54, on the power play, and then Victoria adds one more to the board, when Dean Hill shoots one in, at 19:56. The score is 3-2 for the Adanacs, after the first period. Shots on goal are, 14 for Coquitlam, and 16 for Victoria.

There were only four goals scored, in total, during the second period. Two for each team. The first came from Rhys Duch, of the Shamrocks, when he fired one past Atherton, at 8:14, tying the game. It was Peter Veltman’s turn now. He got the go-ahead goal, at 14:32, and then Curtis Oliffe got another, at 16:31, bringing the score to 5-3 for the Adanacs. Now.. it’s time for a goalie change. Victoria pulls Patterson, and replaces him with Matt Flindell.
Now, Ryan Benesch, of the Shamrocks, gets one in at, 17:28, bringing the scoring to 5-4, still in the Adanacs’ favour. Shots on goal are 20 for Coquitlam, and 18 for Victoria, totalling, 34 for both teams.

And they’re off! The Adanacs are at full steam! With Nick Patterson back in net, the third period is fast and furious. Seven goals are scored, in which the Adanacs own five of. The first one almost happened too fast for me to see it. It was scored by Dane Dobbie, which was his second of the night, at 44 seconds, followed shortly after, when Steve McKinlay, fires one in, at 3:23. Jason Jones sails one past Patterson, at, 6:03, in which Victoria, once again, pulls Patterson, and replaces him with Flindell.

Dane Dobbie gets his hat trick, at 11:48, and Cory Conway plots one in, at 13:33, bringing the scoring to 10-4. Then, Victoria lights a fire and gets two more, a power play goal, at 17:44, by Rhys Duch, his second of the night, and one at 19:43, by Ryan Benesch, also his second. The final score: 10-6 for the Coquitlam Adanacs. Total shots on goal: Coquitlam, 47, and Victoria, 53.


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