2010 Midget (Summer Games) Provincial Scores

Going on in Sudbury, Ontario from Wednesday August 11 until Friday August 13, 2010.  I am not onsite but through updates from others I will try to keep this current as best I can.

Date/Time Home Score Visitor Score
08/11/10 9:00 West Durham 3 Six Nations 7
08/11/10 9:00 Brampton 7 Whitby 5
08/11/10 10:10 Guelph  6 Orangeville  6
08/11/10 13:00 Six Nations  3 Brampton 3
08/11/10 14:10 West Durham Orangeville  3
08/11/10 14:10 Whitby Guelph
08/11/10 18:10 Whitby  5 Six Nations  9
08/11/10 18:10 Guelph  3 West Durham  6
08/11/10 19:20 Orangeville  4 Brampton  4
08/12/10 9:00 Six Nations Orangeville  3
08/12/10 10:10 Brampton Guelph
08/12/10 11:20 Whitby West Durham
08/12/10 14:20 Guelph Six Nations
08/12/10 15:20 Orangeville  3 Whitby  7
08/12/10 16:40 West Durham  3 Brampton  7
08/13/10 11:00 Bronze – Whitby 4th West Durham  0
08/13/10 12:30 1st – Brampton 2nd – Six Nations  4


  1. Way to West Durham knocking off the #1 seed Orangeville! Keep it up boys, wish I was there.

    • they just beat Guelph 6-3 🙂

  2. West Durham wins again 6-3 over Guelph. Six Nations wins 9-5 over Whitby and Brampton ties Orangeville 4-4. Way to go Rock, keep it going, may have to drive up for Friday if you make the medal round.

  3. Why do the Midgets not have a Bye to the final, as the Peewees and Bantams do this weekend in Brampton? I really like the 1st vs 2nd for Gold and 3rd vs 4th for the Bronze and every game in the r.r. still means a great deal. It is virtually impossible to win a final only a few hours later against a well rested team. The team that loses the 2nd vs 3rd game will also be at a serious disadvantage playing a very well rested 4th place team for the Bronze. I know this has been very hotly debated on this forum and others about this whole bye to the final. The Tykes and Novices didn’t even necessarily earn their bye, and the OLA relied on 1/2 as$ information to determine before the provincials who would get the freebie bye, virtually guaranteeing them the Gold medal.

  4. lacroseguy, I do pretty much agree with all of your points as it is an unfair advantage to 1st place to get the bye. However, I guess it makes the R.R. games that much more important to play for.

    I totally disagree with the 1/2 as$ information comment. Do your research son and you will find that the OLA did the rankings based on “the informaton” (i.e. the game sheets) that your own team / association fed them.

    They did not have all of them, and therefore a decision was made based on what they had.

    I agree that the cut off (during the Super Series) was a big issue in the case you speak of, but not getting game sheets in contributed in a huge way to the error.

    • I had already did my research dad , and found out in fact all the game sheets were submitted; there were only 2 games before the cutoff at the end of June, which is far too soon. OLA might want to use their own web site, as all the information from all tournaments was right there, even with the early cutoff which had Whitby losing in a final to Brampton, but had Clarington undefeated and winning both their tournaments at this very early point in the season. Yes Hamilton should be used as it is unofficially the only “A” tournament that all teams seem to go to, and in the case we are talking about, the only tournament that both clarington and Whitby novices were both at. The teams played each other 5 times after the OLA cutoff date for ratings, thus the reason they only had 2 game sheets from early in the year in zone games that resulted in ties. The week of Hamilton a zone game was played where clarington won and 2 games in the super series clarington won by several goals. Another zone game that clarington won after the super series alos wasn’t counted, as well as the Zone Championship that once again Clarington Won. 5 straight wins late in the season, but all after the OLA cutoff date in June. How’s that for research which i had already done earlier, but you obviously weren’t aware of or else you would have known why Vince only had 2 game sheets to use between the 2 teams. I would say that is 1/2 as$ on the OLA’s part, certainly not on a great volunteer and guy like Vince. The OLA dropped the ball big time, and should be thoroughly embarassed. At least they have it right in Midget.

  5. Darn…I should have taken a few days off to go to the cottage and live blog the Summer Games! Nice weather, cold beers and the Big Nickel.

  6. brampton 7-3 over west durham
    longshots undefeated going for gold v nations
    go excelsiors

  7. Okay lacroseguy. In an effort to not place blame or point fingers here on my site, how about you and I speak either in person or on the phone. I will tell you exactly what I know and hopefully this issue will be put to rest.

    I have agreed with you that the cutoff seems early, but if you knew the work the people like Vince had to do, I’m not so sure there are better options; otherwise the schedules for all teams might not be done in time for the dates to play. Remember, teams want to know schedules well in advance ot book hotels rooms, plan travel, etc.

    So, you’ve got my email address gmark@lacrosseinsidethegame.com. Send me your phone number or an email and I’ll send you my number. We can talk on the phone and discuss! You might have some info I do not know, but I’m sure I have some you do not as well,

    I’ll wait patiently…..

    • Thanks for your feedback Gary, there is nobody else out there that supplies lacrosse information and knows the game like you and this site. I do have the advantage of knowing the details of everything that went on in the novice A division, that you do not as you are relying on other people and/or people defending probably the biggest screwup the OLA has ever made. I’ve pointed out how even with the early ratings done, Clarington was undefeated and had won 2 tournaments, whereas Whitby had lost a final to Brampton in a final and won there other tournament that was really on a B level tournament in Kitchener. The OLA is privy to all this information and should have even at this early point given the #1 ranking to Clarington. After the cutoff date in late June, the 5 straight wins for Clarington including the Zone Championship right before Provincials just expose this flaw in the system; Whitby wasn’t truly even close to Clarington this past season and certainly was distinctly the #2 team. I’m sure this issue will be dealt with, in order to ensure this debacle never happens again. Everyone certainly agrees a free bye shouldn’t take place regardless, and nobody even likes the earned bye to the finals and format for the peewees and bantams this weekend. Simply put, the Midgets are the only ones the OLA has it right, which is oddly suspicious and must have had something to do with it being a part of the Summer Games and their set of rules making it fair for both teams in the final. Whitby Novices are Provincial Champions, but are nowhere near the best team in the province, due to a hugely flawed system and format. Have enjoyed our discussions, and the only blame is the OLA, certainly not Vince who I do like alot. I will ask Vince personally this weekend, how with the information he had did he rank an undefeated team #2 ?

  8. lacrosseguy aka sour grapes.

    The novice provincials are over. Sure the OLA might have made a mistake. BUT your team should have won when it mattered. They should have stepped up and took the two points. I know what you will say, “well Whitby got an extra game off!” Doesn’t matter. Your team didnt win when it matter so they are the best team.

    And for you to say this is the biggest screw up the OLA has ever made is hilarious. Is this your first born son in lacrosse? The OLA has made way bigger mistakes then this.

    In the grand scheme you should get your boys ready for the game that matters

  9. great season by all teams….lacrosseguy, I suggest pulling your kid, I think the stress is just to much for you :). Marksy..great site, and thanks for all the updates all season.

  10. lacroseguy, you again? Please vent your bitter attitude somewhere else. The majority of us use this web site for Marksy’s (and other poster’s) great info and insight. We DO NOT come on here to hear whining and complaing.
    Good luck to the six Peewee and Bantam teams going for Gold tomorrow. Some great lacrosse has been played in Brampton this weekend, and I am looking forward to more tomorrow.

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