How About This? A Thank You

It sort of upsets me at this time of year, every year, to realize that lacrosse is again over for my team. We were high as a kite last night as we were fortunate enough to win the Midget “C” Provincials, over a very determined Shelburne Vets team. What had started out as a shocker to us, ended in an 8-7 nail biter. After starting the game 6-1 and feeling things were not right, we held on for our lives.

But as high as our boys and staff were last night, I am sure many feel the emotional let down today, knowing that the season is done and no more will we be getting together as a team. But that is part of what what makes this game so great; leaving us memories that will last forever.

Many in our room were graduating Midgets and this was their first taste of any lacrosse Championship. Some do not know where they will go play next season. But there is a chance it will not be minor. And some may just not play.

But with all the griping about refs, the Festival being in Whitby, rankings (yes we were called sandbaggers after one of our games; a 3 goal win), crowds, etc, etc, etc. I want to say thank you.

It is thank you to all of the volunteers (from all across Ontario) behind the scenes that make it happen. Without them there are no games.
It is a thank you to all of the officials (referees and timekeepers). Sure they get paid, and are not always right. But without them there are no games.
It is a thank you to all of the volunteer Coaches, Managers, Trainers that put in countless hours all season. Without them there are no games.
It is a thank you to all the moms, dads, grandmas / grandpas, big sisters / brothers that get the kids to and from the arenas. Without them there are no games.
And lastly, most importantly in my opinion, it is a thank you to every player and goaltender of every team that participates in this annual event. They provide us with an entertainment value that cannot be measured by dollars. Unfortunately, we all need to keep that in mind. As without them there really are no games.

I miss lacrosse already.



  1. Have to agree. My son plays for the Sarnia Bantam Pacers and has been in a real funk the last week since lacrosse ended. He was there goalie and would play year round if there was a league in this area (I tend to disagree as I think all sports should have a season). Anyway from a Sarnia dad I would like to thank all our coaches and staff, all the people of whitby who volunteered there time and did there best to make this a memorable experience.


  2. Lacrosse isn’t over yet…women’s Provincials are this weekend, and I think you know a few women on the team, Marksy, and we appreciate the support just as much as the youth players do!

  3. True enough Jenn.

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