2010 Peewee Championships of Canada

The best Peewee aged lacrosse players from across Canada. These scores will be updated daily.

Please also note; games noted by an asterisk (*), are available on a Pay Per View Internet broadcast.  You can purchase any of these games by clicking and going to http://www.grumpmedia.com/ola/ppv_reg.asp.

All game times are Eastern.


August Time   Score   Score
1st 4:00 PM Opening    Ceremonies  
2nd 9:00 AM Alberta  10   Quebec  6
10:15 AM Nova Scotia  Saskatchewan  6
11:30 AM Ontario  15   New Brunswick
1:00 PM Manitoba   Iroquois  12
2:15 PM Quebec   British Columbia  15
3:30 PM New Brunswick Nova Scotia
5:00 PM Manitoba  10   Saskatchewan
6:30 PM Alberta Ontario 17 
8:00 PM Iroquois   British Columbia
3rd 9:00 AM Quebec   9  Saskatchewan  10
10:15 AM British Columbia   15  Nova Scotia  0
11:30 AM Ontario   19  Manitoba  0
1:00 PM Iroquois   11  New Brunswick  2
2:15 PM Alberta  12   Nova Scotia  1
3:30 PM Saskatchewan   British Columbia  14
5:00 PM Manitoba   Quebec  0
6:30 PM Ontario  15   Iroquois  1
8:00 PM Alberta   New Brunswick  6
4th 9:00 AM Quebec   Iroquois 15 
10:15 AM New Brunswick * 3 * British Columbia  11
11:30 AM Manitoba  3  Alberta
1:00 PM Saskatchewan   Ontario 16 
2:15 PM Nova Scotia   8  Quebec
3:30 PM Iroquois * * Alberta
5:00 PM New Brunswick  6  Saskatchewan
6:30 PM British Columbia *  0 * Ontario
8:00 PM Nova Scotia   4  Manitoba
5th 9:00 AM Nova Scotia * * Ontario 15 
10:15 AM Saskatchewan   4  Iroquois
11:30 AM British Columbia *  5 * Alberta  2
1:00 PM New Brunswick   3  Manitoba  6
2:15 PM Ontario   20  Quebec  1
3:30 PM Iroquois   11  Nova Scotia  3
5:00 PM Saskatchewan *  2 * Alberta 12 
6:30 PM British Columbia   19  Manitoba
8:00 PM Quebec *  * New Brunswick 6 (2OT) 
6th 9:00 AM 2nd – B.C. 3rd – Iroquois
10:15 AM 6th New Brunswick  7th – Saskatchewan
7th 9:00 AM ‘B’ Bronze Nova Scotia Saskatchewan   5
10:30 AM ‘B’ Gold – New Brunswick  10 Manitoba  8
1:30 PM ‘A ‘ Bronze – Alberta  2 Iroquois  9
3:05 PM ‘A’ Gold Ontario 11  British Columbia    1
4:15 PM National   Presentation   


  1. GO PeeWee Team BC!!!!!!
    What’s the score for 3:30pm game aug.3rd????

    • Yeah, i was on that Team BC Peewee team, we got owned in the finals by ontario.

      14 – B.C. 1 – Sask

  2. The suspence is killing me!!!!

  3. Marksy please tell me the Peewee BC- New Brunswick score is reversed.

  4. yeah, sorry Doug, my son keyed it in wrong!

    • No worries Gary- will I see you at Founders?

  5. yes, more than likely!

  6. If I purchase a web payper view do I have to watch it live? or can I watch it at a later time?

  7. It’s about to begin!. GO BC!! Proud of you Max(#7), kick but. Your dad and I are trying to watch it on the web. We are cheering hard for you and all the other BC guys.
    as a side note- Way to go BC BANTAM!!! doing great.

  8. Markie
    I’m trying to stay positive here, but this tournament needs to be looked at.
    Team O again smokin teams by massive amounts of goals is just a _____.
    looks Iroquois can’t event compete. So it’s BC can give Team O somewhat of game.
    How just have Team 0 split ontario into 3 regions East, WEst, North at least there might be some challenging games.
    Many of the players who feel they should have made the team at least havel a greater chance to play in the Nationals.
    No comment about the Team O peewees a few years back when Keenan picked 10 of his own Whitby kids for the Team and then loss.

    The other provinces can battle it out, and move into play winner of Team Ontario(s) , BC, Iroquois . Do we really think it’s fun team’s not even getting a shot on net?

    • As a relative of a Team O Peewee, I can say that it is nice they will likely win the Canadian Championship. I can also say that winning by 16-0 is not very entertaining either. Consider though – Iroquois is already taking some of the best Ontario players. Having said that, I would like to see two Ontario teams – perhaps Ontario East and Ontario West – with Toronto as a dividing line. Of course, then everyone will probably complain that it’s going to be Ontario East versus Ontario West in all the finals !?!?!?

    • If they were to split Ontario’s player base up into two or three teams then they would have to do something to ensure that the scenario of two Ontario teams playing in the finals didn’t happen; otherwise, why change anything at all?

      Perhaps going to an East vs. West format like the Minto and Mann Cups would work.

      Ultimately, it’s about what’s best for the players and the game. I don’t know what the ‘best’ sollution is, but I do know having the same team win almost every year for no other reason than having a much larger player pool to draw from isn’t good for anyone, no matter what province that team is from.

      • It certainly looks like this year Team O very strong in Peewee- however the tournament is not over. I have been there several times and seen Team O get beat- my thoughts are as soon as you go away from the provincial team format that will be the beginning of the end of the Nationals.Yeah, some provinces will always be stronger than others, it’s like that in all sports. I say leave the format alone, Team O generally sets the bar for us all to try to reach= what’s wrong with that?

  9. Hope everyone there can hear us cheer for our BC Boys! WOOHOO!!! Boom,boom,ch…Boom,boom, ch….boom,boom,ch…boom,boom,ch

  10. Go Manitoba!
    All the best in the Pee Wee Championships.

    Uncle Mike & Anntie Jan

    • any scores from the Peewee and Bantam semis yet?

      • Peewee team BC came out on top this morning with 7-5 against Iroquois.
        So Ontario vs BC for the peewee gold tomorrow.

  11. Woowoo Go Team BC go!!

  12. Go Team Manitoba – You represent the BEST!! Remember size only matters when there are many – the game is still played with the same numbers of players on each side – if yoy gave 100% before the time is now to give 110+%.

    We are on your side!!

  13. Good luck tomorrow guys…..Go BC Go!!!

  14. The game for BC and Ontario should be the ‘A’ gold medal game at 3:05 not the ‘B’ gold medal game.

  15. been following the scores@stats. wish we were with ya to make some noise!! good luck@get gold

  16. GO TEAM TOBA PEEWEES!!!!!!!!! To go into this tournament and come out with a possible Gold Medal in the B Side is an awesome feat!!! For the population of Ontario you would think that they would divide up the region to give more kids an opportunity to play… and possibly have more competitive games… I am proud of the smaller provinces that came out and gave it their all.. Way to go ALL teams and even though our Team Manitoba Peewees are playing for a Gold Medal, they are still the only Peewee team to NOT be televised or webcasted……kind of sad but guess we’ll just wait for the DVD to come home with them!!!! GOOD LUCK TOMORROW BOYS….SO PROUD!!!!!!

  17. I would like to know if they are web casting the final between BC and Ontario. My Nefew is on Ontario and would love to watch it…Thanks for any help you can give me..


    • any info on how the gold medal game can be viewed in BC?

  19. Rogers TV is showing it i think.. not sure how we can get it.

  20. I could not find a listing anywhere to watch the Ontario vs BC Gold game.
    But I did get an update, it was 5-0 in the first period for Ontario.

    • new update, 8-1 in the 2nd period for Ontario.

  21. final score is 11-0 for Ontario.

    • 11 – 1 ontario

  22. Thanks Everybody for the support. It was a long ride home from ontario for the BC peewee’s. Everyone had a good time though

  23. i think that team ontario should have two teams i would like to tryout but not good enof and when are the tryouts for 2011 i am from cambridge

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