2010 National Championships Pay Per View Webcast

I am very pleased to announce that a total of 16 games from the Boys Peewee and Bantam Lacrosse Championships of Canada will be available worldwide on a Pay per View Internet broadcast.  I (Gary Mark) will be calling all of the action and Ron Messer will be popping in and out of games to add some colour commentary. 

The broadcasts will begin starting at 9:00 am EST on Wednesday August 4th where a total of 7 games will be aired.  Another 7 games will be shown on Thursday August 5th. Then on Friday August 6th the Peewee and Bantam semi final games will be shown as well.

Each game costs $7.95 to view. For the entire Pay per View schedule see below.  To order any number of games, please follow this link http://www.grumpmedia.com/ola/ppv_reg.asp

Game Schedule


    August 4, 2010
Time Division Teams
9:00 AM Bantam Nova Scotia vs.Manitoba
10:15 AM Peewee New Brunswick vs.British Columbia
11:30 AM Bantam New Brunswick vs. British Columbia
3:30 PM Peewee Iroquois vs. Alberta
5:00 PM Bantam Iroquois vs. Alberta
6:30 PM Peewee British Columbia vs. Ontario
8:00 PM Bantam British Columbia vs. Ontario
    August 5, 2010
Time Division Teams
9:00 AM Peewee Nova Scotia vs. Ontario
11:30 AM Peewee British Columbia vs. Alberta
1:00 PM Bantam British Columbia vs. Alberta
3:30 PM Bantam Ontario vs. Quebec
5:00 PM Peewee Saskatchewan vs. Alberta
6:30 PM Bantam Saskatchewan vs. Alberta
8:00 PM Peewee Quebec vs. New Brunswick
    August 6, 2010
Time Division Teams
9:00 AM Peewee 2nd (TBA) vs. 3rd (TBA)
10:15 AM Bantam 2nd (TBA) vs. 3rd (TBA)


  1. May I ask why are the Girls Bantam National games not available worldwide on a Pay per View Internet broadcast? Are they not as important and exciting as the boys? or are they not worth the money? or it’s just too embarrassing to show it? I think there is an issue here…

  2. Hi BJ,

    Unfortunately, we can only broadcast these games of course, where there is a high speed Internet connection. This is only available on Pad 1 at Iroquois Park Arena in Whitby (noted as IP1 on all schedules).

    As you can see, the Girls do not play on IP1 at all until the Bronze Medal and Gold Medal games on Saturday August 7th. And we are doing those games on local Rogers Television.

    Believe me, I did the call on all 6 of the televised Final games last season and the two girls games were easily the most exciting ones of the day.

    We are trying to work it out so that we can stream the final games as well as having them on television, which would allow a worldwide broadcast of 4 of the girls teams. If we can make it happen, we will and will let everyone know.



  3. I would agree why not the girls? While I read that you are working on it (appreicated), why would these games on be broadcast on the local Rogers Television? There are a number of parents and relatives from outside of Ontario that would love to see these games – live or tape delay. Anything you can do on this would be greatly appreciated!

  4. Is there a reason why every peewee team except Manitoba is going to have a game broadcast? In fact, some teams have more than one game broadcast. If you could see what you could do about broadcasting a Manitoba game that would be great. As the previous writer indicated, there are many parents, relatives and fans that are unable to be in Ontario to watch the games live, but would love to have the opportunity to share in our child’s live (or delayed) excitement via the Internet. Again, we would not be able to view it on local Rogers television.

  5. HI Jackie,

    I apologize but as I stated above, the Manitoba Peewee team fall into th same category as all of the Girl’s Bantam National games. The only pad that has High Speed Internet is PAd 1 and looking at the schedule, Manitoba Peewee’s do not play on Pad 1 at all, unless they are in a Final game.

    I am working on getting the finals webcast as well though and will hopefully be able to share some positive news on that soon.


  6. i paid to watch the semi final game of the pee wee championship now where do i watch it?

  7. Is the peewee final game not being webcasted??

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