2010 Bantam Girls Championship of Canada

The Bantam Girls from across Canada will again be competing for Gold. All of the updates will be posted below.


August Time
Team Score Team Score
3rd 5:00 PM New Brunswick   British Columbia  5
6:30 PM Iroquois   Alberta 14 
4th 9:00 AM New Brunswick   5  Iroquois 0
10:15 AM British Columbia   1  Ontario  0
3:30 PM Ontario   10  New Brunswick
5:00 PM British Columbia   6  Alberta
5th 9:00 AM Alberta     New Brunswick  
10:15 AM Ontario     Iroquois  
3:30 PM Alberta   0  Ontario  8
5:00 PM Iroquois     British Columbia  
6th 9:00 AM 4th place     5th place- ‘B’ Position  
10:15 AM 2nd place     3rd place- ‘A’ Position  
7th 9:45 AM Bronze (‘A’ Loser) New Brunswick  4  ‘B’ Winner)Alberta 3
11:00 AM Gold (1st place) Ontario  ‘A’ Winner)British Columbia
12:15 PM National    Presentation   


  1. is there going to be a link to watch the girls bantam games

  2. Hi Tracey,

    No unfortunately the Girls do not play on the main Pad (# 1) until the Finals on Saturday. This main Pad is the only one that has High Speed Internet connectivity.

    I am trying to see if we can show the Finals as well, but have not heard back yet.

    • Is there any word on if the Bantam Girls Gold Final will be broadcast/webcast??

    • All of the BC fans are wondering if the families / friends back home are going to be able to watch the Girls finally since they are playing in the Gold Medal Game on the arena that is being used to broadcast the games. Is this going to be available to watch here?

  3. Why are’nt scores kept current?
    worst site to date for tracking a sporting event

    • Who won????????

  4. I heard 4-0 ONT.

  5. 4-0 – confirmed. Good even start, but Team O pulled away in second with 4 unanswered then shut the door definsively.

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