2010 Qualifiers – Recap

Well it is all said and done; sort of. We know the final six in Peewee, Bantam and Midget, and they will go forward to their respective Provincial Finals in the coming weeks. Below I have re-capped what I saw, what I think, and yes, dare I say it, who I feel will win it all.


1st Seed – Whitby

The Whitby Peewees had a perfect 6-0 weekend and served notice to everyone that they are one of the favourites going to the Finals. There are really no true stars here (sorry guys), but typical of most Whitby 1 line-ups, they have a load of depth that many teams just cannot match. Coach Garlin has them firing on all cylinders, and the majority of these guys can look back to last season’s Final 6 showing (as a # 2 team) to draw from that experience when needed. They’ve got the best GAA going in.

2nd Seed – Six Nations

Everyone was talking about the big three being Whitby, Burlington, and Clarington. All Six Nay did was continue their fine play from week one into week 2 and go an almost perfect 5-1 (lost their last game of the weekend to Whitby). Friday of week two they beat both Clarington and Burlington. They play many close games and have found a way to win all but two. They have solid goaltending which gives them a chance to win every game. This placing is no fluke and they should definitely make some noise.

3rd Seed – Clarington

After dropping the first game of week two, the Gaels won the rest of the way and clinched third place. Their only two losses came to Whitby and Six Nations (corrected). In the Provincials they will have to get the better of at least one of those two, as well as Burlington, if they want to get to the Final.

4th Seed – Burlington

Burlington was a lukewarm favourite at the start of all of this. But they find themselves sitting in fourth spot going in. While it is somewhat irrelevant as all teams play everyone again, they need to get a little more consistent. They handed Whitby their only loss, but themselves lost to Six Nations, Clarington, and St. Catharines, who ended up in ninth place. They possess a trustworthy goalie, and maybe the most gifted player at this age (Lanchbury), but is it enough? They scored 100 goals in the qualies, but outside of K-W gave up the most of the top six. Defense wins Championships.

5th Seed – Orangeville

A sleeper pick here for sure. Orangeville did not lose to anyone above by more than 4 goals. But they did lose to all of them. The optimist in me says 4 goals is nothing in a game of lacrosse. But the pessimist in me says it is too high a hill to climb to expect Orangeville to do it to all of those above. Take your pick.

6th Seed – K-W

K-W pounded Oakville in their final game of the week two qualies by a 7-2 score, and that win got them in the top six. Against everyone above they tied Six Nations, but that is it. And unlike Orangeville, these scores were not as close. But they are in, and anything can happen.


Winner – Whitby
Finalist – Six Nations
Third – Burlington
Longshot – Orangeville


1st Seed – Whitby

They lost their first game to their zone rivals, and then won the rest of the way with the exception of two ties against Mimico and Orangeville. They should be there in the end, but they have to play with more discipline. Too many costly penalties could prove fatal for them if they are not careful. They are high flying on offense scoring the most, but also have the 2nd most goals scored against. That will have to change unless they plan on putting up big numbers in every game.

2nd Seed – Orangeville

The Northmen are right in the mix with a couple of losses and a couple of ties. No disrespect to them, but they seemed to fly under my radar in week two. I did not see them play at all. They are # 2 right now so I must have missed some pretty good play by them. From what I did see in week one they played well and do not have any glaring weaknesses.

3rd Seed – Newmarket

Coach Gibson has done a remarkable job with this group. They are very solid and their only loss came in the last game against Whitby. That was a pretty good game considering it only meant bragging rights for 1st seed. The downside though is that they also had four ties. They have a legit shot if they can turn all of their ties into wins. That could go either way as they play all of them again.

4th Seed – K-W

When you look at their record, one thing jumps off the page at you. Are you kidding me; 25 goals against in 11 games? That is Championship style goaltending / defence. Wow. I had to go double check it as I thought I missed a score or two. Goals against is huge when you get into the final six. If these guys can continue this sort of defensive play (3 goals against or less in all but two games), watch out!

5th Seed – Clarington

Something is not right for the Bantam Gaels. They were sitting pretty after week one, but week two they lost their first three games and had to hold on for 5th place. I mentioned in my first recap that their two big guys have to be huge every game for them. They had been but the question is, are they wearing down? Time for a few others to step it up if they are going to have a chance. Two guys cannot do it in Bantam.

6th Seed – Halton Hills

Halton gets in because of a better goals formula than Six Nations. But they went 0-4-1 against those above them. An uphill battle for sure.


Winner – Whitby / Newmarket
Finalist – Newmarket / Whitby
Third – K-W
Longshot – K-W (and I do not consider them a real longshot)


1st Seed – Orangeville

Their final game and Whitby’s loss got them top billing. It really should mean more to get 1st, but it really does not. Their only loss was to Whitby and they tied Mimico. As I said in the first write-up they score lots and their goals against are a little higher than the other top seeds but still good. I see this group as a three horse race and they are one. If they play the way the played throughout the two qualies, they’ll be in the final.

2nd Seed – Whitby

I’m not sure what to make of their final game. It was an absolute must for Brampton and they played like it. It meant nothing to the Warriors and they played like it too. What does that do? Not sure, but I am sure Coach Keenan did not want to end their weekend that way. Overall, I think they likely have the best team, but will they play like it in every game? Horse number two of three.

3rd Seed – Guelph

They lost to Orangeville, Whitby, and Six Nations in the qualies, two of them by a goal and one by two goals. They are an underdog so to speak with the two above, but I think they are legitimate contenders. I also believe they could very well steal the final six game from one of the two above, if not both. A bit of a sleeper, but watch them. Horse number three of three.

4th Seed – Six Nations

All was going well in week one and then they started to slip. Mind you the wheels did not fall off, but I heard some players missed a game here and there in week two. I don’t know the details but it makes for a tough team to analyze. I saw the skills and ability, but will they all be there and ready?

5th Seed – Brampton

There is something to be said when a team has its Provincial hopes riding on one game and they perform. That was the case for the Excelsiors. After losing to West Durham (which ultimately got WD in), they needed a win against the (at the time) 1st place Warriors. Wow, what an effort. You could make the argument that Whitby was playing for nothing, but even so, it has to be a huge boost for these guys going into the final six. They know that with a full effort they can knock off anyone at the top. That is such a positive for them and it could come in to play.

6th – West Durham

“It likely is not going to happen for them this season” were my exact words coming after week one of the qualifiers. Well, time for me to eat some crow. They ran the table in week two (beating Six Nations along the way), which they had to to get in. Now that is the good news. The bad is that they lost to four of the six in here. If they are going to have a chance they will need to play more disciplined as so far they have not, but still won enough to get in. Can they play with more discipline? Well, I’m not eating crow twice!


Winner – Orangeville / Whitby
Finalist – Whitby / Orangeville
Third – Guelph
Longshot – Brampton (on high from getting in)



  1. Id like to say that whitby goalie had a great weekend in bantom.

    • Clarington Peewee’s only true loss was to Whitby 5-3 in week 1 and they were very short on players. They did beat Burlington 6-2 unlike what their recap states, but they did lose 4-3 to Six Nations in game 1 this past wk end on a bad giveaway with 7 secs remaining, whereby Six Nations sniper and best player put on a clinic to end the game.

  2. Hey Mark,
    WD lost to the top 3 …they beat nations and brampton in qualies…so ya never know…. are you coming to sudbury?

    • oops forgot the sy… meant to say marksy

  3. And the Rock are the 5th seed ahead of Brampton (not 6th like u have it), and as mentioned by Dawn we beat 2 of the top 6 teams, we’re a longshot for sure to probably even win a game here but just the fact we made it through deserves a lot more kudo’s than u eating crow. WD was the talk of the week 2 Qualifiers! Hopefully the boys will enjoy the Summer Games experience and play spoiler to one of the top 3, if not, than being in the top 6 midget teams is a great accomplishment on it’s own.

  4. Just wondering if any other midget teams will be missing players due to U16 Team Ontario hockey tryouts? Unfortunately, we (Orangeville) will be without the services of Nick Ritchie for Summer Games. Does this change your predictions Marksy?

    • If my memory serves me correctly the Brampton team lost to Orangeville by a couple and beat Oakville and Whitby by a couple but every other game was decided by a goal. This team plays fantastic tough defence and with a little more balanced scoring should be right there. I really don’t think you can pick one or two teams as favourites in Sudbury. This is a very strong group of teams who compete every shift.
      As always the team with the best goaltending and a few lucky bounces will probably win this thing.

  5. A little surprised that you don’t have Orangeville in the medals in Bantam. They have beaten both Newmarket and Clarington, Clarington in the Super Series final by a 7-3 score. Yes, they have yet to beat Whitby, but with their 2nd place finish n qualifiers, I think warrants medal contention.

  6. Peewee. Totally disrespectful of the 2 time defending Champions Clarington to not even mention them in your predictions for medals. You mention Orangeville as the longshot, not Clarington? Orangeville didn’t beat any of the top 4 in the qualifiers or for that matter I don’t think they have ever beaten any of the top 4 ever, but you still mention them over Clarington. Clarington just beat Burlington 6-2 this past weekend, but you stated in the recap Clarington lost that game? Clarington has the 3rd seed, but only because Six Nations scored with 4 secs left to win 4-3, in a game that Clarington dominated except for the Nations goalie. Their only outright loss was to Whitby 5-3 the 1st weekend and they were missing a few players due to injury. Was this a brain cramp you had, or do you really believe this?

    • lacroseguy (lacrosse has a double s by the way), Marksy spends countless hours at the rinks and provides us with this great website and you come on here and call his thoughts disrespectful and accuse him of a “brain cramp”? Show some respect yourself. Everybodies opinion is worth hearing if it is stated in the proper way. Yours isn’t.

      • The dbl “S” was already taken M English teacher. Lol. Thats why i use this web site as I usually find it to be the best lax resource out there. I am very disappointed at not only his mistake in the recap citing a loss to burlington(not true), but not giving clarington even a top 4 finish is ridiculous; while giving Orangeville the long shot grade ahead of clarington and they’ve NEVER beaten any of the top 4 teams. Thats what I call a brain cramp. Clarington was 4 secs away from having the 2nd best record after 12 games of qualifiers, and his recap is total disrespect toward clarington,its players, and its coaching staff. Maybe he didn’t realize clarington was missing a few players in their only genuine loss to whitby 5-3. Lol

    • I think you should appreciate what Gary has done for us. Not bad talking saying he has a brain cramp. Why dont you put together a website and try to top Lacrosse Inside the Game. You couldnt.

  7. Wow lacroseguy, let’s take a breath here. First, are you familiar with the term longshot?

    Longshot in the final six is selecting a team that is not expected to do well or win in the end. Clarington can be and is expected to do well. Orangeville is not. Therefore, Orangeville would be a longshot. Clarington would not.

    I do apologize as I did make a mistake in noting the loss to Burlington, when it was indeed Six Nations. I have corrected that in the recap.

    If it makes you feel better, I am often wrong in my predictions or I’d be in Vegas. But calling “opinions” ridiculous is a little over the edge I think as they are just that; opinions! You are allowed yours and I am allowed mine. Clarington has not beaten Whitby for much of the later part of the season after owning them early on. And I think that Burlington, and Six Nations will finish ahead of Clarington in the end. Sorry if that offends you.

    I wish your staff (Coach K) and players good luck in the Final Six. Hopefully they prove my “opinions” wrong.

    • Definitely appreciate this web site ,Gary, and everything he does for lacrosse. My opinion and others just think it was a bit of a slap in the face and insulting to not even mention Clarington, having them finish 4th after having a very successful qualifiers. Thought this forum was for giving opinions and chatter about the game, well thats what I did. Maybe brain cramp was a little bit of a stretch, but I don’t think much in my opinion. I appreciate the correction in the recap showing Clarington beating Burlington 6-2 and Gary pointing out the definition of longshot. So, let me get this straight; Orangeville is the longshot thus the 5th best team, and Clarington is predicted not to medal and finish 4th. Well, I’m giving my prediction here to so we can come back after Brampton and see who’s OPINION is right.

      Whitby vs. Clarington Gold Medal/Silver
      Six Nations vs. Burlington Bronze

      • Point of reference to Gary. You mention that Whitby owned Clarington the latter 1/2 of the season which is only partly true. Clarington has consistently outshot Whitby every game and Clarington handed Whitby a pretty decisive loss the Wednesday prior to the 2nd qualifier weekend.

  8. Ryan Dowdall, you are killing me on here. I would have thought you could have fed me that little tiddy of info prior to me coming out with my predictions.

    You guys willl definitely miss Nick, he is one of my favourites to watch play, and being only a minor is quite a force. But I made my call so I need to stick by it.

    I guess you will just have to “out Coach” the rest and pull through! 🙂

    Good luck in the Final Six.

  9. See now lacroseguy, that was what I was hoping to get; a prediction from you. I don’t really want to get into a who’s right at the end of the day (at the expense of kids feelings). I just made mine and now you have made yours.

    And to hopefully close off the longshot talk, it is not about where they sit now, but the games played this year. As you stated, Orangeville all season may not have beaten any of these teams currently ahead of them in the rankings. Clarington certainly has. So for Orangeville to do it, it would be a longshot hope. For Clarington, it would be somewhat expected and not a surprise to many.

    And laxfan, forgive me as I do not know as much about this group as I’d like to, but I do know that Clarington dealt with Whitby pretty handily throughout the field season as I saw a few games.

    In box however, did the tables pretty much not reverse? I’m talking overall, not just one game. If it was due to injuries that is fine, I did not know that (and likely never will). I only know that a team that once domintaed another in all seasons, does not look like they are lately. So one might surmise, as I did, that the tables are turning. If it has been due to injuries, then hopefully those kids are back for the finals and it should be a good one.

    • OK, enough of the Whitby raw raw. Agreed, it will be a good one. Another point of reference since you don’t know much about this age group is the total # of box games in zone,tournaments and qualifiers was split right down the middle between these 2 teams with 1 game ending in a tie; so the tables haven’t turned, just maybe evened out a little bit. Clarington does consistently outshoot Whitby though, and that has always remained the same. My opinion is, I and others didn’t like your opinion and how we took it as total disrespect to your friendly neighbour. I wish Whitby all the best as we have many good friends there living so close. If we don’t win the Gold, would like nothing better than for Whitby to win it.

      • Also, why you have Clarington rated 4th, I don’t understand as Clarington beat Burlington 2 games to 1 in tournaments and the qualifier. Clarington also beat Six Nations 2 games to 1, with six nations winning 4-3 scoring on a goal with 4 secs left. Anyways thanks for the motivation to our player’s and coach’s, as everybody does read the information you provide to the lacrosse world. THankyou.

  10. But laxfan, this game is all about momentum and what has happened lately. I have the utmost resapect for Clarington and have tons of friends there as well. These predictions were not meant to disrespect anyone and if I know Paul like I think I do, he’ll print them off and use them as motivation. Then you can thank me :).

    Lacroseguy, as I said it is just my opinion. That’s all! I do appreciate your comment though and hopefully you continue to read here.

  11. Marksy, not only do you have a great website, but you show a great deal of class, as well.
    Lacroseguy, your lack of respect is astonishing considering you are trying to get respect for your team. Marksy and other posters have told you that your team is good and has a chance to win it all. Why do you keep teliing us about a loss with 4 sec left? The point is that you lost. I will state again that everybodies opinion is worth hearing if it is stated in the proper manner (Marksy’s is and your isn’t).

  12. bantam i see halton and orangeville in the final

  13. W-D will be playing on friday for a medal guaranteed.

  14. […] Provincial Championship.  And a huge thumbs up to Brampton who almost made me look like a genious  – see the Midget predictions longshot).  Brampton continued their momentum from the last game of qualifier # 2 (beating Whitby to get […]

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