Victoria Senior Shamrocks vs Coquitlam Senior Adanacs

story and photos courtesy of Kasey Eriksen

We’re coming to the end of the regular season here in the WLA, with one more home game, at the end of the month, for the Victoria Shamrocks, here at Bear Mountain Arena. Tonight, the Shamrocks took on the Adanacs, in what I knew was going to be a chippy one.. and it was. With Nick Rose in net for the Adanacs, and Nick Patterson in for the Shamrocks, the first three goals of the night, came fast for Victoria. The 1st was scored at 2:20, by Curt Morwick, followed by the 2nd and 3rd, by Kevin Dostie, at 5:26, and Kory Kowalyk, at 5:51.

The Adanacs first goal was at 8:06, scored by Daryl Veltman, on the power play, followed by another from the Shamrocks, at 8:53, by Ryan Benesch. It was back and forth action, with both goaltenders kept very busy, during the entire game. The next four goals were all in favour of the Shamrocks. The 5th on the board, came from Ryan Benesch, his second of the night, at 11:37. Then Mike Pires fired one in past Rose; a power play goal, at 13:20. Dean Hill scores the 7th, and Ryan Benesch, gets his hat trick, and the 8th of the night, at 18:17, and 19:45. The score after the first period, is 8-1, for Victoria. Shots on goal are, 24 for the Adanacs, and 16 for the Shamrocks.

Brandon Atherton is now in net for the Adanacs, as the second period begins. The Shamrocks score their 9th goal, barely two minutes into the game, by Paul Dawson, making the score so far, 9-1, for Victoria. Things are getting a little chippy, and penalties are being served, but the Adanacs do get their 2nd goal, at 6:22, shot into the back of Patterson’s net, by Jason Wulder. The Shamrocks get two more before the period is over, by Dean Hill, his second of the night, and Kevin Dostie, also his second, at 9:03, and 17:04, bringing the score at the end of the second period, to 11-2, for Victoria. Shots on goal are, 32 for the Adanacs, and 47 for the Shamrocks.

With Patterson still in net for the Shamrocks, the Adanacs get start the third period off right, with their 3rd of the night, scored by Dane Dobbie, at 21 seconds. The chippy game, has now turned into a fight.. between Kyle Morwick, and Keegan Davidson, each getting some good punches in, and each receiving a 5 minute penalty. The Shamrocks 12th goal comes at, 2:41, by Matt Lyons, which was quickly answered back by Coquitlam’s, Cory Conway, at 3:05. Now.. here come the Adanacs! With the score at 12-4 for Victoria, and with a team like the Coquitlam Adanacs, the ones falling in behind, I don’t like to assume the outcome, just yet. The Adanacs are a very confident and strong team. My guess, at the time I was watching this, was that they would make a quick recovery, and that is just what they did. Don’t count your chickens… awe, you get the idea. Cory Conway gets his second of the night, and the 5th on the board, at 3:38.. followed by three more from the Adanacs. Jason Wulder, with the 6th, at 4:42, right before Victoria calls a time out, but the Adanacs are not done. They get their 7th, and 8th, at 5:13, and 11:51, scored by Jason Wulder, and Dane Dobbie, his second of the night. Victoria decides to pull goaltender, Nick Patterson, replacing him with Matt Flindell. Then Chet Koneczny scores an unassisted goal for Victoria, at 12:57. The Adanacs answer back, getting two more goals on the board. The 9th, by Jason Jones, his second of the night, at 18:25, and Cory Conway, who gets his hat trick, scoring the final goal of the night, during the last minute of the game. The end score is, 13-10 for the Victoria Shamrocks. A very exciting game, for the estimated 2,000 fans that had come out to watch. Shots on net are, 61 for Coquitlam, and 57 for Victoria.


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