2010 OLA 1st Qualifier Recap – Midget

Of the three age groups, this was the one that clearly showed the effects of six games across 72 hours.  Conditioning and number of players certainly is an issue in Midget lacrosse and I expect it to be in two weeks as well.  There are only 12 in here as well, and week one they played 6 games.  So a little bit of a break awaits them in two weeks as they only play 5, while the Bantams play 6.  The top 6 teams after week two ( I thought it was 8 but the site says 6) participate in the Ontario Summer Games being held in Sudbury from August 10-13. There were some great games in week one and here is how they sit:

1st Place – Orangeville

The only unbeaten team in Midget, but their tie came against the team that sits dead last.  Welcome to Midget lacrosse.  They sit in top spot but in week two four of their five games are against current #’s 2, 3, 6, and 7.  I don’t see them falling out of the top six, and should likely be near the top of the final six moving forward.  They are a good solid team and on any day can beat anyone in this group.  Consistency is the key as with most teams.  There is a history in this center that produces quality and this team is another example of it.  They score a lot, and don’t let very many in.

 2nd Place – Whitby

They had to come from behind to beat both Guelph and St. Catharines in matching 4-3 wins.  And mixed in there they dropped one to Six Nations.  But as the weekend wore on, they were one team that seemed to gain momentum.  Missing Caggiula on Friday and Shore all weekend did not help matters.  But no excuses as there are plenty of guys there that can get it done.  They beat who they were supposed to.  They should be fine in week two as well.  The “refuse to lose” attitude is noticeable amongst every team member. 

 3rd Place – Six Nations

It became pretty apparent as the weekend dragged on, that 12 runners (or so) was catching up to them.  They handled Whitby with ease on Friday, and then later on in the weekend tied Oakville and dropped one to St. Catharines.  That left some scratching their heads and made for a lot of conversation throughout the building.  I witnessed the prettiest goal I’ve maybe ever seen from a Midget player when #93 (Johnson) caught a breakaway pass with one out stretched hand, and proceeded to switch the stick to his other hand, and deposit a low one handed behind the back (actually around his feet) shot under the opposing goalie.  Unreal.  No fear, Nations will be in the mix, but will they have more players available to them for week two?  Hopefully they do, as this will hinder them if not.

4th Place – Guelph

Talk about smash mouth lacrosse.   In the past couple of seasons they have made themselves known for being a hard hitting, bruising group.  They sit at 4-2 but their two losses are to the current # 1 and # 2, both by identical 4-3 scores.  I do not see them dropping out of contention either and expect a solid week 2 from this team.  From there, physical play can wear down your opponents.  The Guelph Bantams won it all last year, and these guys could do just the same.

5th Place – Halton Hills   

Halton sits in 5th right now, but I am not completely convinced they can stay here.  Their week two schedule looks tougher than that of week one.  Remember, this coming week the Midgets only play 5 games.  Halton plays current # 2, 3, and 4.  In the dog fight they are in the middle of, they will need points from these games or they could get knocked out of this spot. 

6th Place – K-W

Yikes.  Just when things looked good for the Braves, they now match up against current #’s 1, 2, 3, and 7 in week two.  Not impossible, but man oh man not a schedule of choice.  They are in a two way tie with St. Catharines so the game against the Athletics is crucial.  That loss to Brampton could prove very costly.  

7th Place – St. Catharines

This team reminds me a lot of Guelph, but with a little less edge to them.  A big group that can play both ends of the floor, they are locked in a tie with K-W right now.  So the upcoming five games for them is huge.  Their week two schedule is by no means killer so they can (and I think they will) leap over a couple or even a few teams to a higher position.  But they will have to take it one game at a time and not overlook their opponents.

8th Place – Brampton

Three points back of two teams for a spot with only 5 games to play. Hmmm, not a good situation.  They’ll have to play Guelph, Whitby and St. Catharines in week two.  They “have to win” all three and the other two as well.  One slip and they are as good as done.  I think they are done.

9th Place  – Peterborough

Ray is one of the good guys behind the bench.  He himself makes the games entertaining.  But what the heck is going on with the Lift Lock City Midgets?  Two wins out of six won’t get it done.  These guys need to run the table in two weeks, and even then get some help. 

10th Place  – West Durham

The Rock have been perennially a “B” team when this group is together.  But a few Markham imports pushed them up into the “A” rankings in 2010.  And while they have only won one game of six so far, they have played with a lot of passion.  Kudos to them, as they likely would have won a “B” Championship, but instead stepped it up to join the big boys.  It likely is not going to happen for them this season.  However, a number of participants in this group will be much better next year because of it.  

11th Place  – Oakville

One tie against Six Nations (of all teams), and that is their bright spot on an otherwise poor week one.  Too many teams are too far ahead for it to matter from here.  But I am sure they will show up and play hard week two.  Nothing scarier for a contender than playing against a team with nothing to lose. 

12th Place – Mimico

Mimico tied Orangeville in the first game of the weekend in Midget.  But that was their highlight as they then lost their next five games.  That has put them all but out of contention.  Similar to Oakville they can be a spoiler in week two.



  1. wow..quite the comeback by WD to go 5-0 in the 2nd round.

    • Brampton had a great week-end too. Should be very interesting up in Sudbury.
      Good luck to all!

  2. marksy you going to do a round 2 recap..predictions? always enjoy your write ups.

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