Victoria Senior Shamrocks vs The Maple Ridge Burrards

story and photos courtesy of Kasey Eriksen
July 2, 2010

Tonight, the Victoria Senior Shamrocks, took on the Maple Ridge, Burrards, in a very exciting match up, here in Victoria’s Bear Mountain Arena. After a moment of silence, the game was dedicated to Reg Midgley, of Reg Midgley Motors, here in Victoria. He will be sorely missed.

Both teams were very much ready to battle it out, when they faced off at 7:45, in front of a tremendous crowd of spectators. Andrew Murphy sent one past Nick Patterson, right off the start, scoring the 1st of the night for the Burrards, at 45 seconds. It was an action packed first period, as Paul Dawson was sent into the penalty box, for 5 minutes, on a charging call, allowing Randy Daly to score a power play goal, getting the 2nd of the night for the Burrards, at 3:17.

It was Mike Pires, a Junior Shamrock in 2009, who gets Victoria on the board, with a short handed goal.. firing one past Ron Schibild, with their first of the night at 4:50. It didn’t take long for Maple Ridge to answer back though. Andrew Murphy gets his second of the night, also on the power play; he fires one straight into the back of the net, at 5:56, making it 3-1 for the Burrards.
On the power play, Randy Daly scores his second, at 9:51, making the score 4-1 for the Burrards.
Things are heating up in the arena, now.. as well as in the crowd. The fans are loud, as Jeff Shattler gets goal number 2, for Victoria, at 11:29, starting a goal rush for the Shamrocks. Kory Kowalyk, a Junior Shamrock of 2009, scores the 3rd, at 13:32, followed by Rhys Duch and Matt Lyons, at 15:11 and 15:38. Lyons gets the go-ahead goal, making the score now, 5-4, in favor of Victoria.

Jarrett Davis won’t have it. He ties things up, when he fired one past Patterson, putting the Burrards’ 5th goal on the board, at 16:54. The Shamrocks’ 6th and 7th, come from Kory Kowalyk, at 18:54, his second of the night, and Rhys Duch, at 19:58.. which was assisted by Nick Patterson, as he fired the ball across the floor, right into Duch’s stick, during the last minute of play, finishing the first period with shots on net at, 13 for Victoria, and 20 for Maple Ridge. The score is 7-5 for Victoria.

The Burrards, Peter Tellis, starts the second period with the team’s 6th of the night, on the power play, at 6:07, followed by the tying goal, by Kevin Reid, at 6:43, making it 7-7. The Shamrocks, Deal Hill, gets the go-ahead goal, with the 8th of the night, on the power play, at 8:43. It doesn’t take long for the Burrards to come back with an answer. Peter Tellis, gets his second of the night, at 9:25, scoring the 8th for the Burrards, which ties things up once again. The Burrards get the go-ahead goal, when Curtis Dickson fires one into the back of Patterson’s net, on the power play, at 12:24, bringing the score to 9-8, for the Burrards, after the second period. Shots on goal are 13 for Victoria, and 11 for Maple Ridge, with a total of 26 for Victoria, and 31 for Maple Ridge.

Once again, the Maple Ridge Burrards open up the scoring. They get their 10th goal at 44 seconds, shot into the back of Patterson’s net, by Andrew Murphy, allowing him his hat trick. The Shamrocks, Jeff Shattler, gets his second of the game, at 4:01, bringing the score to 10-9, for the Burrards. At 5:57, Curtis Dickson gets his second, giving the Burrards their 11th goal. The Shamrocks added two more onto the boards. Matt Lyon’s, got a power play goal, his second goal of the night, at 9:00, and Rhys Duch, tying things up with a hat trick, on the power play, at 12:03, bringing the score to 11-11. Victoria gets their 12th and go-ahead goal, as Kory Kowalyk gets his hat trick, sending the ball past Schibild, at 12:12. Matt Lyons kills the penalty for what felt like many, long minutes, in front of the screaming fans, finally able to pass the ball to Mike Pires, who sends it into the net, at 17:40, getting the Shamrocks their 13th goal. Jarrett Davis gets his second of the night, 12th on the board, by shooting one past Patterson, at 18:56, and Rhys Duch gets his fourth, at 19:24, making the final score, 14-12, for the Victoria Shamrocks. Shots on goal are equal, at 44. The Victoria Shamrocks are still in the lead, at 9-3, with Maple Ridge in 3rd, at 6-7.



  1. Looks great and in front of a great crowd too !! Just how well is WLA Sr drawing this year and is it consistent across the league ?? I am very curious to know this .

  2. Hello Ron! Sorry it took so long to get back to you.. been asking around. What I know for sure, is.. Victoria’s Bear Mountain Arena, can hold about 2,000 fans, and some games are a sell out. Most of the time, there are 1,200 people in the stands. That’s an average game.

    I think Nanaimo and New West get good turn outs as well. I was told that Maple Ridge might get 400 people. I don’t think it’s consistent throughout the league at all. 🙂

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