This Week In Lacrosse 2010 Episode 6

Recap of Week 5 games in part one:

Yet again our fearless picks in part 2



  1. Good job boys. Just a few words on the draft. Ptbo. did come out on top but gave up some local talent to get those picks. Nothing is set in stone yet as to if those guys are even coming to The Lacrosse Capitol Of Canada, Peterborough. Marksy on the arena thing I agree we may have to look at at moving some teams to smaller facilities. I even mentioned the I wish the Rock could go back to the Grand Old Lady on Carelton street or even the Richo.Butttttt..if there is ever another championship game in Toronto again we have to be at the ACC.

    • We heard that Ted Higgins is offering free hardwood floors as an incentive . As for the smaller venues a 10,000 seat building would provide an intimate setting for sure . I wonder how many seats the “New Maple Leaf Gardens ” will have , that would be sweet .

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