2010 Major Series Lacrosse Draft Results

Held on Sunday January 31st at Iroquois Park Sports Complex in Whitby, below are the draft results. The first draft was the dispersal draft of players from St. Regis, who will not be flooring a team in 2010. The second list is the Junior draft results.

The column explanations are as follows; Pick is the pick order / number, Team is the team that made the selection, Original Pick is the team that originally had the pick (and there were many traded picks), Player is who was selected, and Affiliation is who the player last played for. 


  St. Regis Dispersal Draft    
Pick Team Original Pick Player  
1 Peterborough Barrie Mark Steenhuis  
2 Peterborough Ajax John Tavares  
3 Brooklin   Angus Goodleaf  
4 Peterborough Kitchener Steve Toll  
5 Peterborough   Pat Mc Cready  
6 Six Nations   Mike Accursi  
7 Brampton   Kyle Schmelze  
8 Barrie   Brett Bucktooth  
9 Ajax   Mike Thompson  
10 Brooklin   Cody Jacobs  
11 Kitchener   Jeremy Thompson  
12 Peterborough   Jarett Park  
13 Six Nations   Brandon Francis  
14 Brampton   David Campbell  
  Junior Draft      
Pick Team Original Pick Player Affiliation
  Round One      
1.1 Barrie   Andrew Potter St. Catharines
1.2 Brooklin Ajax Kevin Brownell Burlington
1.3 Brooklin   Nick Rose Orangeville
1.4 Kitchener St. Regis Matt McLeod Orangeville
1.5 Kitchener   Dan McCrey Burlington
1.6 Kitchener Peterborough Ryan Learned Burlington
1.7 Brooklin Six Nations Damian Edwards Beaches
1.8 Brooklin Brampton Shawn Gillis Orangeville
  Round Two      
2.1 Barrie   Joel McCready St. Catharines
2.2 Ajax   John Quarry Orangeville
2.3 Brooklin   Matt Hicks Burlington
2.4 Kitchener St. Regis Jesse Gamble Orangeville
2.5 Kitchener   John Harnett Orangeville
2.6 Ajax Peterborough Ryan McLelland Burlington
2.7 Brooklin Six Nations Dustin Dunn Peterborough
2.8 Barrie Brampton Patrick Lee Newmarket (Jr B)
  Round Three      
3.1 Barrie   Barna Robinson Barrie
3.2 Ajax   Spencer Taugher Burlington
3.3 Brooklin   Chris Moulson Burlington
3.4 St. Regis      
3.5 Brampton Kitchener Kevin Flores Welland (Jr B)
3.6 Peterborough   Gary Muzzin Burlington
3.7 Six Nations   Jesse Booker Elora (Jr B)
3.8 Kitchener Brampton Tyler Burton St. Catharines
  Round Four      
4.1 Barrie   Jacob Donato Whitby
4.2 Ajax   Tyler Carlson Brampton
4.3 Ajax Brooklin Justin Gibson Elora (Jr B)
4.4 St. Regis      
4.5 Kitchener   Justin Wilson-Kirby Burlington
4.6 Six Nations Peterborough John Haggle Burlington
4.7 Ajax Six Nations Brandon Turner Coquitlam
4.8 Brampton   Andrew Marcoux Brampton
  Round Five      
5.1 Ajax Barrie Shane Davidson Whitby
5.2 Ajax   Brendan Collins Beaches
5.3 Brooklin   Justin Delormier Akwesasne
5.4 St. Regis      
5.5 Kitchener   Pass  
5.6 Peterborough   Trevor Moore Coquitlam
5.7 Peterborough Six Nations Kevin Crowley New Westminster
5.8 Brampton   Dane Stevens Brampton

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