This Week In Lacrosse 2010 Episode 3

Wow, what a week # 2 in the NLL. We recap here in segment one, spending a few minutes on each game.

Part two, we finish off and move on to our week 2 picks.

Part Three, we give out fearless picks for week 3



  1. Hey… 🙂 just wanted to ask you…. are there other sports that you love as much as lacrosse? Please let me know… thanks.

    • Nope Lacrosse is my #1 because of its history and the unique part it plays in the story of small town Ontario .Over the years it has a lot of stories that bring to my mind what it must have been like to live here a hundred years ago . I had fun as a player and those days hold great memories for me personally . Last but not least are the great friends I have made and the interesting people that I have met and continue to meet each season . Even though the NLL is a winter league its those hot summer nights at ,and after a game that I love the most .

  2. I should have mentioned Hockey as my second fave however I am getting tired of all the cheap shots to the head that seem to have become the Norm in that game it kind of makes me not want to watch it until they clean it up a bit .

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