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A great job by Mr. Messer, aka Big Mouth Productions, to put together a nice piece behind the scenes on game night at the ACC. This was taken during last nights Boston – Toronto game.

I am sure Messer and I will be doing more of these, hope you enjoy!



  1. Nice work gentlemen, and, congratulations Mr. Messer on your still pristine win record as the Voice of the Rock.

  2. Good work on the video, nice to see some things that happen behind the scenes!!

    I know I will hear flack for this but wth. Please take this as constructive criticizm as I can appreciate your zest for the game and your desire to promote our great game. But, I found your attempt to engage the crowd at the home opener as sometimes boring. Go Rock Go a couple of times, I think I heard “denied” once but alot of silence for the voice that is to raise the noise level in what was becoming the library of the NLL. We need to find some catch phrases for you that grabs the crowd by the kahonna’s and makes them stand, cheer, clap, and become one within the atmosphere. Maybe I have been to Buffalo a couple times and cant believe the reaction of the fans who I believe feel if someone got hurt, Kilgor would look up and say “Hey you in the 10th row, get your damn equipment on and get out there”. Ok its not part of the game but it adds electricity to the excitment of entertainment.

    Maybe by design, the lull in commentary, or the fact of your untimely bout of coughing fits, but I feel the entertainment factor could only grow if we heard a few more ” WATSON with the rock wall STONES him” or “DEE fence” or “ROCK attack”. Now saying that I come to be entertained by the game and I am everytime I watch, but I only purchase one seat and would be nice to see the other 17000 full. I know your dead against the nicknames but I feel the kids can relate to the players better with a nickname. Heck even you get called “bigmouth” and like it. What do the players think?

    Maybe I am way off base, or you had a rough night but, If they are going to have an in game announcer (pros and cons) let it all hang out there and fully get the customers close to the edge of their seats so that they fall off when the rock do something dramatic.

    I applaud you for achieving your dream job and maybe I am a little jealous, but thought you would want to hear an honest opinion. unfortunately this one isnt blowing smoke up your hole (sorry).

    Again this is only constructive criticism, there maybe a method to your madness (maybe its the win-loss ratio??) and heck your the one who has the velvet voice so take with it what you will.


  3. Thanks Kemper I do appreciate your words . I am bound by a script most of the time and the dropping of the nicknames was the players and Mgmnt idea not yours truly. Your right I do need some catch phrases we should have a contest ,as for repeating “other Guys ” stuff ( like Denied ) I feel self concious about that ( Oh he is not original ) so that said lets hear them. I am not afraid of constructive criticisms I want everyone to have a good time and enjoy the game . As for the throat Yeah that did stifle me at times too .I am wrapped up in my blankie with some Hot Tea and Lemon as I write . Please feel free to let me know what the fans think . If history is any indication the ACC is a very difficult building to get a peep out of help me change that .

  4. Fan interaction isn’t really something that’s scripted, it just sort of happens. For example, when Lewis Ratcliff was in Calgary, the call of Sweet “Looouuuu” from the crowd or Jim Veltman’s “Scooooop” just happened.

    Messer, your record speaks for itself but you have a great point. The silent hockey fans in Toronto have their money bag lips too tight around their $9.45 beers and can’t be bothered standing and cheering. But no doubt as this team continues to gel and score some jaw-dropping goals, as they continue to win the fans will have no choice but to show up and get behind Toronto.

    • That Is the kind of enthusiasm I am a talking about !!! the Lacrosse community in this province are the best anywhere Build it Rock and they will come and I know they can there is a lot of regional pride in those sweaters this year and behind the bench. Saturday nights game will be a real “Litmus” test for this team . ” Lets Go T.O “

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