The New LITG Chat Room

This has been a while in the making and I am very pleased to announce another place for people to talk lacrosse; the new LITG Chat Room.  By simply clicking the logo to the right or the logo in the top right corner of the site, you can enter into the Chat Room.  This room will be a little different than many others in that there will be no anonymous postings.  So called “Guests” to the forum can read and browse posts only, but will not have permissions to post new topics or reply to any current topics.

I did this in the interest of accounability.  Basically, if you want to say it, attach your name to it.  My intent is that this will hopefully “clean up” discussions, and get people talking more about the games and debating the hot issues, than it will in feeding the personal attacks on others and their views.  The forum will be moderated and it is my hope that it wil become an enjoyable lacrosse resource for all.

Anyone wanting to hlep out, by way of becoming a moderator, please let me know;


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