Green Gaels Blog Number 2

Once again, my thanks to Ryan Degerdon of the Gaels…..

Thursday would be our earliest game of the week, with the game being at 11 am. The fellas got up around 8:30 am as we had to catch a bus for 9 am. As we dragged our feet and with sleep still in our eyes we climbed on the bus and head to the arena to prepare for our battle against the Onondaga Redhawks. Still tired from the night before from our hard fought battle against the Calgary Mountaineers, we warmed up and knew we had to be on our game against Onondaga. There’s not too much to say about this game as we played a pretty solid game and won 12-2.

The event of the day though was the dinner banquet for all the teams as we gathered at the Saw Mill Resturaunt. Right after we seated, dinner was served right away and it was delicious. The big thing on the night was our MC for the night the master hypnotist Norm Shaw. He asked for volunteers to come up to the stage and two of our own volunteered to go up in Mitchell Wilde and Micheal Lum-Walker. It was an entertaining show with lots of laughs, making people dance to music, and make them believe they were someone else. It was a great time and thanks go out to Norm Shaw for being the MC for the night.

After the hypnotist show, it was time for the for the awards show. Our Green Gaels did very well at the awards, with Ryan Serville earning second team all-star, and with Shayne Jackson, Zack Palmer and Zack Higgins earning first team all star. Shayne Jackson got the nod and was very deservingly voted as the tournament MVP.


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