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When Tyrus Rehanek heard those oh so familiar words that so many kids hear at a Team Ontario Tryout, that he was not going to make the cut for the 2009 Peewee entry, he was devastated. But the reality is that there are so many quality lacrosse players in this Province that very tough decisions need to be made each year. And in the case of this lacrosse player, this year was no exception.

But what the young man from Brampton, Ontario did not know would happen, was that he would indeed be playing at this year’s Festival, just not for Team Ontario. After his release from the team, Team Quebec came calling. You see Tyrus’ mom and dad are both originally from Quebec, and they were approached to try out for the Quebec squad.

So Tyrus, who started playing lacrosse before his 3rd birthday, had a decision to make. His opportunity to try out for Team Quebec would be at the Peterborough Laker Classic tournament in May of this year. This was a tournament that his hometown Brampton Excelsiors team would also be attending. But by Ontario Lacrosse rules, Tyrus could not play for both teams in the tournament. “It was a tough decision, but given the chance to play at this high a level, I had to go for it” he stated. And go for it he did.

To add to his nervousness, he noticed once the schedule was released that his new Festival Provincial Quebec team would be playing his hometown Brampton team.  He took a little bit of fun razzing on the floor from his Brampton team mates when they had to play against one another in the tournament, but he shrugged it off. “They were asking me, hey, what are you doing out here with this team and not us”?

Brampton went on to win the game 13-1, but Tyrus was successful in making Team Quebec, and later in the Summer joined them at a tournament in Nepean, where Team New Brunswick also competed. He fit right in and made sure to point out to me that the players and Coaches on Team Quebec were great to him, really making him feel like a part of the team. And he rewarded them for taking him, by performing on the floor. He led the team with 20 points (12 goals, 8 assists) in 10 games.

I asked Tyrus what he would be doing if not playing lacrosse. He quickly mentioned hockey, but insisted that lacrosse was more fun. His favourite lacrosse player is John Tavares.  When asked if he had fun at this year’s Festival and if he would do this all again, he quickly replied “Oh yeah. Being a part of a team, and being a part of this Festival is great”. The best thing about being there (at the time of my interview) was swimming with all of his team mates at Legends Center.” When I asked what the least fun was, he pondered a second and stated “losing lacrosse games”.

But even though there were more losses than wins, the young man had the time of his life.



  1. Atta boy Thunder….nice pic. Great article.

  2. I’ve been fortunate enough to watch Tyrus play both hockey and lacrosse, as well as basketball, cross country and track. I’ve never seen anyone his age play with as much heart and determination as he does. He is a great all round athlete in every respect. Tyrus will always be a force to reckon with, no matter what sport he’s competing in. It’s great to see that regardless of the wins and losses, he had the time of his life and created some life long memories. Congratulations Tyrus!

  3. gary i was told you had to be a resident to tryout for team quebec as i have tried before can u explain

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