2009 Festival Daily Beat

I am not sure if I will be able to do this each and every day, but I will try.  Click the following link to download the daily beat.  I will update this each day, with the links to every new issue (if I can get them done).

Day One – July 31st – Festival Beat Day One – July 31st

Day Two – August 1st – Festival Beat Day Two – August 1st

Day Three – August 2nd – Festival Beat Day Three – August 2nd

Day Four – August 3rd – Festival Beat Day Four – August 3rd

Day Five – August 4th – Festival Beat Day Five – August 4th

Day Six – August 5th – Festival Beat Day Six – August 5th

Day Seven – August 6th – There will be no daily beat today. I am working on the one for “Super Saturday” (tomorrow)

Day Eight – August 8th – Super Saturday Festival Beat – August 8th

Day Nine – August 9th – Festival Beat Finale – August 9th



  1. Wow – very impressive – good work!!

  2. Great job, Marksy!

    • Hey Mark, Hopefully you get an opportunity to publish this or write an article on Sportsmanship and class especially when a team is representing their province at a National Tournament. What I am referring tto is Team Ontario PARENTS, Bantam and Peewee players. Collectively they went on to Tarnish the provinces name. Rather than than welcoming everyone they went arounf the tournament with attitude and conduct that showed liitle class of a championship team. Noone disputes the Greatness in the sport, but there is more to be said of OFF-Court conduct than on Court. Its sad that they teach their childern to be this way.

      Keep up the Great Work and hopefully we can Change these attitudes and only than will we make this a Truly National Sport that it deserves to be.

      Disappointed with the East.

      • Wow. I’m not sure who you ran into but we had a great time with the other team parents. There was lots of joking, congratulatory comments and genuine respect for each other. The highlight (besides the Gold Medals) was the trade night. As parents, we all stood around with huge smiles – the kids were having a ball! Kudos to the BC Peewee Coach who sent his players in to congratulate and mingle with the Team O kids on the floor following the Championship game. To see the kids hug each other and offer honest congratulations was a treat to behold. So sorry your experience was tarnished – but from where I stood, it could not have been better.

  3. Marksy, I know this is big to ask, but is there anyway you could save the Daily Beat under something else because my computer will not open it. Or is there anything I could do to open it because it says the file cannot open because it is damaged.

  4. Send me an email for a legit address and I’ll forward them to you. I tried youre address provided and it rejected it.

    Also, you have to have the adobe pdf reader. If you do not have it go here:


  5. Alright there it is.


  6. Marksy, can you send me all the Daily Beats.


  7. Day four will be out at around 11:15 am today, just awaiting a score confirmation….

  8. Wow, great work!

  9. Gary just read your daily beat and your article about Tyke and the possiblility of a shot clock for them. I made this comment last year as well after watching a Tyke game in Zone playoffs. I think that a 45 sec. shot clock for this age group is something to seriously think about. My son (just finished Peewee) was coached to bring the ball behind the net as well when he was in Tyke and only this year were they coached differently. I think that the players need to coached to move the ball (whether it be a line change or not) up the floor to not only make the game “the fastest on two feet” but also to help with their passing. I know that if you suggest this change to the OLA I would fully support it and you would get my vote!

    • I agree that a 45 second shot clock would be better for the tyke game. Our team at times used ball control to change, and kill the end of the game to win. If we had a 45 second shot clock, I think we would still do it in certain situations, but could not do it to kill a full penalty.

      There is something else that needs to be looked at for this level.

      We have rules to keep minor lacrosse from playing offense/defense that is played in NLL and by most Junior – Major teams.

      What these rules don’t address is some of the play that I saw this weekend. One team we played against always kept a player in the defensive end near his goalie. They played 4 vs 5 in the offensive zone. When they lost the ball, the 4 players would go back to play defense. That one player each shift (2 or 3 players in all) never went on offense.

      I also saw a team play before one of our games that had a similar strategy, but always kept 2 back and went 3 on 5 all game. They used 4 or 5 of the same players that were bigger kids that did not play offense at all during the game.

      It would be easy for me as a coach to pick 2 or 3 of my players that are good defenders, but not as offensively skilled as some of our other players and ask them to stay near their goalie for their shift. Luckily, we don’t do that as one of the kids that would likely have volunteered for that type of job scored the game winner in our finals!

      • R U Crazy … How are these lads Going to B Prepared for Nov., PeeWee,
        Bantam and So on if they don’t get used to working the 30 Second Clock.
        By the Time the Start Moving up thru the Ranks … They won’t be adjusted to The Amount of time Necessary to move the ball up and take a Shot or Set-Up in The O !!!
        Train them proper when they are Young and they shall B Prepared as they grow older. Marksy, I Know the Great Ambassador You have been for Lacrosse (and Wamper too) however, I just beg to differ on this one issue … No Offence Mean’t by this … Just My
        Viewpoint !!! 🙂

        Awesome Job. Great Show. See Ya Next Game (or ttys on here)


        Franco Sr. !!! 🙂

        P.S. Marksy, R U Still Playing in the Master’s League, and For What Team, and is The season Over Yet ???

  10. My son was on the Bantam Team Ontario. Your commentary for the gold medal was great. Is there a way to order a copy of the game? Thanks for all your hard work.

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