2009 Bantam National Championship Schedule / Scores

The 2009 Bantam National Schedule is posted below and will be updated as games occur. The best 13 and 14 year olds from across Canada will be competing for a National Championship. Don’t forget that the Finals on Saturday August 8th will be braodcast live on Rogers Television.  Myself, Ron Messer, and Calvin Curtis will be calling all the action of all 6 final games


August 2nd      
Team Score Team Score
Iroquois  8 Alberta 5
August 3rd      
Team Score Team Score
Ontario 25  Saskatchewan  0
New Brunswick  1 British Columbia  9
Nova Scotia  6 Quebec  4
Saskatchewan  2 Alberta  15
Quebec  0 Ontario 16 
British Columbia  9 Nova Scotia
Iroquois  11 New Brunswick  4
August 4th      
Team Score Team Score
Nova Scotia  2 Alberta  4
Saskatchewan  1 Iroquois  14
Quebec  1 British Columbia 14 
New Brunswick  2 Ontario  20
Saskatchewan Nova Scotia 10 
British Columbia Alberta
Quebec New Brunswick
Iroquois 1 Ontario 7
August 5th      
Team Score Team Score
Alberta  9 New Brunswick  2
Iroquois Quebec
British Columbia  17 Saskatchewan  0
Ontario  18 Nova Scotia  1
New Brunswick  8 Saskatchewan  3
Alberta Quebec
Nova Scotia  5 Iroquois  8
Ontario  9 British Columbia  3
August 6th      
Team Score Team Score
Quebec Saskatchewan  4
New Brunswick Nova Scotia
British Columbia  7 Iroquois  4
Ontario  12 Alberta  1
August 7th      
Team Score Team Score
6th – Quebec 7th – New Brunswick  3
2nd- British Columbia  8 3rd- Iroquois  7
August 8th      
Team Score Team Score
 New Brunswick – B Bronze 9 Saskatchewan  5
 Nova Scotia – B Silver 5 Quebec – B Gold
 Iroquois 3 Alberta-Bronze
 British Columbia-Silver 7 Ontario – Gold  11


  1. Can you post the times of the games?

  2. Marksy, I know it is quite early in the tournament but which teams should we watch for ?

  3. For game times (and venues) go to http://www.teamontariolacrosse.ca/ where they have articles and the odd link to a game.

    On the the OLA website for the PeeWee National schedule with times: http://www.ontariolacrossefestival.com/view_subcat.php?sub_id=52

    and for the Bantam Schedule with times: http://www.ontariolacrossefestival.com/view_subcat.php?sub_id=57

    Hope this helps.

  4. Will you be doing a live webcast for any Bantam games (i.e. the BC-ON one for example, lol) like you are for the PeeWee game tonight?

  5. Yeah 8:00 pm tonight it will be on…..

  6. where are the player stats?

  7. Any score on the Alberta Ontario Bantam game?

    • 11-1 Ontario

  8. I don’t understand the draw as of today. Who plays who and how do the final games take place???? Very confusing

  9. I cant get over how poor the tournament website is and how slow it is to get results posted. In this day and age of technology results should be up almost immediately after a game is over.

  10. Stubby,

    1st place gets a bye to the A final, 5th place gets a bye to the B final. 2nd and 3rd play tomorrow (Friday – Iroquois and BC in both Peewee and Bantam). That winner plays Ontario Saturday night for Gold. Loser plays Alberta for Bronze.

    Winner of 6 vs 7 plays Nova Scotia for B Gold, loser plays Saskatchewan for B Bronze.

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