An Apology To All

After spending the weekend at the 2nd qualifiers, I rushed home tonight to attend the final night of the adult Co-Ed league that I run.

Unfortuantely while at this night of lacrosse, someone with the maturity level far, far less than my five year old, decided to make the comments section of LITG their own little playground, hurling insults at other teams and individuals. They also used language that was very inappropriate and vulgar.

I have always prided LITG in providing a great source of info on lacrosse, and wanted it to be a place for others to feel free to speak their minds. I also beleived I had checks in place so that these sorts of comments would not appear. I was wrong.

So for those that came onto LITG tonight looking for information on qualifier scores and standings (and there appeared to be quite a few tonight), if you caught these comments, I apologize.

They have been removed, the user has been banned, and I have made changes to the comments section.

And I won’t comment any more on the user than that, as it would only provide the attention they desire.




  1. Hey Gary, I think we all saw that for what it was… not your fault! You are doing an amazing job keeping everyone up to date!!


  2. I’m wondering…. what teams and individuals did this person insult?? I don’t care to know what was exactly said ….. I’m just wondering who was targeted and why. Please let me know… thanks Gary.

  3. So Gary… just wanted to ask… what happened to the Max Power agreement and why is LITG no longer using their logos?

  4. Hey laxfan,

    Nothing has happened to Max Power at all. It just did not hit like I had hoped. I still have a limited supply of Max Tees, etc. but decided to go a new direction with a couple of new looks and see how they go over.

    What do you thiink of the new designs?

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