Thoughts On 2009 Qualifier One – Peewee

Peewee Thoughts

1. Whitby (5-0) – To steal a few words from my all time favorite NHL Hockey announcer Rick Jeannarett of the Buffalo Sabres, “these guys are good; scary good.” Only 9 goals against in five games indicates that scoring on them is not an option. Is it good goaltending or is it solid defence? My answer is both. There is a mentality on this team that they refuse to lose. Their challenge going forward will be to maintain that mentality, and not take a game off. Tough to do for 11-12 year olds, but I believe they will. Got the better of their nemesis (Brampton 8-5) but still have to play Burlington, Mimico, and Orangeville among others.

2. Mimico (4-1) – A great start for the double blue. Their only loss was to a solid Burlington team (8-3), but they still have to play the monsters above as well as Brampton. But going 4-1 in the first five means that they won the games they were supposed to win. A good sign going to week number two.

3. Burlington (4-1) – I watched the third period of their game versus Brampton. Up 7-2 they held on for a 7-6 win. That was huge for their confidence moving forward as Brampton and Whitby have been the consensus 1-2 all season. They`ve also beat each other, so Burlington just might be that team to slide in the mix and make things very interesting. I was impressed with this group. Love the goalie and little number 7 is a treat to watch play. Make no mistake, they had a tough week and went 4-1. They beat Brampton and Mimico with their only loss coming against Orangeville. Stay tuned.

4. Orangeville (4-1) – Had a rough outing versus Mimico, but ran the table other than that, including handing Burlington their only loss. Must still play the top dogs, but 4-1 is a good start. As with any Orangeville team, keep your eye on them. They should be in the mix after 11 games.

5. Brampton (3-2) – Lost games to Burlington and Whitby and still must play the other two in the top four. It is surprising but not a critical situation as I do not see them failing to advance. And you might agree, better to get any stinker games out now than at the final six. Still a top contender for the big prize.

6. Clarington (2-3) – What a great weekend for this team. They lost to both Mimico and Brampton by two in each game. This almost all minor squad showed grit in winning their last on Sunday over Whitby 2 (again by two goals) to currently hold spot number six. The loss to Six Nations hurts, but as of right now, they are in.

7. Whitby 2 (2-3) – Gave the Whitby 1 team maybe their biggest scare outside of the Brampton game. Held the powerhouse to a 6-1 final. They also lost to Brampton by five. With those two out of the way, they could just sneak up and steal a five or six spot if any of the teams above falter. They also somewhat control their own destiny as they still play three of the current top six. The Clarington loss was tough.

8. Mississauga (2-3) – Had to face Whitby, Mimico, and Orangeville (currently the 1,2,4 seeds). So next round should lighten up a little for them. But they will have to have a great weekend to get in to the top six. Not impossible.

9. Oakville (2-3) – They`re in tough. They still must face the current top four as well as six and seven. While anything can happen, it will be a tough road ahead.

10. Six Nations (1-4) – Ditto my comments directly above. In tough. Played a spirited game against Burlington (a lot of penalties), but still many tough games ahead in week two.

11. St. Catharines (1-4) – Lost to Whitby, Burlington, and Mimico, but also threw in a stinker against Oakville. That did and will hurt.

12. Halton Hills (0-5) – Boy oh boy, an 0-5 start is not a good sign. They played Orangeville well for a while, and even had the lead at a couple of points early in the game, but then seemed to lose interest. They might get in if they run the table (6-5 record), but considering all else, it is unlikely.



  1. Good insight Gary …. while I don’t think anyone will really challenge Whitby, Brampton and Mimico are the teams that will end up fighting for silver and bronze as previously thought. Orangeville had a solid weekend but I disagree with you about Burlington, I really don’t see them having the same success in 2 weeks. Look for Clarington and Whitby 2 to round out the top 6.

  2. do you know if the schedule for the weekend of the 24th is up yet?

  3. Burlington will be in the top 6. Whitby 2 will be there too.

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