Thoughts On 2009 Qualifier One – Midget

1. Orangeville (6-0) – These guys just play with a feeling of quiet confidence that is nice to watch, and it is no more apparent than in their captain, the elder Mr. Ritchie. I was able to see them a few times this weekend, and it is entertaining. There is nothing stupid in their game, and they just make the right decisions on the floor, They still must play Whitby, St. Catharines, and Six Nations in week two, but they look like the team to beat for me.

2. Whitby (5-0-1) – Their only blemish was the tie against Halton Hills (in a great game). They got by Akwesasne and Six Nations as well as Peterborough. Week two should lighten up somewhat, but they do face Orangeville and St. Catharines. They are a fast team, solid in net, and didn’t show any signs of let down in a tough week one.

3. St. Catharines – (5-0-1) – They play an exciting game, with a lot of emotion and banging sticks / cheering from the bench. I love seeing that in a team. But I watched their tie against Peterborough, and they showed a little too much emotion, spending a fair bit of time in the penalty box because of it. Week two will be much harder for them (Orangeville, Whitby, Halton, Akwesasne, Six Nations), but they did what they had to in week one. We shall see.

4. Six Nations (4-2) – Although they still play Orangeville and Peterborough, I’d say week two is lighter than week one was. Their two losses were to Whitby and Akwesasne and both were close games. No doubt for me they will be a contender.

5. Peterborough (3-2-1) – Another team that should find week two a little lighter than week one. Their two losses were to the current 1 and 2 seeds. Holding onto 5th spot they must be sure to win in week two. They can control their own destiny so it is up to them. I watched them twice (vs. St. Catharines and Whitby), and they should be in the mix.

6. Akwesasne (3-3) – They had a killer week one task. So going .500 is not a bad thing given their schedule. Similar to Peterborough, they can control getting in just by winning. With some great skill players, I see them actually moving up from spot six. If you have not seen the shot out of #66’s stick (Oakes), watch a game, you’ll be amazed.

7. Halton Hills (2-3-1) – I did not see the game, but the loss to Brampton was a huge blow to their weekend. These are games that you have to win, and they did not. They still play Akwesasne, Peterborough and St. Catharines in week two. These will extremely big games for them. They must win all five week two games, as I do not see them getting in at 4-6-1.

8. Orillia (2-3-1) – Good to see the team from Orillia in A ball. And they had a respectable week one. I saw the tie vs. Oakville and they let the lead slip away. Having said that, they play teams in week two that will need to win to stay in the top six. I think they are in tough.

9. Burlington (1-5) – They were another that had a less than desirable week one schedule. It lightens up a little bit in week two, but with only one win it will be a tough task. They did play the top teams close, and that is encouraging. If any of the bottom five have the chance to make the top six, this would be my pick.

10. Guelph (1-5) – Guelph did not have a great week one with a schedule that was easier than it will be in week two. Give them credit for going A, but it won’t come to fruition this season.

11. Brampton (1-5) – They shocked Halton in week one, but that was it. Week two is a little easier, but it won’t happen for them either. Again, give them full marks for going up against the best in A.

12. Oakville (0-5-1) – They only have a tie against Orillia to show for their efforts. But it was a nice come back to get that tie. With no wins though, they can only be a spoiler at this point.



  1. I can’t believe Brampton beat us…

    Anyways, we have to win every game now, and we think we can do it.

    • What’s so hard to believe, last time you played them it took everything you had to get a tie with them.

    • Why can you not believe it?

      Look at your record this past weekend you are not good at all. Any team at the qualifiers can and will beat you.

      Do not plan on going to Brampton this year, Halton is not invited.

      • Guess we will see at the next Qualifiers.

        It’s not like we have 2 gold medals from tourneys this year, either…

  2. We were missing 3 of our best players last time we played, and no one on our team cared about league games.

    Plus, backup goalie (me) was in net.

  3. After speaking to the Whitby coaching staff prior the qualies the 1st weekend was the toughest and hope to be .500–well they did much better. What I saw was a team playing like a team and that can beat any “on paper ” better teams. Those wins were very impressive against 6Nations and Akwesasne. As all know in Midget lacrosse anyone can win on any given day and it’s far from over

    Overall Marksy you were bang on with your evaluation of the first weekend of Qualies play. It is such a treat just to spend a weekend watching the best minor lacrosse in the Province all in one place

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