Brooklin Redmen On Rogers TV Sunday May 31st – We’re Calling The Action

Yes, the boys in Red are back on the floor and starting this Sunday night, May 31st/09, Rogers television will be in the house for viewers in the Durham Region area.

I am really excited to tell all that myself and Ron Messer will be calling the play by play for Rogers on that night. We’ve met a few times with Rogers staff and they have big plans for this summer, all of them lacrosse related. It is going to be a great Summer for lacrosse in this area!

I cannot go into too much detail but hopefully everyone gets out for Scotty McMichael night and cheers on the home town Redmen to victory over the visiting St. Regis Indians with the likes of Steenhuis, Tavares, and Iannucci.

See you Sunday.

Gary Mark



  1. Athan Iannucci went out west. Should be a good tilt though.

    • Well, well, my advanced age had me jump the gun. The trade was introduced and must not have gone through. Damn me for questioning your jounalistic integrity. My bad.

  2. No biggie Chris. I’ve been wrong before, and will certainly be wrong again. “Journalisitc integrity”….wow, I sound important!

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