Lacrosse Players “Truly Do Care”

The challenge was issued. Lacrosse players responded! The Children’s Wish Foundation were the winners.

Aurora Masters lacrosse played this similar game last summer and issued the challenge. Meet or beat 25 hours of lacrosse. A group of players here in Durham Region did just that. Over 150 players and goalies played randomly starting on Friday April 24 at 12:00 noon, and finishing on Saturday April 25 at 6:00 pm. Team White and Team Black battled it out for the 30 hours. With a lead as high at one point of 30 goals one way and 24 the other, once the dust had settled, the final was 273-269 for Team Black.

We were very fortunate to have her Worship, the Mayor of Whitby, Pat Perkins on hand for our Opening Ceremony. Mayor Perkins welcomed everyone and had some very kind words for all in attendance. Also, a lacrosse player himself, as well as the lead singer of the super group Lighthouse, Dan Clancy, sang our National Anthem to get us closer to the start of our marathon game.

Mayor Perkins, along with Sandi Hancox, the Executive Director of Children’s Wish, officially opened the game with a ceremonial face off at center floor. From there, and for the next 30 straight hours, the two teams competed, changing players after every three periods of action. What was simply incredible was the willingness of many players wanting to play more than their allotted times. At 2am and throughout the night, we had to ask some people to leave the benches so that others could come out to play. Had we not done this, there would have been over 20 players on each bench.

Here are a few random action shots and photos of the players throughout the 30 hours. It was an absolutely amazing show of lacrosse, friendship, and most importantly, playing for a common goal. Many players while not playing, stuck around to support their extended team mates and cheer them on.There was a constant fun rivalry going on between the two teams, while the never ending tunes from 92.5 Jack FM played in the background. Many players stated that they actually felt like they were playing at a Toronto Rock game, and loved the music playing while they competed. For many, I am sure it gave that extra surge of energy when there was no energy to be had. I distinctly remember the biggest response and many on both benches singing along to the Eagles’ “Take It Easy”. It was quite a moment.

Not to be forgotten, we had a fabulous show of support for the Silent Auction table. So many individuals and companies donated items which allowed us to raise even more dollars for CWF. This auction would be responsible for almost $4000 of our total contribution. A complete list of supporters for this can be seen on the Truly Lacrosse Cares web site.

There were two hours dedicated both on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning to children playing in the game as well, using the same Masters Rules as the adults. Roughly 15 kids from the ages of 11-15 played in both sessions and while they were certainly tired, they all played their full amount of time and asked if they could play more. We affectionately called this time the “Kids Helping Kids” hours.

Before we knew it, the 30 hours was done, and we were presenting a mock cheque to Susan Remmer of CWF. Susan had joined the planning committee and attended a number of our meetings. The entire committee was on hand and joined together to present Susan with a cheque for $28,821. This number will be adjusted slightly higher in the coming weeks after we tally all of the pledges, and silent Auction items.

This event was a true sign of dedication from so many people in the lacrosse as well as business community. So many people got involved, and while our committee did a ton of preparation and work, we were assisted by so many others throughout the 30 hours. I will leave you with the group shot, taken (after the game and cheque presentation) of the two teams that played in the final hour. Remember, Lacrosse Truly Does Care.


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  1. Great job Marksy and everyone involved in setting this up. It was a pleasure to play a few games alongside all those that poured their heart out for the full 30 plus hours. Well done and I am looking forward to playing next year

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