Ahhhh, Those Were The Days!

With a little break in the NLL action because of the All-Star game, I decided to get a little self indulgent. I remembered that Ron had sent me a couple of pictures of him playing in the 70’s. Of course, I had just recently received an old newspaper from my cousin. My dear aunt who passed away last year had kept it from our 1985 Minto Cup Championship. So I decided to put up a few pics from both. If you click on any of the images, you can see a full screen picture.

The first is of Messer showing his prowess as a natural goal scorer. I don’t know about you, but it looks to me like he will land in the crease! And back in the day, he would have been in the crease. Therefore Messer….NO GOAL! Of course these are the days of wooden sticks and chin straps / mouth guards. Boy, oh boy……

In the second one I just figured out why all the kids are afraid of him. He looks like an angry beast. And look at the poor goalie. Try to take one off of the top of the foot with those pads and you have no hope! Of course Mess would tell everyone he is not hitting the goalie’s foot, he is putting it in the back of the net….

Okay, fast forward to 1985, and because I am so much younger than Messer these pics should not look as old ( 🙂 ), and here is a pic of us from the local newspaper the day after our game 7 Minto Cup win against the Gait brothers and the Esquimault Legion. This was on the floor at Iroquois Park Arena in Whitby. A much thinner me, I am pictured with Dave Sachko, and Steve Skene, both who still live in the area. Thinking about that last picture, Sach used to have more tape holding his gear together than any other goalie I ever saw. I still speak to both of these guys fairly often. Lacrosse teammates don’t ever lose touch with one another.

Last and certainly not least, here is the presentation of the Minto Cup to our captains from that year, Ross Tabor, Joe Nieuwendyk, and Eric Perroni. What a team that was, and what a year that was. Without a doubt, the best lacrosse team I was ever fortunate enough to be a part of.

Ahhh, the memories. Has it really been that long?


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  1. Both of those shots of me were taken at the lacrosse box at the foot of Lee Avenue in the Beaches where I grew up . The PCO jersey I am wearing in the second shot was from the old Etobicoke Jr A team that I was part of for a short time in the 1971 season . I finished my Jr career with the Scarboro Saints jr B club , no Minto Cups for me ,but a lot of great memories .

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