The Week In Lacrosse 2009 Episode 8

Week eight of the 2009 list of shows.  Ron and I discuss the new Toronto Nationals Field Lacrosse team, and the impact on the Major Lacrosse Summer Series: 

As always, our fearless picks are in part two.



  1. My issue with the Nationals is the stadium configuration. Yes, the MLL has a shot clock so it is much less of ‘possession is everything’ type game with you see in NCAA games but the action could still be largely in one end of the field depending on the matchup. I would have much rather them have people in the center of the field on both sides. They likely could have sold just as many tickets with a slightly higher average cost that way. I had visa in hand to order the cheapy seasons tickets until I saw the configuration. Now I’ll likely just pay a bit more for one or two individual games.

  2. Adam… just be happy that pro field lacrosse is coming to Toronto. Don’t gripe and complain. It’s only gonna make a lot of ppl in here mad. Thanks.

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