This Week In Lacrosse 2009 Episode 7

Week 7, a quick recap and more information on the TLC Charity game signups tomorrow night.  Messer is incognito to start out….

Part 2 – Our fearless picks



  1. I like you broadcasts and I am originally from Ontario now in Edmonton. Your broadcasts seem to be a little shaded towards the Eastern teams. Am I right or am I just imagining this. The only game you didn’t pick was the Edmonton/Colorado game. It may not seem like much but a Rush fan may be offended and right now the Rush could use any and all help keeping fans interested.

    Just a thought!


  2. Damn Terry sorry if we missed your squad . No honestly we dont mean to do that , it is just that Gary and I get to T.O and Buffalo games only as LITG isnt finacially solvent enough for us to travel (yet !!!) . All fans of the game are important to us no matter where they hail from . You have our word to not be as “east leaning” as you contend. Thanks for watching and writing it is the feedback we get from our fans that keeps us going .

  3. Okay Terry I have the Rush taking it to the Mammoth on Sunday night in Edmunchuck . After a plane ride and the fact the Rush are looking to rebound from a loss in the big smoke last weekend ,I beleive they have a great chance at beating Colorado . My pick ?? the Rush win this one . Look to this space for Bruce Barkers post game report

  4. Huge hit by Philadelphia Wings all-star Geoff Snider on Febraury 13th, 2009

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