Who Would Be On Your “All Decade” Team?

Lacrosse Inside The Game and The Canadian Lacrosse Magazine will be announcing the first ever Canadian Lacrosse All-Decade Teams in our last issue of 2009. For the next number of months we are asking all Canadian lacrosse fans to put their individual player / goalie nominations forward for The All-Decade Team (2000-09) in the following levels:

    National Lacrosse League (NLL)
    MSL / WLA
    Junior A
    Junior B
    University/College Men’s Field
    University/College Women’s Field
    Minor Box Lacrosse

Each Team from the NLL, Senior A, Junior A, and Junior B will consist of five offensive players, five defensive / transisiton players, and two goalies. Each Minor Lacrosse Team will consist of five players and one goalie. The University/College Men’s Team will consist of nine players and one goalie while the University/College Women’s Team will consist of 11 players and one goalie.

We are looking for you to comment on this site (please do not comment on this post, comment on the All Decade Team Page at the top) as to who you feel should be on these teams (in any of the categories).

An official ballot from the top nominations put forward right here for each level will be released in the late summer months of 2009 (August / September) and for a period of time, fans can vote for their All-Decade Teams.

Please in your commentss, add:

Player Name:
Team (s):
Career Stats (if known):
Major Awards (if known):
Any Other Accolades:


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