2009 Major Series Lacrosse Draft

The 2009 Major Series Lacrosse draft is scheduled to start at 9:00 pm EST Tuesday February 3rd. Check here for all of the picks as they happen.


  Pick To To Name Team Level
  Round 1          
1 Barrie     Stephen Keogh  Orange  Jr. A 
2 Six Nations KW     Corey Small St. Kitts Jr. A 
3 KW      Dan Coates St. Kitts  Jr. A 
4 Brooklin KW Brampton  Kyle Buchanan   Akwes Jr. A 
5 St. Regis KW   Ben Reaume  Six Nat  Jr. A 
6 Peterborough  (K. Fines) Barrie  Todd Hosmer  Orange  Jr. A 
7 Six Nations     Ben Salo  Six Nat  Jr. A 
   Round 2          
8 Barrie     Tommy Hurley  Burl  Jr. A 
9 Six Nations Brampton   Scott  Defrancesco  Bram  Jr. A 
10 KW 2011 1st   Peterboro Luc Carson  Whitby  Jr. A 
11 Brooklin     Mitch  Nanticoke  Six Nat  Jr. A 
12 Brampton 2010 2nd KW Angus Goodleaf  Six Nat  Jr. A 
13 Peterborough Brooklin    Matt Carter Bramp  Jr. A 
14 Brampton     Dan Williams  St. Kitts  Jr. A 
  Round 3          
15 Barrie     Mike Brown  Halton  Jr. B 
16 Six Nations      Liam Neufeld St. Kitts  Jr. A 
17 KW Brampton   Garrett  Kerr  Orange  Jr. A 
18 Brooklin      Rick  Acorn Orillia  Jr. A 
19 St. Regis KW    Jason Mazikowski St. Kitts  Jr. A 
20 Peterborough      Cory Upshaw Whitby  Jr. A 
21 Brampton      Jeff Johnson Bramp  Jr. A 
  Round 4          
22 Barrie      Chris Downey Burl  Jr. A 
23 Six Nations      Hawenaedas  Thomas Six Nat  Jr. B 
24 KW      Jeff Ivey Orange  Jr. A 
25 Brooklin      Tyler Collins Beaches  Jr. A 
26 St. Regis      Pass    
27 Peterborough      Alex  Henderson Claring  Jr. B 
28 Brampton      Chris Campbell Bramp  Jr. A 
  Round 5          
29 Barrie      Ryan Bernardi Mimico  Jr. B 
30 Six Nations      Robert Koger Beaches  Jr. A 
31 KW     Pass     
32 Brooklin      Chris Lalonde Wallace  Jr. B 
33 St. Regis     Pass     
34 Peterborough      Pass    
35 Brampton      Pass    


  1. CAn we get the full names of the players picked?

  2. Jeff, I’ve done some and will get the rest tomorrow. It was a little hectic as we would wait for a pick and then get 3 in about a minute span, so first initial allowed us to keep up….

  3. So what are the implications of the draft? Which MSL teams benefited (most/least/effectively) and which Jr A teams are going to be huring this year? It looks like St. Kitts lost a full line which has to have some impact on their chances this year.

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